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(edit) @16858   11 years tomhughes Mark GPS import mails as UTF-8.
(edit) @16825   11 years frederik add "upload" call for changesets
(edit) @16824   11 years frederik allow undo for multiple users/changesets
(edit) @16823   11 years frederik better dryrun logging
(edit) @16786   11 years frederik allow overriding of default comment when reverting a changeset
(edit) @16777   11 years frederik add delete shortcut
(edit) @16775   11 years herm Copyright messages added to all files. Small documentation changes.
(edit) @16773   11 years herm Updated documentation.
(edit) @16772   11 years herm Moved data types to a new file. Optimize node memory usage.
(edit) @16770   11 years gary68 osb address changed to new one
(edit) @16767   11 years martinvoosterhout - Include way number in DBF output file.
(edit) @16766   11 years martinvoosterhout - A little better error checking.
(edit) @16765   11 years martinvoosterhout - Correctly track node count so error message is more useful.
(edit) @16763   11 years edgemaster A few more changes to the uploader.
(edit) @16762   11 years gary68 beta 003 two errors corrected
(edit) @16761   11 years gary68 -
(edit) @16759   11 years edgemaster Upload script, slight modifications to the converter.
(edit) @16753   11 years gary68 first version
(edit) @16748   11 years edgemaster Remove some debug lines
(edit) @16747   11 years edgemaster Add init file to allow to be used as a module.
(edit) @16742   11 years herm Some more optimizations.
(edit) @16741   11 years herm Store uncompressed data on disk.
(edit) @16740   11 years herm New XML parser.
(edit) @16729   11 years jonb Make mod_tile treat font_dir_recurse as a boolean, it will now accept …
(edit) @16728   11 years jonb set default mod_tile font_dir_recurse=1 to make it obvious that the …
(edit) @16727   11 years edgemaster Upload heavily refactored version of
(edit) @16715   11 years guenther - code optimization and bugfixes (patch by Alfredo Tupone)
(edit) @16699   11 years bretth Fixed the recent utf-8 patch to correctly match control characters, …
(edit) @16696   11 years ojw add link to wiki page with documentation
(edit) @16695   11 years ojw read parameters from command line
(edit) @16694   11 years ojw tool for georeferencing video files
(edit) @16693   11 years ojw mkdir
(edit) @16692   11 years ojw mkdir
(edit) @16680   11 years herm Improved command line parsing.
(edit) @16675   11 years achmyr tagged UTF8 problem fixing
(edit) @16674   11 years achmyr preparing tagging 0.30.2
(edit) @16673   11 years achmyr skipping UTF8 control symbols (0x01-0x31, 0x127)
(edit) @16672   11 years herm New SRTM data location. Added command line parsing.
(edit) @16671   11 years jonb Read font_dir_recurse from ini file. Fix supplied by Melchior Moos.
(edit) @16667   11 years joerg Add option for some platforms not to be build; handle dependencies …
(edit) @16666   11 years joerg Install also apt-utils dpatch by default
(edit) @16665   11 years joerg No Makefile --> no Make distclean
(edit) @16664   11 years joerg New changelog from svn
(edit) @16663   11 years joerg New changelog from svn
(edit) @16660   11 years gary68
(edit) @16659   11 years gary68 boundaries 3.0 alpha
(edit) @16656   11 years edgemaster Add check for correct osm filetype.
(edit) @16647   11 years mungewell changed format of output to OSM
(edit) @16646   11 years edgemaster Drop a few debug lines in for testing later.
(edit) @16645   11 years edgemaster Split apart the separate concepts of "diff upload" and "changeset"
(edit) @16644   11 years edgemaster Un-mush the mess that is the idMap, object ids are NOT unique accross …
(edit) @16642   11 years frederik undelete
(edit) @16640   11 years edgemaster Tidy outputting code Also produce a pickle of unfulfilled relations, …
(edit) @16638   11 years mungewell New tools for walking all highways and computing distance to each node
(edit) @16637   11 years tbook Fix same bug in Waterbody file
(edit) @16636   11 years tbook Fixes a bug that occured when the last object in the file was an ftype …
(edit) @16616   11 years avar Sprinkle strerror(errno) to get understandable error messages
(edit) @16615   11 years avar spelling
(edit) @16614   11 years Eddy Petrișor now can identify application built on top of the lib via 'appid' …
(edit) @16608   11 years bretth Removed the old unused repdb package.
(edit) @16573   11 years avar If this parser parses a style file with more than MAX_STYLES it'll …
(edit) @16563   11 years gary68 alpha listrelations
(edit) @16562   11 years gary68 initial upload of several programs
(edit) @16552   11 years joerg Add libapache2-mod-tile, Add the possibility to get a release binary, …
(edit) @16551   11 years joerg Add possibility to get a release changelog
(edit) @16545   11 years gary68 first alpha 1.0
(edit) @16527   11 years joerg Some xml lib is missing; i cannot find
(edit) @16515   11 years gary68 first errors removed, running
(edit) @16514   11 years gary68 first upload
(edit) @16498   11 years twain extra chars in postgresql transliteration function introduces ranked …
(edit) @16489   11 years bretth Improved the error message when no timestamp is available on input data.
(edit) @16467   11 years avar "You may need to these" -> "You may need to change these"
(edit) @16415   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Add two munin plugins to monitor the response codes and …
(edit) @16395   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Output some stats on what mod_tile returns This patch …
(edit) @16386   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Update the sample config file to include the cacheing parameters
(edit) @16385   11 years apmon [mod_tile] Fixup configuration handling of the cache-expire settings …
(edit) @16380   11 years twain Addition of support for Karlsruhe schema / house numbers Various minor …
(edit) @16371   11 years mrtux make setting minimum age of tiles configurable
(edit) @16370   11 years mrtux show zoom slider
(edit) @16368   11 years herm Interpolate between points.
(edit) @16365   11 years richard New version of cyclemap for Garmins
(edit) @16336   11 years petschge Increase some index key length to improve performance
(edit) @16335   11 years petschge Fix syntax error in import.php Add xmlsearch.php
(edit) @16311   11 years apmon [renderd] Small improvements to the renderd_processed munin plugin - …
(edit) @16297   11 years mrtux added support for downloading tiles of tracks from a gpx file
(edit) @16295   11 years mrtux provide a build.xml
(edit) @16285   11 years mrtux small cleanup
(edit) @16284   11 years mrtux only update tiles which are older than a specific date; one week for …
(edit) @16283   11 years mrtux do not overwrite file on media if not changed (R13)
(edit) @16282   11 years mrtux send if-modified-since-header
(edit) @16281   11 years mrtux fix update tiles (B6)
(edit) @16280   11 years mrtux added slippy map chooser (based on the one integrated in JOSM)
(edit) @16279   11 years mrtux use eclipse buildpaths
(edit) @16278   11 years mrtux update ignore list
(edit) @16274   11 years herm Switched build system.
(edit) @16258   11 years twain New version of gazetteer, performance and scaleing updates
(edit) @16257   11 years herm Better error handling. Checked code for dependencies on the locale.
(edit) @16256   11 years herm Added missing files.
(edit) @16255   11 years jonb mod_tile: fix typos in munin plugin
(edit) @16254   11 years jonb mod_tile: Remove empty initparser/html dir, make clean deletes it and …
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