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(edit) @23636   10 years bretth Tagged by Hudson svn-tag plugin. Build:hudson-osmosis-RELEASE-ant-42.
(edit) @23635   10 years bretth Removed the test tag.
(edit) @23634   10 years bretth test checkin with svnkit
(edit) @23633   10 years gary68 new version
(edit) @23583   10 years crosby Emplace new jar.
(edit) @23582   10 years crosby Change default filename of binary output to dump.osm.pbf
(edit) @23581   10 years crosby Comment & whitespace fixes.
(edit) @23580   10 years crosby Advise the user when they should omit metadata. If the user attempts …
(edit) @23579   10 years crosby Make sure binary parser never propagates negative user IDs.
(edit) @23578   10 years crosby Abort if we have a file open error with the pbf format.
(edit) @23565   10 years gary68 xml functions
(edit) @23523   10 years bretth Fixed the build to run the init target prior to attempting to set the …
(edit) @23522   10 years bretth Fixed build to update version in source code *before* compiling.
(edit) @23521   10 years bretth Added the build directory to svn:ignore.
(edit) @23520   10 years bretth Modified the build to include the Subversion revision number in the …
(edit) @23519   10 years bretth Added the build directory to svn:ignore.
(edit) @23476   10 years bretth Fixed line endings.
(edit) @23470   10 years bretth Updated changes.txt based on recent developments.
(edit) @23469   10 years bretth Renamed the task names from --xxxx-bin to --xxxx-pbf, but left the old …
(edit) @23468   10 years bretth Fixed the getSegment method to add newly created segments to the …
(edit) @23453   10 years tomhughes Avoid blank lines in notification message
(edit) @23452   10 years tomhughes Fix warning on 32 bit systems.
(edit) @23451   10 years tomhughes Include the URL for the trace in the notification email.
(edit) @23440   10 years jonb fix warning about incorrect pointer assignment at osm2pgsql.c:818
(edit) @23431   10 years bretth Modified the default filename to be dump.osmbin for consistency with …
(edit) @23430   10 years bretth Added task short names for consistency with the rest of Osmosis.
(edit) @23429   10 years bretth Added some missing javadocs.
(edit) @23428   10 years bretth Fixed the bounding box queries to work when a bbox column but no …
(edit) @23425   10 years apmon [mod_tile] Update field names so they no longer start with a number. …
(edit) @23401   10 years jonb mod_tile: move load average check to the render-threads to prevent …
(edit) @23396   10 years jochen renderd: use access() instead of euidaccess(). doesn't matter because …
(edit) @23395   10 years jochen Changes based on patch from Peter Körner for Solaris compatability
(edit) @23394   10 years jochen (modified) patch from Peter Körner: * munin scripts read config …
(edit) @23377   10 years jonb mod_tile: Add extra header file and wrap a couple of defines to fix …
(edit) @23376   10 years bretth Fixed several checkstyle errors.
(edit) @23374   10 years jochen do not disable rendering backend when in debug mode
(edit) @23371   10 years yellowbkpk Munin (at least on Ubuntu 10) doesn't like plugins with dashes in …
(edit) @23363   10 years bretth Fixed the bounding box queries to work when no linestring or bbox …
(edit) @23323   10 years frederik all new osm2shp that actually works. sadly, no multipolygons.
(edit) @23316   10 years bretth Fixed a number of issues in the pgsql load script reported by Stefan …
(edit) @23289   10 years gary68 new mapgen version 1.09
(edit) @23286   10 years ldp Delete osm.xml. This shouldn't be in here.
(edit) @23283   10 years gary68 mapgen new version. create list of not printed labels
(edit) @23264   10 years stevechilton add service=drive-through
(edit) @23247   10 years rodo Add packages names for Debian
(edit) @23243   10 years stevechilton add service=drive-through
(edit) @23242   10 years frederik simple init scripts for non-ubuntu
(edit) @23241   10 years frederik do not request a result message in tirex-batch
(edit) @23219   10 years crosby Insert code for handling metadata.
