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(edit) @14094   11 years bretth Enabled a number of whitespace checks and fixed code to comply.
(edit) @14087   11 years marcuswolschon added toString() -methods that help in debugging and logging.
(edit) @14086   11 years marcuswolschon version-number
(edit) @14085   11 years marcuswolschon automatically set plugin-version
(edit) @14084   11 years bretth Enabled checkstyle import checks and fixed code to comply.
(edit) @14083   11 years bretth Enabled checkstyle field naming checks and fixed code to comply.
(edit) @14082   11 years bretth Removed old woodstox library from the classpath.
(edit) @14081   11 years bretth Upgraded to woodstox 4.0.3 and included a local copy of the stax2-api …
(edit) @14080   11 years harrywood drop support for old style | syntax in both extensions
(edit) @14077   11 years edgemaster Restore StopArea? stuff to working state, with improvements in Area …
(edit) @14072   11 years frederik simple stand-alone debian packaging for osm2pgsql
(edit) @14071   11 years edgemaster Fix bug in node2tag preventing non-standard tagmaps from being used. …
(edit) @14061   11 years bretth Removed an empty package.
(edit) @14041   11 years bretth Turn the repo directory into a true ivy shared repository and retrieve …
(edit) @14040   11 years joerg Add more Conflicts to debian Package, since otherwise it can't find …
(edit) @14039   11 years guenther - updated mapnik-osm-updater script for new gpsdrive poi database
(edit) @14038   11 years joerg See if we have automake and call ./configure to create a Makefile
(edit) @14037   11 years bretth Fixed line endings.
(edit) @14036   11 years ssinger -Code reorg to make things more modular. Way objects now have there …
(edit) @14035   11 years zere Attempting to add an autotools build system for CGImap.
(edit) @14034   11 years bretth Added writeable dataset support.
(edit) @14032   11 years joerg Add build dependency libfcgi-dev for export/cgimap/fcgiapp.h
(edit) @14031   11 years joerg Adapt include path for debian squeeze
(edit) @14014   11 years joerg Correct pathnames …
(edit) @14013   11 years joerg Disable osmosis in debuild , since it got it's own debian Package
(edit) @14012   11 years joerg Build osmosis by it's own. It more and more often breaks …
(edit) @13971   11 years jonb coastcheck: Fix objects in the overlapping area between tiles.
(edit) @13957   11 years Dirk Stoecker added split_values
(edit) @13953   11 years bretth Created a branch for creating writeable datasets.
(edit) @13952   11 years bretth Introduced mutable entity support. Entities can now be modified …
(edit) @13951   11 years bretth Removed the mutable branch which has been merged back into trunk.
(edit) @13945   11 years stevechilton add construction to
(edit) @13941   11 years bretth Fixed remaining tasks and tests to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13940   11 years bretth Fixed pgsql tasks to no longer use the builder classes. Fixed ways and …
(edit) @13939   11 years bretth Fixed mysql tasks to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13938   11 years bretth Explicitly depend on version 3.2.8 of the Woodstox stax xml parser in …
(edit) @13937   11 years bretth Deprecated the builder classes. Introduced the TagCollection? class to …
(edit) @13935   11 years edgemaster Initial code for StopArea? imports, currently handles StopAreas?
(edit) @13920   11 years frederik refined denmark polygon
(edit) @13919   11 years harrywood fix 'z'/'zoom' param logic. and tested it this time
(edit) @13915   11 years harrywood allow 'zoom' instead of 'z' in old syntax
(edit) @13914   11 years harrywood try again. get files in right place
(edit) @13913   11 years harrywood add SimpleMap? extension files
(edit) @13912   11 years harrywood new SimpleMap? extension code based on SlippyMap? format
(edit) @13911   11 years harrywood change SimpleMap? extension to follow the recommended format
(edit) @13910   11 years harrywood translation updates from wikimedia repo
(edit) @13905   11 years bretth Modified the change deriver task to use the new modifiable entities …
(edit) @13898   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: When processing boundary relations, create linestrings, not …
(edit) @13895   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed build problem
(edit) @13890   11 years bretth Adding cloning implementations to the entity objects.
