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(edit) @21149   10 years jochen more checks in backend improved status display
(edit) @21146   10 years gary68 new version of mapgen manual - dpi topics
(edit) @21145   10 years jochen reading of config files improved epsg code mess fixed
(edit) @21144   10 years frederik modify tirex nagios plugin to include .cfg snippets in .deb
(edit) @21142   10 years frederik allow undo module to override subsequent changes on objects
(edit) @21141   10 years jochen only restart backends if they return with the right exit code
(edit) @21139   10 years frederik add missing postinst for tirex-nagios-plugin
(edit) @21138   10 years jochen cleanup code
(edit) @21137   10 years jochen shorter health check time for nagios
(edit) @21135   10 years frederik fix osm2pgsql debian packaging, and make it buildable for ubuntu lucid
(edit) @21129   10 years frederik add Nagios plugins for Tirex
(edit) @21122   10 years jochen great cleanup and reorganisation of debian packages
(edit) @21120   10 years jochen add wms backend example conf
(edit) @21119   10 years jochen add example data moved config files changes to debian packages
(edit) @21115   10 years jochen added alpha version of tirex master log report
(edit) @21113   10 years jochen fix: storing config in env for rendering backend
(edit) @21112   10 years jochen cleanup config handling in Renderer class only log debug messages when …
(edit) @21110   10 years jochen fix: make WMS backend more reliable fix: only set DEBUG in ENV if it …
(edit) @21109   10 years jochen only listen on instead of INADDR_ANY
(edit) @21107   10 years jochen add code to open UDP socket to renderd-manager to distribute load …
(edit) @21101   10 years frederik drop unnecessary java-ism wrt status notification
(edit) @21100   10 years jochen some fixes debian packages
(edit) @21099   10 years jochen added in debug output
(edit) @21096   10 years jochen overview diagram
(edit) @21093   10 years jochen consistently use --config=DIR instead of --config=FILE
(edit) @21089   10 years jochen fixed typo "fontdir" instead of "fondir" commented out a line about …
(edit) @21088   10 years apmon Splitt out timeouts in mod_tile for standard and priority rendering …
(edit) @21086   10 years frederik --laziness ++correctness
(edit) @21085   10 years jochen config and startup cleanup for master and renderd-manager backends use …
(edit) @21082   10 years frederik make a stripped-down version of the original tirex renderd which only …
(edit) @21071   10 years jochen tirex utility script to create stats and update tiles regularly
(edit) @21070   10 years jochen fix and test for renderer-specific config
(edit) @21069   10 years jochen add renderer specific config to environment when calling renderer
(edit) @21068   10 years jochen Makefile target for creating html doc
(edit) @21067   10 years jochen tirex-renderd-mapnik first checkin
(edit) @21066   10 years jochen mapnik conf
(edit) @21063   10 years jochen only read config files ending in .conf
(edit) @21062   10 years zere Fixed another bug - should have been pulling in unwayed nodes into the …
(edit) @21060   10 years gary68 checkcross2 new
(edit) @21059   10 years zere Better relations query for cgimap - this time actually fixes #2699 as …
(edit) @21054   10 years zere Better query for relation member collection.
(edit) @21049   10 years zere Added functionality to fetch meta-relations with cgimap. Should fix …
(edit) @21038   10 years gary68 mapgen 1.03
(edit) @21037   10 years jochen Further changes in preparation for a more flexible rendering backend …
(edit) @21035   10 years bretth Removed the old 0.5 mysql database diff launcher.
