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(edit) @21231   9 years jochen removed dependency on metatile_dir config option, this is now …
(edit) @21230   9 years jochen tirex-tiledir-check now takes a map name as arguments and only checks …
(edit) @21228   9 years jochen tirex-master: reload renderer and map config file on command
(edit) @21209   9 years daeron Add support for 'bbox' parameter in Tirex::Metatiles::Range (and …
(edit) @21176   9 years jochen cleanup
(edit) @21175   9 years jochen re-read renderer and map config on HUP in tirex-backend-manager …
(edit) @21159   9 years jochen check that map and zoom is ok for incoming metatile request in master …
(edit) @21157   9 years jochen multiple maps in Metatiles/Range?.pm and tirex-batch now works (fix for …
(edit) @21154   9 years jochen cleanup
(edit) @21153   9 years jochen improved and documented test scripts renamed MAPFILES to MAP_CONFIGS
(edit) @21152   9 years jochen removed unneccessary "type" from renderer debian build fixes
(edit) @21149   9 years jochen more checks in backend improved status display
(edit) @21145   9 years jochen reading of config files improved epsg code mess fixed
(edit) @21141   9 years jochen only restart backends if they return with the right exit code
(edit) @21122   9 years jochen great cleanup and reorganisation of debian packages
(edit) @21119   9 years jochen add example data moved config files changes to debian packages
(edit) @21112   9 years jochen cleanup config handling in Renderer class only log debug messages when …
(edit) @21110   9 years jochen fix: make WMS backend more reliable fix: only set DEBUG in ENV if it …
(edit) @21107   9 years jochen add code to open UDP socket to renderd-manager to distribute load …
(edit) @21100   9 years jochen some fixes debian packages
(edit) @21085   9 years jochen config and startup cleanup for master and renderd-manager backends use …
(edit) @21070   9 years jochen fix and test for renderer-specific config
(edit) @21069   9 years jochen add renderer specific config to environment when calling renderer
(edit) @21037   9 years jochen Further changes in preparation for a more flexible rendering backend …
(edit) @21017   9 years jochen added methods to remember worker processes to Tirex::Renderer
(edit) @21004   9 years jochen added get_syslog_facility method to Tirex::Renderer
(edit) @21003   9 years jochen added get_filename method to Tirex::Map
(edit) @20998   9 years jochen added get_filename method to Tirex::Metatile which gets the filename …
(edit) @20988   9 years jochen more verbose logging of metatile info when rendering timeouted
(edit) @20987   9 years jochen fixed older() filter in tirex-batch (logic was inverted) added …
(edit) @20844   10 years jochen CAUTION! INCOMPATIBILITY! changed master config option --config from …
(edit) @20842   10 years jochen more preparation for map and renderer config
(edit) @20838   10 years jochen preliminary work on allowing several renderers
(edit) @20619   10 years jochen tirex doc improvements
(edit) @20555   10 years jochen shorten munin graph names
(edit) @20502   10 years jochen sort rendering jobs also according to age
(edit) @20474   10 years jochen fixes
(edit) @20449   10 years jochen typo
(edit) @20437   10 years jochen improved tirex munin scripts
(edit) @20434   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts cleanup
(edit) @20421   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts updates
(edit) @20388   10 years jochen tirex munin plugin to show requests rendered
(edit) @20377   10 years avar Optimize a bit of the program that took 3.71s to 525ms. NYTProf …
(add) @20274   10 years frederik initial commit of tirex - a new tile rendering manager
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