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(edit) @13578   11 years jonb Declate out_pgsql as extern in header file. Rename unused since it …
(edit) @13573   11 years jonb mod_tile: Remove unnecessary inclusion of freetype and libagg
(edit) @13544   11 years jonb planetdump: More checking of connection status after fetching data …
(edit) @13543   11 years jonb planetdump: Make sure all error paths return non-zero exit status
(edit) @13542   11 years jonb planetdump: Verify we can connect to DB before we do anything else
(edit) @13541   11 years jonb planet05.c: Move nodes function to reduce 05-06 diff
(edit) @13540   11 years jonb rename new planet code to planet06 to avoid confusion about versions
(edit) @13539   11 years jonb Introduce 0.5 compatible planet dump again
(edit) @13538   11 years jonb duplicate of planet.c, removing .6 version field
(edit) @13537   11 years jonb planetdump: move mysql connection open/close to new function
(edit) @13535   11 years jochen Include $OSMOSIS_CLASSPATH in classpath
(edit) @13532   11 years bretth Added proper escaping support to the mysql embedded tag processing so …
(edit) @13521   11 years bretth Various checkstyle cleanups.
(edit) @13520   11 years bretth Patch by Marcus to skip plugin processing if no plugins are found.
(edit) @13519   11 years jochen Add isClosed() method to Way class to check whether a way is closed.
(edit) @13518   11 years jochen change createLinestring from private to protected so that it can be …
(edit) @13517   11 years jochen Changed locationStore from private to protected so we can use it in …
(edit) @13516   11 years bretth Various checkstyle cleanups.
(edit) @13511   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: fixes #1550. Don't inherit tags from ways if the …
(edit) @13507   11 years frederik fixed migration task to ignore case ("Somekey" will now overwrite …
(edit) @13505   11 years bretth Patch by Frederik Ramm to drop duplicate tags during migration.
(edit) @13504   11 years bretth Many checkstyle cleanups.
(edit) @13496   11 years Ondrej Novy Support for <bound> tag for extract-polygon-c.
(edit) @13474   11 years stevechilton add three addr: lines
(edit) @13470   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Fix relation processing in non-slim mode. It now needs more …
(edit) @13450   11 years dennis_de fixed buggy scm ebuild. added current versions, removed old
(edit) @13444   11 years bretth Removed the obsolete ivy build branch.
(edit) @13434   11 years bretth Added a binary distribution of osmosis to the build scripts which is …
(edit) @13433   11 years bretth Many checkstyle cleanups.
(edit) @13430   11 years fma added type gpx
(edit) @13428   11 years bretth Removed some remaining empty com/bretth directories.
(edit) @13427   11 years bretth Renamed the com.bretth.osmosis package to org.openstreetmap.osmosis.
(edit) @13416   11 years bretth Miscellaneous checkstyle cleanups.
(edit) @13415   11 years bretth Removed a reference to a non-existent checkstyle jar in the project …
(edit) @13414   11 years bretth Added a checkstyle target to the build.
(edit) @13412   11 years frederik bugfix…
(edit) @13411   11 years frederik gobble up regex parameter only if it is not a file name
(edit) @13410   11 years frederik added --help message for
(edit) @13407   11 years jonb Add barrier for latest osm.xml
(edit) @13379   11 years joerg correct wrong newline
(edit) @13378   11 years joerg Adapt to new compile place
(edit) @13372   11 years joerg create subdif for osmosis; use symlink for osmosis binary, use …
(edit) @13371   11 years joerg Add help; also recognize path from PATH if not explicitly given
(edit) @13368   11 years joerg correct destination path of osmosis/dist/result/osmosis.jar; be more …
(edit) @13367   11 years joerg start compiling Geo-OSM-MapFeatures?; add more verbose output in case …
(edit) @13366   11 years joerg Add Hashbang for perl script; add reminder to write a help
(edit) @13365   11 years joerg New veriosn of Changelog
(edit) @13364   11 years joerg Only do cleanup once
(edit) @13360   11 years joerg only do cleanup if told so
(edit) @13359   11 years joerg use bash if we use bash commands
(edit) @13358   11 years joerg remove blank first line to rerecognize the interpreter
(edit) @13322   11 years bretth Updated the tests to run within the main ant JVM which drastically …
(edit) @13317   11 years bretth Updated build to automatically run the ivy resolver if no libraries …
(edit) @13312   11 years bretth Updated the build scripts to use Ivy dependency management. Fixed line …
(edit) @13311   11 years bretth Updated the junit tests not to fork during execution.
