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(edit) @21093   9 years jochen consistently use --config=DIR instead of --config=FILE
(edit) @21089   9 years jochen fixed typo "fontdir" instead of "fondir" commented out a line about …
(edit) @21086   9 years frederik --laziness ++correctness
(edit) @21085   9 years jochen config and startup cleanup for master and renderd-manager backends use …
(edit) @21082   9 years frederik make a stripped-down version of the original tirex renderd which only …
(edit) @21071   9 years jochen tirex utility script to create stats and update tiles regularly
(edit) @21070   9 years jochen fix and test for renderer-specific config
(edit) @21069   9 years jochen add renderer specific config to environment when calling renderer
(edit) @21068   9 years jochen Makefile target for creating html doc
(edit) @21067   9 years jochen tirex-renderd-mapnik first checkin
(edit) @21066   9 years jochen mapnik conf
(edit) @21063   9 years jochen only read config files ending in .conf
(edit) @21037   9 years jochen Further changes in preparation for a more flexible rendering backend …
(edit) @21020   9 years jochen added directory for logrotate.d install
(edit) @21019   9 years jochen add logrotate config for master log file
(edit) @21017   9 years jochen added methods to remember worker processes to Tirex::Renderer
(edit) @21006   9 years jochen renamed dummy to test
(edit) @21004   9 years jochen added get_syslog_facility method to Tirex::Renderer
(edit) @21003   9 years jochen added get_filename method to Tirex::Map
(edit) @21002   9 years jochen code cleanup
(edit) @21001   9 years jochen code cleanup
(edit) @21000   9 years jochen reduced default sleep time for dummy map to 5 seconds
(edit) @20999   9 years jochen added syslog_facility config option for renderers
(edit) @20998   9 years jochen added get_filename method to Tirex::Metatile which gets the filename …
(edit) @20996   9 years jochen optionally allow destination to be a port number
(edit) @20995   9 years jochen code cleanup
(edit) @20990   9 years jochen logrotate config file for master log
(edit) @20989   9 years jochen fix filter name check
(edit) @20988   9 years jochen more verbose logging of metatile info when rendering timeouted
(edit) @20987   9 years jochen fixed older() filter in tirex-batch (logic was inverted) added …
(edit) @20986   9 years jochen fixed tests
(edit) @20844   10 years jochen CAUTION! INCOMPATIBILITY! changed master config option --config from …
(edit) @20843   10 years jochen removed non-functional html mode changed config option from file to …
(edit) @20842   10 years jochen more preparation for map and renderer config
(edit) @20838   10 years jochen preliminary work on allowing several renderers
(edit) @20619   10 years jochen tirex doc improvements
(edit) @20604   10 years frederik pod fixes
(edit) @20555   10 years jochen shorten munin graph names
(edit) @20554   10 years jochen new program tirex-rendering-control to help with temporary shutdown of …
(edit) @20508   10 years jochen enable "reload" action for renderd init script
(edit) @20507   10 years frederik use fcntl to check for active sockets as perl's "opened()" does not …
(edit) @20506   10 years jochen socket handling bugfix: never have a socket in want_read and …
(edit) @20502   10 years jochen sort rendering jobs also according to age
(edit) @20501   10 years jochen ignore planet-import-complete in tiledir check
(edit) @20500   10 years frederik deb 0.1.7
(edit) @20499   10 years frederik fix broken metatile storage for zoom level 1 (and possibly 2)
(edit) @20498   10 years jochen ignore lost+found directories on tiledir check
(edit) @20497   10 years jochen add single space to make table line up
(edit) @20496   10 years jochen read tile stats dir from config
(edit) @20494   10 years jochen added default stat file remove unused -d option
(edit) @20492   10 years jochen default name of map set to "default"
(edit) @20487   10 years frederik upgrade log level for mapnik error messages to warning
(edit) @20479   10 years jochen fix socket cleanup code
(edit) @20474   10 years jochen fixes
(edit) @20449   10 years jochen typo
(edit) @20437   10 years jochen improved tirex munin scripts
(edit) @20436   10 years jochen remove closed file handles before select
(edit) @20434   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts cleanup
(edit) @20421   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts updates
(edit) @20410   10 years frederik debug bugfix
(edit) @20388   10 years jochen tirex munin plugin to show requests rendered
(edit) @20377   10 years avar Optimize a bit of the program that took 3.71s to 525ms. NYTProf …
(edit) @20376   10 years avar correct path to queue speed tests
(add) @20274   10 years frederik initial commit of tirex - a new tile rendering manager
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