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(edit) @16395   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Output some stats on what mod_tile returns This patch …
(edit) @16386   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Update the sample config file to include the cacheing parameters
(edit) @16385   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Fixup configuration handling of the cache-expire settings …
(edit) @16380   11 years twain Addition of support for Karlsruhe schema / house numbers Various minor …
(edit) @16371   11 years mrtux make setting minimum age of tiles configurable
(edit) @16370   11 years mrtux show zoom slider
(edit) @16368   11 years herm Interpolate between points.
(edit) @16365   11 years richard New version of cyclemap for Garmins
(edit) @16336   11 years petschge Increase some index key length to improve performance
(edit) @16335   11 years petschge Fix syntax error in import.php Add xmlsearch.php
(edit) @16311   11 years apmon [renderd] Small improvements to the renderd_processed munin plugin - …
(edit) @16297   11 years mrtux added support for downloading tiles of tracks from a gpx file
(edit) @16295   11 years mrtux provide a build.xml
(edit) @16285   11 years mrtux small cleanup
(edit) @16284   11 years mrtux only update tiles which are older than a specific date; one week for …
(edit) @16283   11 years mrtux do not overwrite file on media if not changed (R13)
(edit) @16282   11 years mrtux send if-modified-since-header
(edit) @16281   11 years mrtux fix update tiles (B6)
(edit) @16280   11 years mrtux added slippy map chooser (based on the one integrated in JOSM)
(edit) @16279   11 years mrtux use eclipse buildpaths
(edit) @16278   11 years mrtux update ignore list
(edit) @16274   11 years herm Switched build system.
(edit) @16258   11 years twain New version of gazetteer, performance and scaleing updates
(edit) @16257   11 years herm Better error handling. Checked code for dependencies on the locale.
(edit) @16256   11 years herm Added missing files.
(edit) @16255   11 years jonb mod_tile: fix typos in munin plugin
(edit) @16254   11 years jonb mod_tile: Remove empty initparser/html dir, make clean deletes it and …
(edit) @16253   11 years jonb mod_tile: Only print out layers if they have been configured
(edit) @16252   11 years jonb mod_tile: Don't overwrite an existing renderd.conf file
(edit) @16251   11 years jonb Write stats via a temporary file & rename to avoid read/write race. …
(edit) @16242   11 years Ondrej Novy OSM API version 0.6 support for extract-polygon-c.
(edit) @16228   11 years joerichards updated after initial release
(edit) @16210   11 years harrywood layer=cycle param in <slippymap> wiki extension
(edit) @16170   11 years edgemaster Pickle out any references to missing StopAreas? for later handling by …
(edit) @16168   11 years herm Zip file support. Removed all dependencies on QT's event handling. …
(edit) @16144   11 years edgemaster We're ignoring the PT schema for now.
(edit) @16123   11 years ssinger Patch from John Peterson Moving rename till after close This should …
(edit) @16100   11 years herm Length calculation added.
(edit) @16099   11 years herm SRTM server moved. Required change from FTP to HTTP. Now uses libcurl.
(edit) @16098   11 years apmon [renderd] Added two simple munin plugins to monitor renderd performance
(edit) @16097   11 years apmon [renderd] Report stats about queue length and rendering throughput …
(edit) @16094   11 years edgemaster Use PT schema tagging.
(edit) @16058   11 years avar oops, removed leftover garbage from earlier commit
(edit) @16031   11 years dmarinus initial version
(edit) @16026   11 years joerichards initial draft version, please focus on the TODO and FIXME items
(edit) @16024   11 years gary68 boundaries added big pic option
(edit) @16022   11 years gary68 boundaries line count for invalid relations. invalid: print only selected
(edit) @16021   11 years gary68 little changes
(edit) @16012   11 years nelson Generate GPX 1.1, and move the point to the beginning of the audio stream.
(edit) @16004   11 years gary68 bug simplify solved. status while building hirarchy added.
(edit) @16003   11 years gary68 boundaries @neededXXX replaced with hashes
(edit) @15992   11 years gary68 hm…
(edit) @15991   11 years gary68 minor change
(edit) @15990   11 years gary68
(edit) @15988   11 years gary68 some work…
(edit) @15984   11 years bretth Removed the empty repdb package.
(edit) @15983   11 years bretth Updated the pgsql simple schema readme to describe the way linestring …
(edit) @15982   11 years bretth Added factories for the new replication file downloader tasks and …
(edit) @15981   11 years bretth Updated the classpath of the windows launcher to correctly specify the …
(edit) @15980   11 years bretth Added new tasks for replicating the new sequenced history files, as …
(edit) @15973   11 years jonb Update max nodes from 400M to 600M in osm2coast
(edit) @15971   11 years gary68 a few errors less…
(edit) @15966   11 years gary68 boundaries hirarchy updates
(edit) @15964   11 years joerichards new LINZ data import area
(edit) @15957   11 years bretth Fixed pgsql COPY file writer to include entity changeset ids.
(edit) @15949   11 years gary68
(edit) @15948   11 years gary68 error correction
(edit) @15947   11 years gary68 30 beta basic work for multipolygonal borders done gary68
(edit) @15942   11 years bretth Fixed a failure occurring when no changes have occurred between …
(edit) @15920   11 years jochen bugfix: count rendered tiles in --all mode of render_list
(edit) @15909   11 years bretth Removed the replication db functionality, it is not suitable in its …
(edit) @15908   11 years apmon [mod_tile] remove unnecessary code from my previous commit, noticed by jonb
(edit) @15898   11 years sward Remove debugging messages
(edit) @15897   11 years sward Add link to map features
(edit) @15896   11 years ssinger casting to string so the error message prints
(edit) @15895   11 years sward Some XSL stylesheets to generate references for Map Features.
(edit) @15889   11 years jonb Update to obtain more config parameters from renderd.conf
(edit) @15888   11 years jonb Update ignore the new sections added to the renderd.conf …
(edit) @15883   11 years joerg Use better variable names for directories
(edit) @15880   11 years joerg remove merkaartor from default build, since it's said to be included …
(edit) @15879   11 years joerg Prettyfy output a little; exclude osmosis from default build 'At …
(edit) @15874   11 years bretth Classpath fixes for ticket #1951.
(edit) @15867   11 years jochen off-by-one bug fixed for render_list -a
(edit) @15866   11 years gary68 2.0 beta -> alpha
(edit) @15865   11 years gary68 new beta version of 3.0 uploaded
(edit) @15864   11 years jochen Fixes to debian scripts renderd starts in background mode now by …
(edit) @15861   11 years jochen another step towards making tile directory configurable at runtime …
(edit) @15860   11 years jochen typo fixes
(edit) @15856   11 years bretth Updated replication to use transaction range queries instead of using …
(edit) @15852   11 years tbook Refines rail line types and guesses highway types by name
(edit) @15847   11 years guenther - updated gpsdrive URL
(edit) @15846   11 years herm Fixed rounding bug.
(edit) @15842   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Add a bunch of heuristics to determin the cache expiry of …
(edit) @15840   11 years tbook Fixed problems with very short ways
(edit) @15839   11 years apmon [renderd] Add the ability to explicitly expire renderd tiles from …
(edit) @15836   11 years jochen Debian build fixes
(edit) @15835   11 years jochen More changes to make the tile cache directory configurable at runtime …
(edit) @15833   11 years jochen Make tile directory prefix configurable at runtime Changed -llayer …
(edit) @15825   11 years jochen Added --min/max-x/y options to restrict tile range when using --all
(edit) @15822   11 years jochen Added --socket command line option to render_list and render_old (unix …
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