(edit) @23218   10 years crosby Update to osmbin 1.0rc2
(edit) @23217   10 years crosby Change API for invoking per-type primitivegroup serializers. Before, …
(edit) @23186   10 years twain Minor javascript fixes. Introduce new search plans for searching by …
(edit) @23120   10 years bretth Enhanced the replication queries to add a primary key to the temporary …
(edit) @23117   10 years dennis_de fixed svn-build to use the env-variable ESVN_WC_PATH to generate the …
(edit) @23115   10 years bretth Fixed the launch scripts in the tar ball to be stored in the correct …
(edit) @23112   10 years jonb coastcheck: Increase max node ID's to 1000M.
(edit) @23108   10 years saerdnaer mod_tile: replace all static max_zoom values of 18 with MAX_ZOOM …
(edit) @23099   10 years twain check the indexing process didn't generate any errors (second attempt)
(edit) @23098   10 years frederik real programmers don't do syntax checks ;)
(edit) @23097   10 years twain check the indexing process didn't generate any errors
(edit) @23085   10 years frederik fixed twain47's version and commited to svn
(edit) @23080   10 years twain check resulting geometry is a polygon of some type
(edit) @23057   10 years frederik option is called MissingTimeout? not PriorityTimeout?
(edit) @22999   10 years crosby Various cleanups to make checkstyle happy. Most of these are {} …
(edit) @22998   10 years crosby Put in javadoc comments for the code.
(edit) @22997   10 years crosby Add xxx-0.6 command line options
(edit) @22996   10 years crosby Check in osmbin-1.0rc1 jar file.
(edit) @22995   10 years crosby Support generating files with and without dense nodes.
(edit) @22994   10 years crosby Support new dense info encoding for encoding metadata for dense nodes. …
(edit) @22993   10 years crosby Remove some unused parts of resurrected code.
(edit) @22992   10 years crosby Resurrect serializing non-dense nodes code.
(edit) @22991   10 years crosby Resurrect parsing non-dense nodes.
(edit) @22990   10 years crosby If every node in a block doesn't have a tag, omit the tag array entirely.
(edit) @22989   10 years crosby Change header fields to indicate the data being stored.
(edit) @22988   10 years crosby Tweaks to binary project.
(edit) @22986   10 years twain remove reference to natural earth
(edit) @22984   10 years twain performance improvements for initial load of data
(edit) @22975   10 years bretth Removed unnecessary methods.
(edit) @22973   10 years bretth Applied the FlattenFilter? patch provided by Andrzej Zaborowski and …
(edit) @22934   10 years apmon [renderd] Add a munin graph to show how much time renderd spends …
(edit) @22901   10 years Dane Springmeyer fix tab/space syntax problem
(edit) @22900   10 years Dane Springmeyer fixup mapnik2 support in gen_tile.cpp
(edit) @22899   10 years Dane Springmeyer restore lib64 path accidentally removed in r22898 - many default …
(edit) @22898   10 years Dane Springmeyer better support for compiling mod_tile on osx
(edit) @22890   10 years bretth Fixed line endings.
(edit) @22889   10 years bretth Fixed checkstyle errors.
(edit) @22886   10 years bretth Added the new --flatten task provided by Andrzej Zaborowski.
(edit) @22885   10 years bretth Updated distribution text files based on recent changes.
(edit) @22884   10 years bretth Disabled the checkstyle check in the binary project. Incorporated the …
(edit) @22860   10 years Dirk Stoecker fixed move
(edit) @22846   10 years vvass handling multipolygon relations for non-filled ways
(edit) @22845   10 years vvass tweak default parameters
(edit) @22827   10 years bretth Added the osmbin jar to the local repository to allow the binary …
(edit) @22826   10 years vvass better handling of multipolygon relations
(edit) @22825   10 years vvass can now separate different kinds of information in different files
(edit) @22824   10 years vvass be sure we're in the "surface0" group
(edit) @22823   10 years vvass download rectangles of map so we can have the same precision everywhere
(edit) @22822   10 years vvass replace deprecated code
(edit) @22821   10 years vvass avoid using some gnu extensions
(edit) @22820   10 years vvass coding style
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