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(edit) @20520   10 years jonobennett First import of code. Barely works.
(edit) @20508   10 years jochen enable "reload" action for renderd init script
(edit) @20507   10 years frederik use fcntl to check for active sockets as perl's "opened()" does not …
(edit) @20506   10 years jochen socket handling bugfix: never have a socket in want_read and …
(edit) @20505   10 years giggls \r und \n in hstore value needs to be escaped for pgsql copy import as well
(edit) @20502   10 years jochen sort rendering jobs also according to age
(edit) @20501   10 years jochen ignore planet-import-complete in tiledir check
(edit) @20500   10 years frederik deb 0.1.7
(edit) @20499   10 years frederik fix broken metatile storage for zoom level 1 (and possibly 2)
(edit) @20498   10 years jochen ignore lost+found directories on tiledir check
(edit) @20497   10 years jochen add single space to make table line up
(edit) @20496   10 years jochen read tile stats dir from config
(edit) @20494   10 years jochen added default stat file remove unused -d option
(edit) @20493   10 years giggls TAB in hstore value needs to be escaped for pgsql copy import
(edit) @20492   10 years jochen default name of map set to "default"
(edit) @20488   10 years frederik depend on either renderd or tirex-master
(edit) @20487   10 years frederik upgrade log level for mapnik error messages to warning
(edit) @20479   10 years jochen fix socket cleanup code
(edit) @20475   10 years giggls Add an experimental feature to generate hstore enabled PgSQL tables. …
(edit) @20474   10 years jochen fixes
(edit) @20471   10 years bretth And now I've now fixed the infinite loop itself. I forgot to fix that …
(edit) @20470   10 years bretth The previous patch commit sent --fast-read-xml into an infinite loop …
(edit) @20469   10 years bretth Applied patch from Ldp to make the --fast-read-xml task ignore …
(edit) @20468   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt based on recent changes.
(edit) @20467   10 years bretth Fixed line endings.
(edit) @20466   10 years bretth Made significant improvements (I hope) to the AreaFilter? completeXXX …
(edit) @20449   10 years jochen typo
(edit) @20447   10 years gary68 mapgen 0.13
(edit) @20437   10 years jochen improved tirex munin scripts
(edit) @20436   10 years jochen remove closed file handles before select
(edit) @20434   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts cleanup
(edit) @20430   10 years jonb remove invalid characters <32 from XML output
(edit) @20429   10 years frederik patch not needed any longer
(edit) @20421   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts updates
(edit) @20418   10 years twain only do address intrapolation in append mode
(edit) @20410   10 years frederik debug bugfix
(edit) @20396   10 years zere Made planet dump transaction serializable. Hopefully addresses some …
(edit) @20388   10 years jochen tirex munin plugin to show requests rendered
(edit) @20377   10 years avar Optimize a bit of the program that took 3.71s to 525ms. NYTProf …
(edit) @20376   10 years avar correct path to queue speed tests
(edit) @20375   10 years guenther - optimized indexes
(edit) @20370   10 years twain add reverse and reverse.php to the block list
(edit) @20369   10 years gslater Add robots.txt, add form action
(edit) @20343   10 years apmon [mod_tile] Add a config parameter to overwrite caching-header …
(edit) @20342   10 years avar One some files this bit of code will result in != comparing undef …
(edit) @20341   10 years gary68 mapgen version 0.12 published
(edit) @20282   10 years apmon [mod_tile renderd munin] report mod_tile / renderd usage by zoom level …
(edit) @20278   10 years richard harder better faster stronger
(edit) @20274   10 years frederik initial commit of tirex - a new tile rendering manager
(edit) @20263   10 years claudius TMC-Validator: - Tippfehler korrigiert - Formulierungen verbessert - …
(edit) @20255   10 years twain applied #2769 search field should have focus patch (firefishy)
(edit) @20241   10 years gary68 new mapgen rules and icons in zip
(edit) @20238   10 years tomhughes Ignore the MACOSX folder in zip files. Closes #1436.
