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(edit) @14512   11 years tbook Placed in wrong directory
(edit) @14511   11 years tbook Placed in wrong directory
(edit) @14510   11 years tbook Placed in wrong directory
(edit) @14509   11 years tbook Utilities to convert the USGS National Hydrography Dataset to osm …
(edit) @14508   11 years tbook Utilities to convert the USGS National Hydrology Dataset (United …
(edit) @14506   11 years zere Added postgres backend for gpx importer daemon.
(edit) @14494   11 years gjones initial import
(edit) @14462   11 years frederik new utility to merge adjoining ways into one, as a preprocessor for …
(edit) @14402   11 years ssinger -Moving static variables to be per class instance -Fixing closing tag …
(edit) @14398   11 years edgemaster
(edit) @14397   11 years edgemaster Newline issue
(edit) @14396   11 years edgemaster Bearing, CUS stop types, also a quick (hacky) script to to multiple …
(edit) @14393   11 years frederik new version of supports compressed input, and can export …
(edit) @14362   11 years joerg Exclude the corresponding gpsdrive Package. They contain similar …
(edit) @14361   11 years joerg Tool to create a debian changelog from the svn-log
(edit) @14343   11 years ssinger Adding support for extracting road names from a RoadMatcher? result …
(edit) @14337   11 years joerg be more flexible in recognizing kismet Files; inspired by Michael …
(edit) @14319   11 years joerg Kismet Coordinate/Track? File
(edit) @14318   11 years joerg Track from PDA with currently unknown Brandname
(edit) @14317   11 years joerg Example Track for Garmin EMap read with MapSource?
(edit) @14316   11 years joerg Gpsdrive old track Format Example
(edit) @14315   11 years joerg This File was read with gpsbabel
(edit) @14314   11 years joerg Example track for Garmin E-Map
(edit) @14312   11 years joerg TomTom? example
(edit) @14311   11 years joerg New example track
(edit) @14310   11 years joerg Examples for testing track conversion
(edit) @14302   11 years marcuswolschon removed 2 lib files that no longer exist
(edit) @14301   11 years marcuswolschon eclipse checkstyle plugin
(edit) @14300   11 years marcuswolschon eclipse checkstyle plugin
(edit) @14296   11 years edgemaster Apply the passive flag to default tag mappings.
(edit) @14295   11 years edgemaster Revert changes to move AdminArea? and PlusBus? to relations, leave as …
(edit) @14279   11 years edgemaster Beginnings of PBZ and AA relation support.
(edit) @14276   11 years marcuswolschon added method getPolygonName()
(edit) @14275   11 years marcuswolschon checkstyle
(edit) @14274   11 years marcuswolschon checkstyle
(edit) @14273   11 years edgemaster Add a passive import mode that doesn't set highway=bus_stop tags.
(edit) @14272   11 years edgemaster Add import for cElementTree for older Debian boxes
(edit) @14271   11 years edgemaster Try again…
(edit) @14270   11 years edgemaster Change the external url, so works on older svn clients.
(edit) @14269   11 years marcuswolschon load polygons via classloader too, not just from files
(edit) @14243   11 years edgemaster Add filtering on Naptan points, tidy up command line code.
(edit) @14211   11 years guenther - changed path for geoinfo.db in
(edit) @14209   11 years guenther - increased interval of output in osm2poidb
(edit) @14207   11 years joerg use new name osm2poidb for gpsdrive-update-osm-poi-db; more tests if …
(edit) @14199   11 years joerg Add parralell compile supprt to package
(edit) @14193   11 years joerg use make -j4 for faster compile
(edit) @14188   11 years joerg Split openstreetmap-utils package into -lib -export -import -filter
(edit) @14187   11 years joerg Split openstreetmap-utils package into -lib -export -import -filter
(edit) @14184   11 years guenther - added more indices to database created by osm2poidb
(edit) @14181   11 years joerg remove osmosis completeley from utils package(it already has it's own …
(edit) @14178   11 years guenther - small bugfix for osm2poidb
(edit) @14177   11 years joerg Add cmake based sources too(osm2poidb)
(edit) @14173   11 years guenther - added tool to create sqlite poi database from osm xml
(edit) @14132   11 years edgemaster Move relation emptyness check to output, rather than creation. …
(edit) @14116   11 years bretth Updated the 0.6 mysql schema version to 25.
