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(edit) @26916   8 years frederik don't request notify if there is no return address; fixes #3974; patch …
(edit) @26539   8 years Dirk Stoecker I overlooked that mix of left/right alignment
(edit) @26538   8 years Dirk Stoecker increase space for age by one digit
(edit) @26505   8 years frederik remove "Local" parameter in creation of Unix datagram socket; this had …
(edit) @26446   8 years jochen Add option to build on newer boost versions.
(edit) @26129   9 years frederik fix permission problem after logfile rotation
(edit) @25970   9 years frederik fix tirex-syncd to read config properly & support new metatile api
(edit) @25504   9 years Dane Springmeyer spelling fix
(edit) @25498   9 years jochen added nodejs tileserver
(edit) @25358   9 years mazdermind allow bigger buffers to be specified in map xml
(edit) @24508   9 years frederik fixes to compile with mapnik2.
(edit) @23396   9 years jochen renderd: use access() instead of euidaccess(). doesn't matter because …
(edit) @23395   9 years jochen Changes based on patch from Peter Körner for Solaris compatability
(edit) @23394   9 years jochen (modified) patch from Peter Körner: * munin scripts read config …
(edit) @23374   9 years jochen do not disable rendering backend when in debug mode
(edit) @23242   9 years frederik simple init scripts for non-ubuntu
(edit) @23241   9 years frederik do not request a result message in tirex-batch
(edit) @22600   9 years stephankn fix reference to uninitialized variable
(edit) @22311   9 years jochen added timeout to WMS backend (untested)
(edit) @22212   9 years frederik be more lenient with spaces before and after the equal sign in mapnik …
(edit) @22198   9 years jochen removed now superfluous master port config option regression fix in …
(edit) @22197   9 years jochen changes master socket from UDP to UNIX domain datagram socket
(edit) @21541   10 years jochen add filter "newer" to tirex-batch fix tirex-batch: filter options that …
(edit) @21532   10 years jochen fix: make --help work in tirex-tiledir-map
(edit) @21492   10 years jochen added more utils
(edit) @21491   10 years jochen add tirex-tiledir-map util
(edit) @21488   10 years jochen debian control file updates uncomment lines in mapnik config file, …
(edit) @21487   10 years jochen doc updates
(edit) @21486   10 years jochen add tirex-tiledir-age-histogram utility
(edit) @21485   10 years jochen added tirex-check-config
(edit) @21483   10 years jochen write out lines to list file for each zoom level
(edit) @21476   10 years jochen removed features.txt, this information and much more is on the wiki now
(edit) @21471   10 years jochen config file cleanup
(edit) @21469   10 years jochen Fixed logging in backend-mapnik Better docs
(edit) @21463   10 years jochen Make some status munin scripts more flexible: They will read the map …
(edit) @21462   10 years jochen Make tiledir munin scripts more flexible: They will read the map name …
(edit) @21456   10 years jochen cleanup utils/ can check …
(edit) @21445   10 years jochen renamed tirex-stats-masterlog to tirex-stats-joblog new demo wms added …
(edit) @21369   10 years daeron Fix my previous commit, should still use IPC::SysV::IPC_RMID
(edit) @21368   10 years daeron Import constant IPC_RMID explicitly from IPC::SysV Fixes the error …
(edit) @21349   10 years jochen fixed debian logrotate script to use default name for jobs log
(edit) @21348   10 years jochen Removed incomplete tirex.conf manpage, the documentation is now on the …
(edit) @21344   10 years jochen fixed make deb fixed mapnik backend to use configured syslog facility …
(edit) @21343   10 years jochen renamed backends in syslog messages
(edit) @21342   10 years jochen now uses logfile named after …
(edit) @21247   10 years jochen documentation update, some has been moved to the wiki
(edit) @21239   10 years jochen add check target to makefile for calling podchecker
(edit) @21232   10 years jochen --extended option for tirex-status: show renderer and map config only …
(edit) @21231   10 years jochen removed dependency on metatile_dir config option, this is now …
