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(edit) @20996   10 years jochen optionally allow destination to be a port number
(edit) @20995   10 years jochen code cleanup
(edit) @20992   10 years jonb Max node ID in latest planet file is now 703M, update code to accept …
(edit) @20990   10 years jochen logrotate config file for master log
(edit) @20989   10 years jochen fix filter name check
(edit) @20988   10 years jochen more verbose logging of metatile info when rendering timeouted
(edit) @20987   10 years jochen fixed older() filter in tirex-batch (logic was inverted) added …
(edit) @20986   10 years jochen fixed tests
(edit) @20982   10 years zere Added URL-decoding phase to query string.
(edit) @20980   10 years gary68 removal of two print statements from debugging in
(edit) @20972   10 years gary68 1.02 of mapgen. mercator, scale dpi…
(edit) @20971   10 years gary68
(edit) @20969   10 years bretth Removed OSM 0.5 support.
(edit) @20967   10 years bretth Updated the version to 0.36-SNAPSHOT for next development cycle.
(edit) @20965   10 years bretth Tagged at version 0.35.
(edit) @20964   10 years bretth Updated the version to 0.35 in preparation for creating the release.
(edit) @20963   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt with changes missed since previous release.
(edit) @20954   10 years bretth Fixed the osmosis.bat launcher to handle spaces in the installation path.
(edit) @20953   10 years bretth Fixed apidb tasks to correctly select the MySQL drivers instead of …
(edit) @20940   10 years echove Fix ChangesetClose? and _http_request
(edit) @20898   10 years gary68 version 1.01 of mapgen - [-clipbox]
(edit) @20883   10 years balrog-kun Avoid expanding single letters in name_base that look like …
(edit) @20882   10 years balrog-kun Add a check that name= is still a concatenation of the original tiger: …
(edit) @20879   10 years gary68 version 1.00 of mapgen
(edit) @20873   10 years giggls * add brief explanation of hstore functionality * make phstore flag …
(edit) @20845   10 years gary68 support comment sin osm files, ignore whitespace at end of node lines
(edit) @20844   10 years jochen CAUTION! INCOMPATIBILITY! changed master config option --config from …
(edit) @20843   10 years jochen removed non-functional html mode changed config option from file to …
(edit) @20842   10 years jochen more preparation for map and renderer config
(edit) @20838   10 years jochen preliminary work on allowing several renderers
(edit) @20837   10 years avantman42 Fixed bug where lat/lon was blank Improved description on OS-sourced …
(edit) @20829   10 years balrog-kun Add another lot of undocumented abbreviations very often found in TIGER.
(edit) @20823   10 years feixm When running on 32bit systems, userprocess can allocate as much as 3GB …
(edit) @20822   10 years avantman42 Check for OS-derived data now checks for *any* OS_OpenData source tag
(edit) @20816   10 years avantman42 Now checks for source=OS_OpenData_StreetView
(edit) @20814   10 years gary68 new checktouch version - quad trees
(edit) @20809   10 years gary68 checkcross new version 3.0 - quad trees implemented
(edit) @20802   10 years strk Autoconf for osm2pgsql
(edit) @20778   10 years gary68 mapgen 0.16
(edit) @20777   10 years gary68 added
(edit) @20775   10 years giggls change "char sql[2048]" to "static char *sql" and do dynamic …
(edit) @20759   10 years jonobennett Removed unsafe operation from TraceListModel?
(edit) @20726   10 years zere Took fork out of tile expiry script - now uses File.utime instead.
(edit) @20720   10 years balrog-kun Add undocumented 'Pky' for Parkway, align the table, mark some …
(edit) @20710   10 years bretth Updated the detailed usage link in the help message. This fixes bug …
(edit) @20700   10 years balrog-kun Add a utility to expand abbreviations in names from TIGER imports.
(edit) @20699   10 years balrog-kun Add -t parameter for skipping conflicting elements and retrying.
