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(edit) @17981   10 years jonb Update projection strings to match proj-4.7.1 definitions.
(edit) @17953   10 years jonb fix typo for reqBulkNum in new queue
(edit) @17947   10 years jonb Cascade node changes all the way through to relations. Previously a …
(edit) @17936   10 years frederik add capability to remove an object that is to be deleted from a …
(edit) @17935   10 years frederik bugfix for "seen" mechanism, and capability to read change files from stdin
(edit) @17932   10 years frederik this should now work properly when the same object is modified …
(edit) @17917   10 years petdr Display cycle network nodes using a manmade POI. …
(edit) @17916   10 years petdr Move cyclemap.typ to cyclemap.TYP as the wiki page says to rename this …
(edit) @17897   10 years gary68 areacheck now ignores ways that are part of a relation
(edit) @17860   10 years frederik .deb fix for mod_tile
(edit) @17813   10 years gary68 useractivity with black and white lists
(edit) @17809   10 years gary68 useractivity now deduces "age" of user
(edit) @17786   10 years frederik change regex syntax, add -v switch for oscgrep
(edit) @17785   10 years ldp Add hashbang. Fix speeling hirarchy->hierarchy.
(edit) @17768   10 years tomhughes Doh!
(edit) @17767   10 years tomhughes Allow the envelope sender for emails to be configured,
(edit) @17756   10 years joerg Correct minor typo
(edit) @17755   10 years joerg Add Ubuntu jaunty karmic; improve dependency handling(remove version …
(edit) @17754   10 years joerg Add jaunty + karmic
(edit) @17753   10 years joerg Update changelog
(edit) @17752   10 years joerg Add option for planet-dir
(edit) @17743   10 years joerichards fixed issue with upper case after apostrophe e.g. Arthur'S pass
(edit) @17742   10 years avar Add death theats aimed at people uploading corrupt data to the server
(edit) @17698   10 years gary68 ua version 2.3 - html puts out version now. renamed objects are drawn now.
(edit) @17695   10 years gary68
(edit) @17694   10 years gary68 useractivity bug fixes
(edit) @17693   10 years avar Adding the compiled executable/generated .ini file to svn
(edit) @17692   10 years avar use real .img examples
(edit) @17691   10 years avar removed circular dependency in the makefile
(edit) @17689   10 years apmon [ renderd munin ] Update renderd munin to show the new queues
(edit) @17688   10 years apmon [mod_tile / renderd] Add two more priority levels into the queues of …
(edit) @17687   10 years avar Added svn:ignore properties
(edit) @17686   10 years avar Not using the version variable anymore
(edit) @17685   10 years avar See …
(edit) @17684   10 years gary68 some bugs in ua fixed
(edit) @17683   10 years gary68 ua version 2.1 privacy for time slot reports
(edit) @17682   10 years bretth Modified the replication tasks to store sequence data files in a …
(edit) @17676   10 years gary68 useractivity 2.0
(edit) @17675   10 years gary68 user activity 2.0 beta publ.
(edit) @17671   10 years twain Missed out the readme file
(edit) @17669   10 years twain missed table name change
(edit) @17668   10 years twain Refactored website (php), minor indexing changes, documentation
(edit) @17661   10 years jonb Update mod_tile to open & close connection to renderd on each …
(edit) @17632   10 years edgemaster Fixes for W.Yrks
(edit) @17631   10 years edgemaster Trim tag values len()>255
(edit) @17630   10 years ldp Allow some handling of duplicate objects in the changeset
(edit) @17619   10 years joerg remove ../lib from creation, correct error in dependency
(edit) @17618   10 years joerg remove ../lib from creation
(edit) @17607   10 years ssinger Patch from John Peterson Delete target file before the rename This …
(edit) @17599   10 years gary68 useractivity 1.0
(edit) @17594   10 years gary68 new version useractivity
(edit) @17581   10 years gary68 new version useractivity
(edit) @17580   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt to include changes for 0.32.
(edit) @17579   10 years bretth Fixed a number of issues in the file merging task. Now appears to be …
(edit) @17572   10 years gary68 useractivity beta
(edit) @17570   10 years echove
(edit) @17569   10 years echove keep http connection alive for multiple request (Node|Way|Relation)Get …
(edit) @17555   10 years bretth Fixed the replication file merger to write all files to the data …
(edit) @17517   10 years bretth Fixed queries to use '(' and ')' characters for the NOT IN clause …
(edit) @17516   10 years bretth Fixed a bug in the replication logic where the active transaction id …
(edit) @17515   10 years bretth Added logging statements to allow the transaction ids to be monitored …
(edit) @17514   10 years bretth Fixed the replication file merging task to initialise the data …
(edit) @17513   10 years bretth Added a commented out database URL option for enabling jdbc tracing.
(edit) @17511   10 years bretth Updated the command line examples which are displayed if no arguments …
(edit) @17510   10 years bretth Fixed all replication downloading tasks to sort the results before …
(edit) @17502   10 years bretth Updated log comments to be clearer.
(edit) @17501   10 years bretth Added some basic logging to the replication downloading base class.
(edit) @17500   10 years bretth Fixed the replication downloader to include the extension in the …
(edit) @17499   10 years bretth Updated the replication tasks to consistently use seconds as the unit …
(edit) @17495   10 years bretth Completed the new --merge-replication-files task, but currently untested.
(edit) @17492   10 years mrtux add missing file type extention
(edit) @17491   10 years mrtux allow to load saved jobs
(edit) @17490   10 years mrtux fixed downloadjob saving
(edit) @17488   10 years mrtux only list valid files/directories
(edit) @17478   10 years bretth Added initial code for a new task for merging multiple replication …
(edit) @17476   10 years jonb make render_old skip [renderNN] too
(edit) @17475   10 years jonb mod_tile: Skip mapnik & renderd sections when reading config file, …
(edit) @17474   10 years jonb Fix renderd font_dir_recurse parameter
(edit) @17472   10 years joerg Improve dependency handling; options for debuild and …
(edit) @17468   10 years gary68 touch mit kleinerem josm download
(edit) @17463   10 years jonb mod_tile: move stats calculations in render_old to main thread to …
(edit) @17462   10 years jonb render_old: fix trivial leak of file handle
(edit) @17461   10 years jonb Update render_old to split condition variables used to indicate queue …
(edit) @17460   10 years jonb Update render_old to use multi-threaded rendering requests.
(edit) @17459   10 years ldp Add operator for nodes,ways
(edit) @17456   10 years jonb Disable add_parking_node() in osm2pgsql since the current osm.xml …
(edit) @17441   10 years gary68 new checkdoublenodes
(edit) @17440   10 years gary68 new josm select function for multiple nodes
(edit) @17439   10 years apmon [ renderd ] Bug fix 32 bit / 64 bit issue When calculating the the …
(edit) @17435   10 years joerg Fix svnrevision checking
(edit) @17431   10 years gary68 faster parameters for hashvalues
(edit) @17430   10 years frederik fix parameter number bug
(edit) @17424   10 years tomhughes Fix buffer overflow.
(edit) @17394   10 years bretth Fixed a null pointer exception occurring on an uninitialised tag …
(edit) @17358   10 years mrtux reverted
(edit) @17345   10 years bretth Reverted the changeset queries back to using a temporary table …
(edit) @17341   10 years frederik small update
(edit) @17338   10 years apmon [renderd] Use a hashtable index to determine pending rendering …
(edit) @17336   10 years miken Map ForeShore? to water=tidal instead of leaving it untagged
(edit) @17335   10 years bretth Fixed XML writing to allow tab, carriage return and line feed characters.
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