(edit) @20236   10 years tomhughes Ignore elevations of "nan" when parsing GPX files. Closes #1411.
(edit) @20234   10 years tomhughes Skip leading space when parsing coordinates. Closes #1541.
(edit) @20170   10 years gary68 mapgen 011 released
(edit) @20163   10 years twain change json output to be complaint (no comments allowed)
(edit) @20161   10 years frederik fix json compliance
(edit) @20150   10 years gary68 support for negative ids
(edit) @20149   10 years twain new name options, fix error when importing new data
(edit) @20139   10 years merio MyTaH: version 0.3: Refactoring to match AMO requirements (forgotten …
(edit) @20138   10 years merio MyTaH: version 0.3: Refactoring to match AMO requirements.
(edit) @20134   10 years twain Improve install documentation
(edit) @20122   10 years tabacha Moved TMC Validator to utils
(edit) @20116   10 years bretth Registered --fast-read-xml as a task instead of requiring …
(edit) @20097   10 years bretth Updated build version to 0.35-SNAPSHOT.
(edit) @20096   10 years bretth Created the 0.34 tag.
(edit) @20095   10 years bretth Updated the version to 0.34.
(edit) @20094   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt based on recent changes.
(edit) @20092   10 years bretth The full tar distribution has now been fixed to align with the full …
(edit) @20091   10 years bretth Fixed a number of issues with the distribution zip files. The config …
(edit) @20090   10 years bretth Removed dead code from the apidb writer classes. It was previously …
(edit) @20089   10 years bretth Removed an unused serialVersionUID field from the Relation class.
(edit) @20086   10 years gary68 mapgen version 0.10
(edit) @20083   10 years ldp Coastline ways of exactly 2000 nodes were being dropped too. This …
(edit) @20077   10 years matthiasj add JOSM links in tagpairs.php and tagvaluedetails.php
(edit) @20068   10 years matthiasj hide the response from JOSM's remotecontrol plugin in a hidden iframe
(edit) @20066   10 years merio MyTaH: initial commit for version 0.3: new panel for changelog in …
(edit) @20065   10 years gary68 version 0.09 of mapgen
(edit) @20035   10 years twain More detailed loging. Tweaks to how house numbers are pressented. …
(edit) @20034   10 years twain improve handling of house numbers, more install documentation (thanks …
(edit) @20028   10 years gary68 version 0.08 of mapgen
(edit) @20022   10 years gary68 mapgen manual added
(edit) @19989   10 years balrog-kun Set the executable bits on the executables. (this directory still …
(edit) @19988   10 years balrog-kun Add the missing python2 version of the converter script.
(edit) @19984   10 years apmon Add a "touch-from" option to render_expired In this mode it changes …
(edit) @19981   10 years gary68 new version rules files v0.07
(edit) @19980   10 years gary68 new mapgen version
(edit) @19974   10 years jonb osm2pgsql: Complain if we got an error while reading the style file or …
(edit) @19961   10 years gary68 new mapgen version 0.06
(edit) @19945   10 years matthiasj add JOSM links to tagdetails
(edit) @19903   10 years petschge Add faster variant of fulltext search to xml interface
(edit) @19896   10 years tomhughes Add a Debian/Ubuntu? init script for cgimap.
(edit) @19895   10 years tomhughes Return an Error header when reporting an error.
(edit) @19891   10 years petschge * Add crossdomain.xml to allow flash applets to access the xml api. * …
(edit) @19890   10 years petschge Sort files into db/ and www/ folders
(edit) @19858   10 years gary68 0.05 of mapgen
(edit) @19848   10 years tomhughes Rework logger support to log to a file, with support for reopening the …
(edit) @19847   10 years tomhughes Add an option to save the PID of the master process in a file.
(edit) @19844   10 years tomhughes Add a daemon mode, and support for graceful termination.
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