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(edit) @15133   11 years jonb update osm2coast to ignore <changeset> elements
(edit) @15131   11 years jonb Update osm2pgsql to ignore <changeset> elements
(edit) @15123   11 years achmyr added build target 1.5 and code cleanup
(edit) @15122   11 years achmyr Test fixes
(edit) @15121   11 years bretth Removed the production encoding hack that worked around doubly utf-8 …
(edit) @15120   11 years achmyr
(edit) @15119   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: prevent route relation name from getting into the name …
(edit) @15118   11 years jonb osm2pgsql 0.66: Allow final mod & output steps to run in parallel. …
(edit) @15115   11 years joerg Improve html output
(edit) @15114   11 years joerg another try to exclude the systems /bin/test
(edit) @15112   11 years christofd changed API to 0.6
(edit) @15105   11 years joerg write-html overview, add some man page text
(edit) @15104   11 years ssinger Adding support for action="delete" and action="modify" elements. …
(edit) @15100   11 years herm Fixed some pylint warnings.
(edit) @15095   11 years joerg add option --no-color
(edit) @15079   11 years joerg Ignored 'planet.osm/C/' because it does not compile on my debian …
(edit) @15078   11 years bretth Updated database tasks to use a "dbType" argument to specify …
(edit) @15077   11 years bretth Added replication database queue seeker and truncator tasks. Added …
(edit) @15069   11 years zere Rails now stores times in UTC, so this code should have been removed.
(edit) @15067   11 years bretth Fixed a number of bugs in the replication db tasks.
(edit) @15066   11 years tbook Updated Readme
(edit) @15065   11 years bretth Added a queue deleter task. Modified the replication db reader to be …
(edit) @15064   11 years bretth Added the lib directory to the svn:ignore list.
(edit) @15063   11 years bretth Deleted the lib directory which is produced as part of the build.
(edit) @15061   11 years bretth Removed obsolete empty mysql 0.6 packages.
(edit) @15058   11 years bretth Modified the replication database to avoid using an item_queue table …
(edit) @15057   11 years joerg add gpsdrive-2.10pre6 ad target remove osm-editor-qt3 from list of …
(edit) @15034   11 years bretth Added new replication database reader and writer tasks. They are not …
(edit) @15031   11 years joerg add sections to seperate logfiles add caching of last result. This …
(edit) @15019   11 years herm Modified code to autodetect the tile size. Added a new file that …
(edit) @15018   11 years bretth Added version "31" to the apidb expected database migrations list.
(edit) @15006   11 years herm Functions to get altitude from lat lon added.
(edit) @14997   11 years jonb Fix polygon ring directions using geos normalize()
(edit) @14995   11 years joerg First prototype of
(edit) @14993   11 years joerg Tool to setup a list of chroot environments
(edit) @14990   11 years bretth Re-factored the StoreClassRegister? into Dynamic and Static …
(edit) @14989   11 years joerg Rename directory to suite for all packaging related stuff
(edit) @14984   11 years gjones Added separate gpsmid and gpsmid_lc modes because some phones use all …
(edit) @14977   11 years zere Ported cgimap to API 0.6 and postgres backend. Bumped version to 0.0.2.
(edit) @14970   11 years achmyr Updated to the osmosis trunk version Fixed problem with Bound entity …
(edit) @14966   11 years zere Fixed bug calling reformDate twice. Since it returns a pointer to …
(edit) @14965   11 years frederik Make sure that osm2pgsql does not attempt to append data to a table …
(edit) @14963   11 years zere Added support for dumping changesets in the planet file. Not enabled …
(edit) @14959   11 years bretth Updated the expected schema version to match production. Now at …
(edit) @14957   11 years bretth Updated the expected schema version to match production. More may be …
(edit) @14945   11 years frederik first version of perl tools for undo/revert
(edit) @14941   11 years herm Changed indention to spaces. Added docstrings. Renamed …
(edit) @14938   11 years herm Automatically download correct SRTM file.