(edit) @20672   10 years gary68 mapgen 0.15
(edit) @20668   10 years bretth Fixed a couple of ivy dependencies that were incorrectly leaving the …
(edit) @20640   10 years bretth Fixed the ivy organisation name from to …
(edit) @20629   10 years jonobennett Added privacy option to upload.
(edit) @20628   10 years tabacha Changed Title-Name formating
(edit) @20623   10 years matthiasj fixed bug - incomplete josm link
(edit) @20621   10 years bretth Added ability to publish artefacts to the local ivy repository to …
(edit) @20619   10 years jochen tirex doc improvements
(edit) @20604   10 years frederik pod fixes
(edit) @20565   10 years giggls We need to be able to mark polygons as such also in hstore only mode …
(edit) @20564   10 years gary68 mapgen 0.14
(edit) @20555   10 years jochen shorten munin graph names
(edit) @20554   10 years jochen new program tirex-rendering-control to help with temporary shutdown of …
(edit) @20552   10 years yellowbkpk Throw a FileNotFoundException? if the source file was not found.
(edit) @20521   10 years jonobennett First import of code. Barely works.
(edit) @20520   10 years jonobennett First import of code. Barely works.
(edit) @20508   10 years jochen enable "reload" action for renderd init script
(edit) @20507   10 years frederik use fcntl to check for active sockets as perl's "opened()" does not …
(edit) @20506   10 years jochen socket handling bugfix: never have a socket in want_read and …
(edit) @20505   10 years giggls \r und \n in hstore value needs to be escaped for pgsql copy import as well
(edit) @20502   10 years jochen sort rendering jobs also according to age
(edit) @20501   10 years jochen ignore planet-import-complete in tiledir check
(edit) @20500   10 years frederik deb 0.1.7
(edit) @20499   10 years frederik fix broken metatile storage for zoom level 1 (and possibly 2)
(edit) @20498   10 years jochen ignore lost+found directories on tiledir check
(edit) @20497   10 years jochen add single space to make table line up
(edit) @20496   10 years jochen read tile stats dir from config
(edit) @20494   10 years jochen added default stat file remove unused -d option
(edit) @20493   10 years giggls TAB in hstore value needs to be escaped for pgsql copy import
(edit) @20492   10 years jochen default name of map set to "default"
(edit) @20488   10 years frederik depend on either renderd or tirex-master
(edit) @20487   10 years frederik upgrade log level for mapnik error messages to warning
(edit) @20479   10 years jochen fix socket cleanup code
(edit) @20475   10 years giggls Add an experimental feature to generate hstore enabled PgSQL tables. …
(edit) @20474   10 years jochen fixes
(edit) @20471   10 years bretth And now I've now fixed the infinite loop itself. I forgot to fix that …
(edit) @20470   10 years bretth The previous patch commit sent --fast-read-xml into an infinite loop …
(edit) @20469   10 years bretth Applied patch from Ldp to make the --fast-read-xml task ignore …
(edit) @20468   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt based on recent changes.
(edit) @20467   10 years bretth Fixed line endings.
(edit) @20466   10 years bretth Made significant improvements (I hope) to the AreaFilter? completeXXX …
(edit) @20449   10 years jochen typo
(edit) @20447   10 years gary68 mapgen 0.13
(edit) @20437   10 years jochen improved tirex munin scripts
(edit) @20436   10 years jochen remove closed file handles before select
(edit) @20434   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts cleanup
(edit) @20430   10 years jonb remove invalid characters <32 from XML output
(edit) @20429   10 years frederik patch not needed any longer
(edit) @20421   10 years jochen tirex munin scripts updates
(edit) @20418   10 years twain only do address intrapolation in append mode
(edit) @20410   10 years frederik debug bugfix
(edit) @20396   10 years zere Made planet dump transaction serializable. Hopefully addresses some …
(edit) @20388   10 years jochen tirex munin plugin to show requests rendered
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