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(edit) @17491   10 years mrtux allow to load saved jobs
(edit) @17490   10 years mrtux fixed downloadjob saving
(edit) @17488   10 years mrtux only list valid files/directories
(edit) @17478   10 years bretth Added initial code for a new task for merging multiple replication …
(edit) @17476   10 years jonb make render_old skip [renderNN] too
(edit) @17475   10 years jonb mod_tile: Skip mapnik & renderd sections when reading config file, …
(edit) @17474   10 years jonb Fix renderd font_dir_recurse parameter
(edit) @17472   10 years joerg Improve dependency handling; options for debuild and …
(edit) @17468   10 years gary68 touch mit kleinerem josm download
(edit) @17463   10 years jonb mod_tile: move stats calculations in render_old to main thread to …
(edit) @17462   10 years jonb render_old: fix trivial leak of file handle
(edit) @17461   10 years jonb Update render_old to split condition variables used to indicate queue …
(edit) @17460   10 years jonb Update render_old to use multi-threaded rendering requests.
(edit) @17459   10 years ldp Add operator for nodes,ways
(edit) @17456   10 years jonb Disable add_parking_node() in osm2pgsql since the current osm.xml …
(edit) @17441   10 years gary68 new checkdoublenodes
(edit) @17440   10 years gary68 new josm select function for multiple nodes
(edit) @17439   10 years apmon [ renderd ] Bug fix 32 bit / 64 bit issue When calculating the the …
(edit) @17435   10 years joerg Fix svnrevision checking
(edit) @17431   10 years gary68 faster parameters for hashvalues
(edit) @17430   10 years frederik fix parameter number bug
(edit) @17424   10 years tomhughes Fix buffer overflow.
(edit) @17394   10 years bretth Fixed a null pointer exception occurring on an uninitialised tag …
(edit) @17358   10 years mrtux reverted
(edit) @17345   10 years bretth Reverted the changeset queries back to using a temporary table …
(edit) @17341   10 years frederik small update
(edit) @17338   10 years apmon [renderd] Use a hashtable index to determine pending rendering …
(edit) @17336   10 years miken Map ForeShore? to water=tidal instead of leaving it untagged
(edit) @17335   10 years bretth Fixed XML writing to allow tab, carriage return and line feed characters.
(edit) @17332   10 years apmon [mod_tile munin] changed mod_tile munin plugin to not use a local file …
(edit) @17331   10 years bretth Now issuing extra "set enable_xxxx=false" statements to the server …
(edit) @17330   10 years gary68 new and faster version of checkcross
(edit) @17329   10 years apmon [renderd] Allow renderd to distribute rendering load across multiple …
(edit) @17326   10 years jonb Update osm2pgsql version to 0.67, the previous change to …
(edit) @17325   10 years jonb Use fixed point storage for node positions in planet_osm_nodes. This …
(edit) @17320   10 years gary68 new hash function for
(edit) @17297   10 years edgemaster Fix indexerror on relations that have already been uploaded.
(edit) @17296   10 years mrtux some optimizations and don't leak references
(edit) @17295   10 years edgemaster Add excerpts of pygraph for those without it.
(edit) @17294   10 years mrtux do not show more than one slippy map
(edit) @17293   10 years mrtux some more information hiding
(edit) @17288   10 years gary68 API warning texts added
(edit) @17280   10 years bretth Added new "enableNewQuery" option to the apidb test reader class to …
(edit) @17276   10 years bretth Updated the query plan controlling set statement(s) to use the local …
(edit) @17275   10 years bretth Added a new script for creating "xid" indexes. These are required by …
(edit) @17273   10 years bretth Fixed the new entity DAO to not return anonymous users.
(edit) @17272   10 years bretth Added a new --read-apidb-test task for comparing existing and …
(edit) @17271   10 years edgemaster No longer bother dropping empty relations, they cause no harm, and can …
(edit) @17270   10 years edgemaster Update relation member ids at different point, so that remappings are …
(edit) @17267   10 years bobkare New update of not-in-map_features, using the new and much improved …
(edit) @17266   10 years gary68 -
(edit) @17265   10 years petschge Remove a bug which caused review links to only work in dir=ASC mode
(edit) @17261   10 years edgemaster Unify the user-agent strings. Remove debug line
(edit) @17259   10 years petschge Small change to style.css Switch XAPI links over to protcol version …
(edit) @17258   10 years edgemaster Add script reversion to changesets
(edit) @17257   10 years edgemaster Properly sort nested relations so they upload in the correct order. …
(edit) @17255   10 years mrtux correctly store all last settings
(edit) @17254   10 years mrtux remove duplicate code
(edit) @17253   10 years mrtux first draft of new jobmodell
(edit) @17252   10 years mrtux some small renaming
(edit) @17251   10 years mrtux merged into ant script
(edit) @17250   10 years mrtux some small renaming
(edit) @17249   10 years mrtux use as caching config
(edit) @17248   10 years mrtux use defaults
(edit) @17247   10 years mrtux check for valid contents
(edit) @17246   10 years mrtux renamed
(edit) @17245   10 years mrtux do not double options
(edit) @17244   10 years mrtux start centered
(edit) @17243   10 years mrtux drop dynamic stuff
(edit) @17239   10 years fma shorten seperators
(edit) @17238   10 years gary68 buildWayNodesList added, 1st version
(edit) @17236   10 years fma added no of updated tiles
(edit) @17235   10 years fma support to download a corridor around the GPX path
(edit) @17234   10 years fma moved getMin/getMax to TileListCommon?
(edit) @17233   10 years fma added simple splash screen
(edit) @17232   10 years fma support to download a GPX corridor
(edit) @17231   10 years fma support gpx
(edit) @17230   10 years fma support gpx file loading
(edit) @17229   10 years fma updated dev jar file
(edit) @17218   10 years gary68 new version of checkconn. api calls. less false positives
(edit) @17217   10 years gary68 new links for selfintersecting
(edit) @17214   10 years dmarinus add documentation
(edit) @17213   10 years mrtux do not use unused variables
(edit) @17212   10 years mrtux save settings on tab change
(edit) @17211   10 years mrtux show elapsed/remaining time
(edit) @17203   10 years gary68 areacheck new version with api tests, less false positives
(edit) @17202   10 years gary68 self inters with sleep not to stress api
(edit) @17201   10 years gary68 seems like a lot of errors in these days…
(edit) @17200   10 years gary68 new version
(edit) @17199   10 years harrywood New osmosis plugin for crude data simplifying. See README.txt
(edit) @17194   10 years fma corrected main class
(edit) @17193   10 years fma signed jar
(edit) @17192   10 years fma dev version
(edit) @17191   10 years fma removed icon
(edit) @17190   10 years fma JavaWS
(edit) @17189   10 years gary68 small error in corrected
(edit) @17188   10 years gary68 new program to find self intersecting ways
(edit) @17186   10 years edgemaster Put this back before i forget again..
(edit) @17185   10 years mrtux save Settings before start downloading
(edit) @17184   10 years mrtux correctly handle HTTP_NOT_MODIFIED
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