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(edit) @25198   9 years frederik * automatically turn fastupdate off on indexes if database version is …
(edit) @25197   9 years frederik re-add debian subdirectory after numerous complaints. unsure what the …
(edit) @25196   9 years frederik Add a few header files for people compiling under Ubuntu. geos-dev …
(edit) @25168   9 years harrywood new ruby version of this script plus more README explanation of the …
(edit) @25162   9 years crosby Emplace new osmpbf-1.1.1
(edit) @25130   9 years twain final result ordering, remove GB postcode hacks
(edit) @25113   9 years milovanderlinden Why T should be Y…
(edit) @25104   9 years twain us postcodes (tiger)
(edit) @25103   9 years twain aux properties, memory leaks, tweaks to search order
(edit) @25096   9 years frederik Fix spelling of "throttling" in mod_tile. This will require a change …
(edit) @25090   9 years stephankn make it use MAX_ZOOM define. Use long long to prevent overflow. Tested …
(edit) @25087   9 years stephankn catch error in case changing time stamp fails
(edit) @25081   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: Document that the autoconf tools need a few more packages …
(edit) @25080   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: remove another debian reference, as per #3456.
(edit) @25079   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: remove reference to debian/osm2pgsql.1 manual page which is …
(edit) @25078   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: Display relation process status more often since the code …
(edit) @25075   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: Clip latitude of nodes to +-85.07 degrees. This prevents …
(edit) @25070   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: Make use of prepared geometries from geos-3.1+. These …
(edit) @25055   9 years mackerski Fixed error in cases where the optional -t command line option is not used
(edit) @25032   9 years rodo New script to create a polygon file from a gpx file.
(edit) @25031   9 years frederik remove debian package building. doesn't work with hholzgra's automake …
(edit) @25026   9 years gary68 new checkcross version, sorted output
(edit) @25014   9 years gary68 new, sorted output
(edit) @24991   9 years bretth Added a PostgreSQL HStore JDBC support library as a source project …
(edit) @24990   9 years bretth Modified the buffer size to a round number.
(edit) @24980   9 years twain finally fix adminitrative spelling error, disable fast_update on …
(edit) @24953   9 years crosby Re-disable checkstyle in the PBF project due to copyright/public …
(edit) @24952   9 years crosby Explicitly license all of my stuff under Apache license 2.0
(edit) @24951   9 years crosby Always output a header block for a pbf file even if there is no …
(edit) @24950   9 years crosby Change the default read filename for the pbf reader.
(edit) @24949   9 years crosby Emplace new osmpbf 1.1
(edit) @24948   9 years crosby Don't assert-fail on an empty file.
(edit) @24933   9 years gary68 getNode and getWay inserted again
(edit) @24921   9 years gary68 osmDB updates
(edit) @24920   9 years gary68 new plus helper prgs
(edit) @24918   9 years hholzgra fixed "make distcheck" (some extra files needed to be removed)
(edit) @24898   9 years hholzgra version number typo fix
(edit) @24897   9 years hholzgra lower required autoconf and automake versions to make things work with …
(edit) @24893   9 years gary68 new osmdb version
(edit) @24892   9 years gary68 new version
(edit) @24891   9 years gary68 new osmDB version
(edit) @24878   9 years gary68 new osmdb version
(edit) @24877   9 years gary68 new self DB
(edit) @24876   9 years gary68 better perf for
(edit) @24874   9 years gary68 db ini problem
(edit) @24865   9 years gary68 new DB programs
(edit) @24862   9 years mrtux deactivate abort button after clicking
(edit) @24861   9 years mrtux don't always center progress window
(edit) @24860   9 years mrtux prepare for multi threaded downloading
(edit) @24859   9 years mrtux count updated tiles as early as possible (to show correct numbers)
(edit) @24858   9 years mrtux on pause requeue current tile
(edit) @24857   9 years mrtux javadoc fixes
(edit) @24856   9 years mrtux move more logic to downloader
(edit) @24855   9 years mrtux allow to pause/resume download
(edit) @24854   9 years mrtux optimize isWaitingAfterNrOfTiles
(edit) @24853   9 years mrtux move up local varibales and dequeue tiles from tilelist
(edit) @24852   9 years mrtux drop unneeded method
(edit) @24851   9 years mrtux more information hiding
(edit) @24850   9 years mrtux fix typo
(edit) @24849   9 years mrtux remove unneeded code
(edit) @24837   9 years gary68 DB functions
(edit) @24836   9 years gary68 DB functions
(edit) @24769   9 years frederik new history excerpt script
(edit) @24739   9 years twain pull in the special phrases from the wiki
(edit) @24704   9 years jonb coastcheck: Increase max node ID to 2 billion
(edit) @24689   9 years twain clean up formatting
(edit) @24688   9 years twain be a bit efficient about queuing up the places to be indexed
(edit) @24679   9 years bretth Switched all collections from LinkedList? to ArrayList? or ArrayDeque?
(edit) @24649   9 years gary68 new version, output html now
(edit) @24640   9 years twain tiger import code
(edit) @24639   9 years twain postcode/zipcode improvements, finish work on handling extratags
(edit) @24628   9 years gary68 new errors version: umlaute and replace alt and neu
(edit) @24627   9 years dennis_de added openstreetmap-repositories.xml with data from …
(edit) @24623   9 years gary68 new version of whitespots, list limited further
(edit) @24622   9 years gary68 new, limited types of highway
(edit) @24614   9 years glebius Update the tagtransform plugin, to make it buildable with current Osmosis.
(edit) @24607   9 years bretth Renamed the binary project to pbf to better describe its purpose.
(edit) @24606   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: include config.h in a few files to ensure that HAVE_PTHREAD …
(edit) @24605   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add command line switch to include natural=coastline ways …
(edit) @24604   9 years nick added guidise: tool to give features geographically-based unique …
(edit) @24591   9 years bretth Fixed a bunch of checkstyle errors for the binary project and enabled …
(edit) @24570   9 years gary68 new version
(edit) @24563   9 years gary68 version 2 of white spots
(edit) @24557   9 years gary68
(edit) @24508   9 years frederik fixes to compile with mapnik2.
(edit) @24507   9 years bretth Fixed the entity de-serialisation code to properly detect the …
(edit) @24506   9 years bretth Fixed a null pointer exception during release which prevents the real …
(edit) @24458   9 years gary68 new changelog version
(edit) @24457   9 years gary68 new - display cities in map
(edit) @24444   9 years twain fix japan code page and remove ' e ' token - causes problems with 'east'
(edit) @24427   9 years nick Fixed xml entities quot, apos, amp. Need to find more general way of …
(edit) @24406   9 years frederik modify behaviour of cascadingRelations. new: keep ordering of relations.
(edit) @24405   9 years gary68 new checkrelation version, less memory
(edit) @24404   9 years frederik fix testing of cascadingRelations feature
(edit) @24400   9 years nick Added segmentise utility: break down OSM ways into segments at joins
(edit) @24398   9 years gary68 new
(edit) @24388   9 years frederik fix AreaFilter? to hold back relation-containing relations in …
(edit) @24382   9 years gary68
(edit) @24357   9 years frederik fixed/added tests for new cascadingRelations feature.
(edit) @24345   9 years twain ignore non-addressable items
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