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(edit) @20083   10 years ldp Coastline ways of exactly 2000 nodes were being dropped too. This …
(edit) @20077   10 years matthiasj add JOSM links in tagpairs.php and tagvaluedetails.php
(edit) @20068   10 years matthiasj hide the response from JOSM's remotecontrol plugin in a hidden iframe
(edit) @20066   10 years merio MyTaH: initial commit for version 0.3: new panel for changelog in …
(edit) @20065   10 years gary68 version 0.09 of mapgen
(edit) @20035   10 years twain More detailed loging. Tweaks to how house numbers are pressented. …
(edit) @20034   10 years twain improve handling of house numbers, more install documentation (thanks …
(edit) @20028   10 years gary68 version 0.08 of mapgen
(edit) @20022   10 years gary68 mapgen manual added
(edit) @19989   10 years balrog-kun Set the executable bits on the executables. (this directory still …
(edit) @19988   10 years balrog-kun Add the missing python2 version of the converter script.
(edit) @19984   10 years apmon Add a "touch-from" option to render_expired In this mode it changes …
(edit) @19981   10 years gary68 new version rules files v0.07
(edit) @19980   10 years gary68 new mapgen version
(edit) @19974   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Complain if we got an error while reading the style file or …
(edit) @19961   10 years gary68 new mapgen version 0.06
(edit) @19945   10 years matthiasj add JOSM links to tagdetails
(edit) @19903   10 years petschge Add faster variant of fulltext search to xml interface
(edit) @19896   10 years tomhughes Add a Debian/Ubuntu? init script for cgimap.
(edit) @19895   10 years tomhughes Return an Error header when reporting an error.
(edit) @19891   10 years petschge * Add crossdomain.xml to allow flash applets to access the xml api. * …
(edit) @19890   10 years petschge Sort files into db/ and www/ folders
(edit) @19858   10 years gary68 0.05 of mapgen
(edit) @19848   10 years tomhughes Rework logger support to log to a file, with support for reopening the …
(edit) @19847   10 years tomhughes Add an option to save the PID of the master process in a file.
(edit) @19844   10 years tomhughes Add a daemon mode, and support for graceful termination.
(edit) @19787   10 years tomhughes Use boost::program_options to parse the command line, allowing options …
(edit) @19711   10 years bretth Fixed the --sort and --sort-change tasks to use 0.6 task …
(edit) @19707   10 years gary68
(edit) @19706   10 years gary68
(edit) @19705   10 years gary68 boundaries error handling and -help option
(edit) @19699   10 years tomhughes Make the encoding selection a bit more standards compliant.
(edit) @19696   10 years tomhughes Disable the "deflate" encoding as JOSM suffers from the bug described …
(edit) @19695   10 years tomhughes Add a check for zlib.
(edit) @19694   10 years tomhughes Get the test right this time…
(edit) @19693   10 years tomhughes Make sure we flush the output if there is no buffer space left after …
(edit) @19692   10 years tomhughes Require boost 1.34.1 as that is the earliest we've tested building with.
(edit) @19691   10 years tomhughes Don't use boost::make_shared as it doesn't exist until boost 1.39.0 …
(edit) @19690   10 years tomhughes Use BOOST_CPPFLAGS, not BOOST_CFLAGS which doesn't exist.
(edit) @19687   10 years tomhughes Add compression support.
(edit) @19668   10 years tomhughes Record the start time in the correct place.
(edit) @19667   10 years tomhughes Include the total run time for the request in the log.
(edit) @19666   10 years tomhughes It's more useful to log the text of the query than it's address…
(edit) @19665   10 years tomhughes Add some logging.
(edit) @19661   10 years frederik typos
(edit) @19656   10 years zere Use a non-transaction for the changeset/user cache, as this is a …
(edit) @19655   10 years zere Shouldn't have committed change to local config…
(edit) @19654   10 years zere Added node limit and moved enable_merge/hashjoin to earlier in the query.