(edit) @13310   11 years bretth Finalised ivy setup. Added a repo directory to contain libraries not …
(edit) @13309   11 years bretth Merged in JPF support from the jpf-plugin branch.
(edit) @13306   11 years bretth Moved the core plugin registration into a separate method.
(edit) @13303   11 years bretth Added the code cleanup patch provided by Marcus.
(edit) @13292   11 years bretth Added Marcus Wolschon's unmodified patch for JPF plugin support.
(edit) @13291   11 years bretth Created a jpf-plugin branch from a (hopefully) clean and latest …
(edit) @13290   11 years bretth Delete the jpf branch one more time prior to starting from scratch.
(edit) @13289   11 years bretth Removed the accidental checkin of JPF code to trunk after some epic …
(edit) @13288   11 years bretth Branched JPF-plugin from the latest version of trunk which already …
(edit) @13287   11 years bretth Removed jpf-plugin branch which was created from the wrong version of …
(edit) @13286   11 years bretth Added Marcus Wolschon's JPF implementation with minor formatting changes.
(edit) @13285   11 years bretth Created a branch to introduce support for JPF plugins.
(edit) @13276   11 years jonb Improve efficiency by using map.buffer instead of implementing our own …
(edit) @13274   11 years jonb Fix protocol version in mod_tipe speedtest.cpp
(edit) @13273   11 years jonb Obtain map projection string automatically from <Map>. Add …
(edit) @13256   11 years bretth Added EntityContainerBuilder? which reduces much of the plumbing …
(edit) @13251   11 years jonb Fix warning message from caused by re-using a single …
(edit) @13242   11 years cmarqu In ramps(), rename highway=<foo> to highway=<foo>_link and set …
(edit) @13241   11 years bretth Added a new EntityBuilder? concept making it easier to modify existing …
(edit) @13240   11 years jonb Remove more unnecessary code
(edit) @13239   11 years jonb Cleanup debug output. Fix V1 metatile calculation
(edit) @13236   11 years jonb small clean up of code
(edit) @13216   11 years jochen Removed action columns in DumpWriter? also
(edit) @13214   11 years jochen Return null from createWayLinestring() if any of the nodes referenced …
(edit) @13199   11 years cmarqu Add function ramps for moving names of ramps to "k=orig_name".
(edit) @13189   11 years guenther - fixed bug in preventing generation of poi database
(edit) @13183   11 years joerg add csv as possibility for Navigon TRK Format too
(edit) @13182   11 years joerg adapt trk format check
(edit) @13162   11 years bretth Updated to version 0.30.1.
(edit) @13161   11 years bretth Tagged at version 0.30.
(edit) @13160   11 years bretth Updated to version 0.30.
(edit) @13159   11 years bretth Fixed line endings on several files.
(edit) @13139   11 years ksharp Added Denmark polygon submitted by Carsten Tønsberg Nielsen …
(edit) @13133   11 years jonb Provide alternate PNG rendering using Cairo. Fix zoom 18
(edit) @13127   11 years jonb Fix generation of zoom 0 - 2 tiles
(edit) @13126   11 years jonb Applied MacOSX compile fixes from Artem with a few modifications
(edit) @13125   11 years jonb Remove some unused imports, move minmax inside the only class which uses it
(edit) @13123   11 years jonb Make render_list generate V2 requests with the Default layer
(edit) @13121   11 years jonb Render daemon code ported to Python. It is functionally equivalent to …
(edit) @13120   11 years crschmidt improved object counting for reporting of status/progress.
(edit) @13107   11 years cmarqu Correct meaning of Nha, add expansion of Wce.
(edit) @13106   11 years cmarqu More name fixes.
(edit) @13061   11 years crschmidt minor typos
(edit) @13060   11 years crschmidt add more shortname -> longname mappings, fix for playgrounds
(edit) @13059   11 years crschmidt refactor; XML all in one place, add support for updating from the API …
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