(edit) @14115   11 years bretth Updated the 0.5 mysql schema version to 18.
(edit) @14114   11 years bretth Enabled some checkstyle "block" checks and updated code to comply.
(edit) @14113   11 years bretth Fixed the build to update the correct version number in the plugin.xml …
(edit) @14094   11 years bretth Enabled a number of whitespace checks and fixed code to comply.
(edit) @14087   11 years marcuswolschon added toString() -methods that help in debugging and logging.
(edit) @14086   11 years marcuswolschon version-number
(edit) @14085   11 years marcuswolschon automatically set plugin-version
(edit) @14084   11 years bretth Enabled checkstyle import checks and fixed code to comply.
(edit) @14083   11 years bretth Enabled checkstyle field naming checks and fixed code to comply.
(edit) @14082   11 years bretth Removed old woodstox library from the classpath.
(edit) @14081   11 years bretth Upgraded to woodstox 4.0.3 and included a local copy of the stax2-api …
(edit) @14080   11 years harrywood drop support for old style | syntax in both extensions
(edit) @14077   11 years edgemaster Restore StopArea? stuff to working state, with improvements in Area …
(edit) @14072   11 years frederik simple stand-alone debian packaging for osm2pgsql
(edit) @14071   11 years edgemaster Fix bug in node2tag preventing non-standard tagmaps from being used. …
(edit) @14061   11 years bretth Removed an empty package.
(edit) @14041   11 years bretth Turn the repo directory into a true ivy shared repository and retrieve …
(edit) @14040   11 years joerg Add more Conflicts to debian Package, since otherwise it can't find …
(edit) @14039   11 years guenther - updated mapnik-osm-updater script for new gpsdrive poi database
(edit) @14038   11 years joerg See if we have automake and call ./configure to create a Makefile
(edit) @14037   11 years bretth Fixed line endings.
(edit) @14036   11 years ssinger -Code reorg to make things more modular. Way objects now have there …
(edit) @14035   11 years zere Attempting to add an autotools build system for CGImap.
(edit) @14034   11 years bretth Added writeable dataset support.
(edit) @14032   11 years joerg Add build dependency libfcgi-dev for export/cgimap/fcgiapp.h
(edit) @14031   11 years joerg Adapt include path for debian squeeze
(edit) @14014   11 years joerg Correct pathnames …
(edit) @14013   11 years joerg Disable osmosis in debuild , since it got it's own debian Package
(edit) @14012   11 years joerg Build osmosis by it's own. It more and more often breaks …
(edit) @13971   11 years jonb coastcheck: Fix objects in the overlapping area between tiles.
(edit) @13957   11 years Dirk Stoecker added split_values
(edit) @13953   11 years bretth Created a branch for creating writeable datasets.
(edit) @13952   11 years bretth Introduced mutable entity support. Entities can now be modified …
(edit) @13951   11 years bretth Removed the mutable branch which has been merged back into trunk.
(edit) @13945   11 years stevechilton add construction to
(edit) @13941   11 years bretth Fixed remaining tasks and tests to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13940   11 years bretth Fixed pgsql tasks to no longer use the builder classes. Fixed ways and …
(edit) @13939   11 years bretth Fixed mysql tasks to no longer use the builder classes.
(edit) @13938   11 years bretth Explicitly depend on version 3.2.8 of the Woodstox stax xml parser in …
(edit) @13937   11 years bretth Deprecated the builder classes. Introduced the TagCollection? class to …
(edit) @13935   11 years edgemaster Initial code for StopArea? imports, currently handles StopAreas?
(edit) @13920   11 years frederik refined denmark polygon
(edit) @13919   11 years harrywood fix 'z'/'zoom' param logic. and tested it this time
(edit) @13915   11 years harrywood allow 'zoom' instead of 'z' in old syntax
(edit) @13914   11 years harrywood try again. get files in right place
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