(edit) @19651   10 years bretth Updated the version number to 0.34-SNAPSHOT.
(edit) @19650   10 years bretth Tagged version 0.33.
(edit) @19649   10 years bretth Updated the version number to 0.33.
(edit) @19648   10 years bretth Removed local postgis distribution since it is available on …
(edit) @19647   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt to reflect recent developments.
(edit) @19646   10 years bretth Fixed a number of line endings.
(edit) @19642   10 years tomhughes Send a Cache-Control header to match what rails does.
(edit) @19641   10 years tomhughes Add charset=utf-8 to the content type, and return a content …
(edit) @19640   10 years twain broken output for [lat,lon] searches, attempting to search on blank queries
(edit) @19639   10 years zere Better work-around for bad statistics.
(edit) @19638   10 years zere Quick hack to avoid problems with wrong table statistics.
(edit) @19637   10 years zere Downgraded required version of libxml to 2.6.31, as it wasn't really …
(edit) @19636   10 years tomhughes Make DB_USER and DB_PASS optional to support systems using ident or …
(edit) @19635   10 years gary68
(edit) @19634   10 years gary68
(edit) @19633   10 years twain suggest alternatives for missing words
(edit) @19631   10 years apmon Updated library dependency documentation to postgresql version
(edit) @19630   10 years apmon correct relations output of cgimap (nd -> member)
(edit) @19629   10 years zere Made cgimap look at the request URI if it can't find a non-empy query …
(edit) @19618   10 years zere Fixed bug where member type wasn't lowercase.
(edit) @19610   10 years apmon Add LivEditMapViewer?, a java prog to view where edits are currently …
(edit) @19604   10 years twain minor runtime warning
(edit) @19603   10 years twain extra error checking, smaller indexing partitions
(edit) @19595   10 years gary68 new prg mapgen
(edit) @19563   10 years hakan Post-build-script is centralized now
(edit) @19562   10 years gary68 little bug in…
(edit) @19561   10 years ldp Increase max node id to 700M. Drop max nodes per way from 12k to 2k
(edit) @19530   10 years isortega Minor typos fixed; tag translation file for Ithaca Haiti data.
(edit) @19529   10 years twain check mapnik version, compatibility with 0.8
(edit) @19526   10 years gary68 useractivity - two more error handlings
(edit) @19520   10 years ulf
(edit) @19517   10 years avar A utility to dump the shelve file produced by
(edit) @19515   10 years avar 20k/1k changeset/put limit was too high, I ended up with a changeset …
(edit) @19514   10 years avar When the server sends us an error print it, not just the error code
(edit) @19510   10 years avar Add --changeset-limit and --put-limit options to limit the amount of …
(edit) @19504   10 years avar Add support for supplying changeset tags
(edit) @19495   10 years avar agent/created_by =, not
(edit) @19408   11 years avar Add bulk upload scripts from …
(edit) @19407   11 years twain More logging, improved UK postcodes, fix more_url
(edit) @19406   11 years bretth Updated the changes.txt based on recent commits.
(edit) @19405   11 years bretth Added validation to the --apply-change task to detect and fail if full …
(edit) @19404   11 years avar Script was missing a visibility field, add identifiable
(edit) @19401   11 years avar support bz2 via perlio::via::bzip2
(edit) @19400   11 years avar A new statistics file to spit out YAML
(edit) @19398   11 years ldp Make shop into type polygon, to have closed ways with no …
(edit) @19397   11 years ulf - raise to V 0.0.7 - fix a bug with .bz2 filenames not being …
(edit) @19392   11 years ulf add gosmin.exe to ignore list
(edit) @19391   11 years ulf executable stored on sourceforge now (doesn't really fit well into svn)
(edit) @19390   11 years ulf - raise to V 0.0.6 - add device details from Vogt - add OpenSeaMap?
(edit) @19377   11 years ulf
(edit) @19376   11 years ulf
(edit) @19331   11 years gary68 versin 42 of checkconn, noexit=yes
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