(edit) @21230   10 years jochen tirex-tiledir-check now takes a map name as arguments and only checks …
(edit) @21228   10 years jochen tirex-master: reload renderer and map config file on command
(edit) @21222   10 years jochen documentation fix for tirex-tiledir-check
(edit) @21220   10 years jochen documentation moved to osm wiki
(edit) @21216   10 years jochen cleanup of make install target (fixes …
(edit) @21213   10 years jochen added test for metatiles range bbox
(edit) @21209   10 years daeron Add support for 'bbox' parameter in Tirex::Metatiles::Range (and …
(edit) @21176   10 years jochen cleanup
(edit) @21175   10 years jochen re-read renderer and map config on HUP in tirex-backend-manager …
(edit) @21173   10 years jochen cleanup binaries removed tirex-munin-plugin which has been obsolete …
(edit) @21171   10 years daeron Make backend-mapnik to compile with mapnik trunk
(edit) @21159   10 years jochen check that map and zoom is ok for incoming metatile request in master …
(edit) @21157   10 years jochen multiple maps in Metatiles/Range?.pm and tirex-batch now works (fix for …
(edit) @21155   10 years jochen cleanup
(edit) @21154   10 years jochen cleanup
(edit) @21153   10 years jochen improved and documented test scripts renamed MAPFILES to MAP_CONFIGS
(edit) @21152   10 years jochen removed unneccessary "type" from renderer debian build fixes
(edit) @21149   10 years jochen more checks in backend improved status display
(edit) @21145   10 years jochen reading of config files improved epsg code mess fixed
(edit) @21144   10 years frederik modify tirex nagios plugin to include .cfg snippets in .deb
(edit) @21141   10 years jochen only restart backends if they return with the right exit code
(edit) @21139   10 years frederik add missing postinst for tirex-nagios-plugin
(edit) @21138   10 years jochen cleanup code
(edit) @21137   10 years jochen shorter health check time for nagios
(edit) @21129   10 years frederik add Nagios plugins for Tirex
(edit) @21122   10 years jochen great cleanup and reorganisation of debian packages
(edit) @21120   10 years jochen add wms backend example conf
(edit) @21119   10 years jochen add example data moved config files changes to debian packages
(edit) @21115   10 years jochen added alpha version of tirex master log report
(edit) @21113   10 years jochen fix: storing config in env for rendering backend
(edit) @21112   10 years jochen cleanup config handling in Renderer class only log debug messages when …
(edit) @21110   10 years jochen fix: make WMS backend more reliable fix: only set DEBUG in ENV if it …
(edit) @21109   10 years jochen only listen on instead of INADDR_ANY
(edit) @21107   10 years jochen add code to open UDP socket to renderd-manager to distribute load …
(edit) @21101   10 years frederik drop unnecessary java-ism wrt status notification
(edit) @21100   10 years jochen some fixes debian packages
(edit) @21099   10 years jochen added in debug output
(edit) @21096   10 years jochen overview diagram
(edit) @21093   10 years jochen consistently use --config=DIR instead of --config=FILE
(edit) @21089   10 years jochen fixed typo "fontdir" instead of "fondir" commented out a line about …
(edit) @21086   10 years frederik --laziness ++correctness
(edit) @21085   10 years jochen config and startup cleanup for master and renderd-manager backends use …
(edit) @21082   10 years frederik make a stripped-down version of the original tirex renderd which only …
(edit) @21071   10 years jochen tirex utility script to create stats and update tiles regularly
(edit) @21070   10 years jochen fix and test for renderer-specific config
(edit) @21069   10 years jochen add renderer specific config to environment when calling renderer
(edit) @21068   10 years jochen Makefile target for creating html doc
(edit) @21067   10 years jochen tirex-renderd-mapnik first checkin
(edit) @21066   10 years jochen mapnik conf
(edit) @21063   10 years jochen only read config files ending in .conf
(edit) @21037   10 years jochen Further changes in preparation for a more flexible rendering backend …
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