(edit) @21034   10 years bretth Upgraded checkstyle from 5.0-beta01 to 5.0 proper. Updated the …
(edit) @21020   10 years jochen added directory for logrotate.d install
(edit) @21019   10 years jochen add logrotate config for master log file
(edit) @21017   10 years jochen added methods to remember worker processes to Tirex::Renderer
(edit) @21006   10 years jochen renamed dummy to test
(edit) @21004   10 years jochen added get_syslog_facility method to Tirex::Renderer
(edit) @21003   10 years jochen added get_filename method to Tirex::Map
(edit) @21002   10 years jochen code cleanup
(edit) @21001   10 years jochen code cleanup
(edit) @21000   10 years jochen reduced default sleep time for dummy map to 5 seconds
(edit) @20999   10 years jochen added syslog_facility config option for renderers
(edit) @20998   10 years jochen added get_filename method to Tirex::Metatile which gets the filename …
(edit) @20996   10 years jochen optionally allow destination to be a port number
(edit) @20995   10 years jochen code cleanup
(edit) @20992   10 years jonb Max node ID in latest planet file is now 703M, update code to accept …
(edit) @20990   10 years jochen logrotate config file for master log
(edit) @20989   10 years jochen fix filter name check
(edit) @20988   10 years jochen more verbose logging of metatile info when rendering timeouted
(edit) @20987   10 years jochen fixed older() filter in tirex-batch (logic was inverted) added …
(edit) @20986   10 years jochen fixed tests
(edit) @20982   10 years zere Added URL-decoding phase to query string.
(edit) @20980   10 years gary68 removal of two print statements from debugging in
(edit) @20972   10 years gary68 1.02 of mapgen. mercator, scale dpi…
(edit) @20971   10 years gary68
(edit) @20969   10 years bretth Removed OSM 0.5 support.
(edit) @20967   10 years bretth Updated the version to 0.36-SNAPSHOT for next development cycle.
(edit) @20965   10 years bretth Tagged at version 0.35.
(edit) @20964   10 years bretth Updated the version to 0.35 in preparation for creating the release.
(edit) @20963   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt with changes missed since previous release.
(edit) @20954   10 years bretth Fixed the osmosis.bat launcher to handle spaces in the installation path.
(edit) @20953   10 years bretth Fixed apidb tasks to correctly select the MySQL drivers instead of …
(edit) @20940   10 years echove Fix ChangesetClose? and _http_request
(edit) @20898   10 years gary68 version 1.01 of mapgen - [-clipbox]
(edit) @20883   10 years balrog-kun Avoid expanding single letters in name_base that look like …
(edit) @20882   10 years balrog-kun Add a check that name= is still a concatenation of the original tiger: …
(edit) @20879   10 years gary68 version 1.00 of mapgen
(edit) @20873   10 years giggls * add brief explanation of hstore functionality * make phstore flag …
(edit) @20845   10 years gary68 support comment sin osm files, ignore whitespace at end of node lines
(edit) @20844   10 years jochen CAUTION! INCOMPATIBILITY! changed master config option --config from …
(edit) @20843   10 years jochen removed non-functional html mode changed config option from file to …
(edit) @20842   10 years jochen more preparation for map and renderer config
(edit) @20838   10 years jochen preliminary work on allowing several renderers
(edit) @20837   10 years avantman42 Fixed bug where lat/lon was blank Improved description on OS-sourced …
(edit) @20829   10 years balrog-kun Add another lot of undocumented abbreviations very often found in TIGER.
(edit) @20823   10 years feixm When running on 32bit systems, userprocess can allocate as much as 3GB …
(edit) @20822   10 years avantman42 Check for OS-derived data now checks for *any* OS_OpenData source tag
(edit) @20816   10 years avantman42 Now checks for source=OS_OpenData_StreetView
(edit) @20814   10 years gary68 new checktouch version - quad trees
(edit) @20809   10 years gary68 checkcross new version 3.0 - quad trees implemented
(edit) @20802   10 years strk Autoconf for osm2pgsql
(edit) @20778   10 years gary68 mapgen 0.16
(edit) @20777   10 years gary68 added
(edit) @20775   10 years giggls change "char sql[2048]" to "static char *sql" and do dynamic …
(edit) @20759   10 years jonobennett Removed unsafe operation from TraceListModel?
(edit) @20726   10 years zere Took fork out of tile expiry script - now uses File.utime instead.
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