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(edit) @28463   8 years frederik support for mapnik2 (might break 0.7 compat, possible todo) support …
(edit) @27703   8 years giggls Add a new backend for Mapserver ( heavily based …
(edit) @26129   9 years frederik fix permission problem after logfile rotation
(edit) @23242   10 years frederik simple init scripts for non-ubuntu
(edit) @21488   10 years jochen debian control file updates uncomment lines in mapnik config file, …
(edit) @21485   10 years jochen added tirex-check-config
(edit) @21445   10 years jochen renamed tirex-stats-masterlog to tirex-stats-joblog new demo wms added …
(edit) @21349   10 years jochen fixed debian logrotate script to use default name for jobs log
(edit) @21348   10 years jochen Removed incomplete tirex.conf manpage, the documentation is now on the …
(edit) @21344   10 years jochen fixed make deb fixed mapnik backend to use configured syslog facility …
(edit) @21216   10 years jochen cleanup of make install target (fixes …
(edit) @21152   10 years jochen removed unneccessary "type" from renderer debian build fixes
(edit) @21149   10 years jochen more checks in backend improved status display
(edit) @21145   10 years jochen reading of config files improved epsg code mess fixed
(edit) @21144   10 years frederik modify tirex nagios plugin to include .cfg snippets in .deb
(edit) @21139   10 years frederik add missing postinst for tirex-nagios-plugin
(edit) @21138   10 years jochen cleanup code
(edit) @21129   10 years frederik add Nagios plugins for Tirex
(edit) @21122   10 years jochen great cleanup and reorganisation of debian packages
(edit) @21100   10 years jochen some fixes debian packages
(edit) @21037   10 years jochen Further changes in preparation for a more flexible rendering backend …
(edit) @21019   10 years jochen add logrotate config for master log file
(edit) @20554   10 years jochen new program tirex-rendering-control to help with temporary shutdown of …
(edit) @20508   10 years jochen enable "reload" action for renderd init script
(edit) @20500   10 years frederik deb 0.1.7
(add) @20274   10 years frederik initial commit of tirex - a new tile rendering manager
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