(edit) @14937   11 years bretth Made the ivy up to date check smarter. It will now run every time the …
(edit) @14932   11 years bretth Removed Osmosis GPLv3 licence and placed it into the public domain ... …
(edit) @14930   11 years bretth Tagged the build at version 0.31
(edit) @14929   11 years bretth Updated the version to 0.31
(edit) @14920   11 years bobkare Update not-in-map_features, fixed a bug in Geo::OSM::MapFeatures? that …
(edit) @14915   11 years echove
(edit) @14914   11 years echove third try
(edit) @14913   11 years echove another try
(edit) @14912   11 years echove try to include svn version
(edit) @14911   11 years echove starting creating revert functions
(edit) @14901   11 years mueck surfaces
(edit) @14900   11 years bretth Removed fully qualified system paths from the checkstyle configuration.
(edit) @14899   11 years bretth Removed unused test data files.
(edit) @14898   11 years bretth Modified the change extractor app to sort tags to provide a …
(edit) @14896   11 years randomjunk Import osmosis tagtransform plugin
(edit) @14895   11 years randomjunk Import osmosis tagtransform plugin
(edit) @14892   11 years echove
(edit) @14891   11 years bretth Added changeset_id support to the Osmosis pgsql PostGIS schema.
(edit) @14890   11 years echove Exception mispelling
(edit) @14889   11 years echove initial import
(edit) @14888   11 years echove
(edit) @14887   11 years echove sub folder creation
(edit) @14886   11 years isortega Commit of spreadnik - a tool to help manage big mapnik stylesheets.
(edit) @14882   11 years ssinger Including header in http request
(edit) @14880   11 years bretth Fixed line endings for new files.
(edit) @14877   11 years bretth Added changeset id support to database and xml tasks.
(edit) @14870   11 years frederik bugfix in xml parsing code, buggy code took "uid=..." for object id
(edit) @14865   11 years jonb fix convert_meta utility to work with multiple layers
(edit) @14863   11 years jonb fix projection help output. osm2pgsql option for old-style mrecator is -M
(edit) @14860   11 years jonb fix bzip2 issue with latest planet file as per latest osm2pgsql code
(edit) @14847   11 years zere Fixed bug in bzip handling near end-of-file, plus better error reporting.
(edit) @14846   11 years zere Fixed compiler warnings about unused parameters.
(edit) @14843   11 years tomhughes Initial work on generating a gazetteer database.
(edit) @14842   11 years zere Changed terminology for choosable backend.
(edit) @14841   11 years zere Use bzip2 interface directly, rather than through the zlib …
(edit) @14820   11 years ssinger Switching User-Agent to
(edit) @14815   11 years bretth Added beginnings of support for the changeset attribute on entities. …
(edit) @14813   11 years herm Created directory for my Summer of Code project.
(edit) @14812   11 years joerg Ignore if buildlog is not existing
(edit) @14785   11 years bretth Fixed the line endings for recently added files.
(edit) @14782   11 years bretth Added a new --append-change task for combining full history changesets.
(edit) @14770   11 years isortega Typo
(edit) @14764   11 years ssinger Closing changeset on exit
(edit) @14759   11 years bretth Included an updated bzip2 implementation which is supposed to provide …
(edit) @14757   11 years bretth Applied John Burgess's patch to fix defect #1749 - "osmosis does not …
(edit) @14725   11 years frederik lowercase relation member types on output.
(edit) @14723   11 years frederik fix bug where planet06_pg would issue member types in the "id" field …
(edit) @14722   11 years bretth Lengthened sequence_id column from smallint to int on way_nodes and …
(edit) @14708   11 years ssinger Switching host to live API
(edit) @14703   11 years stevechilton service added for parking_aisle
(edit) @14700   11 years tbook Readme fix
(edit) @14699   11 years tbook Completes 0.6 upgrade
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