(edit) @13887   11 years nickburch Cope with two slightly new node xml syntaxes
(edit) @13884   11 years petschge Finish import. Note that the evolution of single files is correct but …
(edit) @13883   11 years petschge Cleanup tagdetails.php and allow sorting by node/way/relation usage.
(edit) @13882   11 years petschge Adding tagcor.php a not publicaly linked page looking into …
(edit) @13881   11 years petschge Add rather trival search function
(edit) @13880   11 years petschge Add tagfriends to index.php
(edit) @13879   11 years petschge Add tagfriends.php
(edit) @13878   11 years petschge Add code for tagfriends to PlanetReader?
(edit) @13877   11 years petschge Add table for tagfriends.
(edit) @13876   11 years petschge Change default for the numbers from NULL to 0.
(edit) @13875   11 years petschge Switch from varchar to text and add table for comments.
(edit) @13874   11 years petschge Add the first version of the database schema.
(edit) @13873   11 years petschge Add the node/way/relation split to PlanetReader?.
(edit) @13872   11 years petschge Allow sorting by node/way/relation or total usage in tagpairs.php. …
(edit) @13871   11 years petschge Clean up the code in tags.php a bit.
(edit) @13870   11 years petschge Add func.php which offers common helper functions to the other pages.
(edit) @13869   11 years petschge Add style.css the global stylesheet for all the webpages.
(edit) @13868   11 years petschge Add savecomment.php writecomment.php votecomment.php the pages related …
(edit) @13867   11 years petschge Fix a query in stat.php to work with the node/way/relation split.
(edit) @13866   11 years petschge introduce node/way/relation split to import.php Add stat.php a not …
(edit) @13865   11 years petschge Add import.php a not publicaly linked page showing the status of a …
(edit) @13864   11 years petschge Add tagpairs.php tags.php and tagdetails.php, the main pages of the …
(edit) @13863   11 years petschge Using prepared statements fixed the broken escaping and increases speed.
(edit) @13862   11 years petschge Add viewcomments.php
(edit) @13861   11 years petschge Add index page for the website
(edit) @13860   11 years petschge Create almost seamless background png
(edit) @13859   11 years petschge Put the login information for the db server in a config file
(edit) @13858   11 years petschge Add minimal.xml with known problematic tags for testing.
(edit) @13857   11 years petschge Introduce a HashMap? for caching to not hit the DB server after every …
(edit) @13856   11 years petschge Use a real XML parser (sax) instead of handrolled regexes.
(edit) @13855   11 years petschge PlanetRead?.java is responsible for parsing the planet dump and loading …
(edit) @13854   11 years petschge Extract tagging information from the planet dump and display them on a …
(edit) @13845   11 years bretth Made the entity classes write-able. Modified the --tee tasks to make …
(edit) @13829   11 years edgemaster Don't import inactive stop points, fix taxi typo.
(edit) @13828   11 years edgemaster Add stance to Indicator parser, don't try to interpret BST as a bus …
(edit) @13827   11 years ssinger Updating README
(edit) @13823   11 years edgemaster Be more rigorous about which Location to use, don't pull in HAR or FLX …
(edit) @13811   11 years mstapelberg Bugfix: Don't close file handle too early
(edit) @13810   11 years edgemaster BUGFIX: Dont copy the tags over each other repeatedly (or even worse, …
(edit) @13809   11 years edgemaster naptan:unverified = yes - lets follow the tiger
(edit) @13808   11 years edgemaster Change Indicator handling to map to local_ref, NaptanCode? to ref; add …
(edit) @13803   11 years tabacha Unterstutze PLUS im Stadtteilnamen, Entfernungsangabe nur wenn vorhanden
(edit) @13802   11 years tabacha leisture Park und Statistik File
(edit) @13800   11 years zere Fixed nodes query to use proper join to users.
(edit) @13789   11 years edgemaster Begin parsing StopTypes?.
(edit) @13787   11 years edgemaster Rework indicator detection, trying to weed out edge cases.
(edit) @13786   11 years edgemaster Expand functionality of node2tag to handle copying a node to multiple …
(edit) @13783   11 years edgemaster Considerable reworkings, including the XML output, code for Indicator …
(edit) @13782   11 years tomhughes Don't return deleted ways and relations.
(edit) @13779   11 years edgemaster Simplify parent node tracking a little, add a few more basic tags to …
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