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(edit) @26172   9 years gary68 v3.3 -ignoremissing
(edit) @26171   9 years stephankn set timeout to prevent it from blocking forever. Used a timeout of 15 …
(edit) @26167   9 years gary68 new listrelations version; operator and network added to output
(edit) @26164   9 years gary68 new mapweaver version 0.06
(edit) @26159   9 years gary68 v0.05 of mapweaver
(edit) @26141   9 years retsam osm mysql simple schema sql
(edit) @26140   9 years retsam mysqlsimpleplugin
(edit) @26137   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix tagwatch a little bit
(edit) @26136   9 years gary68 mapweaver version 0.04
(edit) @26135   9 years frederik fix insert_ways for 64bit, make counters 64bit
(edit) @26131   9 years twain update place_id to BIGINT
(edit) @26129   9 years frederik fix permission problem after logfile rotation
(edit) @26115   9 years twain bigint update script
(edit) @26105   9 years twain over tokenising 'la'
(edit) @26083   9 years frederik check for presence of lat/lon attributes only if node is not being deleted
(edit) @26060   9 years apmon Commit changes to LiveEditMapViewerJ
(edit) @26043   9 years twain de-deplicate terms
(edit) @26042   9 years twain allow for offset paramater in amenity searches
(edit) @26041   9 years twain woops
(edit) @26040   9 years twain handle 'order state level queries better
(edit) @26039   9 years twain handle 'order state level queries better
(edit) @26038   9 years twain handle 'in/near' for state and country level features differently
(edit) @26032   9 years retsam new areas2points plugin for osmosis
(edit) @26028   9 years jonb osm2pgsql-64: convert another int to osmid_t
(edit) @26027   9 years jonb osm2pgsql-64: fix memory corruption with 64 bit IDs in non-slim mode
(edit) @26024   9 years jonb osm2pgsql-64: fix a couple of printf format strings
(edit) @26020   9 years frederik Branch of osm2pgsql that does not use intarray. Unsure if it works …
(edit) @26008   9 years jonb mod_tile: Ignore multiple threads attempting to create the same …
(edit) @26004   9 years twain hack to handle state abreviations that overlap with 'the' in various …
(edit) @25997   9 years twain memory leak on large imports
(edit) @25995   9 years bretth Modified the new metatags to be stored in a Map instead of a …
(edit) @25989   9 years bretth Added metatag collection to the Entity classes to allow additional …
(edit) @25988   9 years bretth Fixed new checkstyle errors introduced as a result of upgrading to …
(edit) @25987   9 years bretth Updated to checkstyle 5.3.
(edit) @25982   9 years twain country searches not filtered by countrycodes param, fixes #3756
(edit) @25981   9 years bretth Fixed checkstyle errors.
(edit) @25980   9 years bretth Fixed two checkstyle errors.
(edit) @25979   9 years bretth Modified the constructors of entities to require use of the …
(edit) @25970   9 years frederik fix tirex-syncd to read config properly & support new metatile api
(edit) @25969   9 years bretth Updated the getWriteableInstance methods to use a cloning constructor …
(edit) @25968   9 years bretth Removed unused variable causing compiler warnings.
(edit) @25967   9 years bretth Removing the now obsolete jpf-plugin branch. This work was completed …
(edit) @25966   9 years bretth Removing the now obsolete breakup branch. This work was completed and …
(edit) @25965   9 years bretth Removing the now obsolete 0.35-fixes branch.
(edit) @25964   9 years bretth Removed projectSet file again. Doesn't seem to support having a …
(edit) @25963   9 years bretth Added an Eclipse project set file.
(edit) @25962   9 years bretth Added build directory to svn:ignore list.
(edit) @25961   9 years bretth Added Bound merge support. Patch provided by Igor Podolskiy.
(edit) @25960   9 years bretth Fixed the Base64 conversion of username and password for XML uploads …
(edit) @25946   9 years plush Print the calibration area name at the top, not the bottom of …
(edit) @25945   9 years plush Sanity-check the absolute value of offset_north and offset_east to …
(edit) @25944   9 years ldp Add culvert,harbour,intermittent,population to be prepared for …
(edit) @25943   9 years twain remove debuing information
(edit) @25941   9 years mackerski Initial commit of rails work to date
(edit) @25939   9 years twain handle pure lat,lon search by passing to reverse geocoding and …
(edit) @25938   9 years plush Add a first version of the True Offset Process database update script.
(edit) @25937   9 years twain enforce limit as maximum number of results
(edit) @25917   9 years twain Do not apply limit where we have a sub-search
(edit) @25907   9 years twain retry loop on osmosis
(edit) @25816   9 years twain addresses not claculated for some named poi
(edit) @25813   9 years twain return actual centroid lat,lon of reverse geocoding result
(edit) @25807   9 years twain move partiondef config file to settings, add --create-website option …
(edit) @25806   9 years twain extra validation on import
(edit) @25804   9 years hholzgra protobuf_c lib configure check fix
(edit) @25803   9 years hholzgra proj lib configure check fix
(edit) @25802   9 years hholzgra splitting LDFLAGS into LDFLAGS and LIBS in postgresql configure checks
(edit) @25801   9 years hholzgra bzip2 configre check fix part 2 of 2
(edit) @25800   9 years hholzgra bzip2 configure check fix, part 1 of 2
(edit) @25799   9 years hholzgra trying to fix failing configure checks with mingw cross compile builds …
(edit) @25795   9 years twain consider possibility that values with number in near start of search …
(edit) @25789   9 years jonb osm2pgsql: fix typo s/librariy/library/ in configure macros
(edit) @25786   9 years giggls Fix bug in hstore rework. Bad idea to remove the k/v pairs from the …
(edit) @25781   9 years jonb mod_tile: prevent fd leak in some error paths
(edit) @25779   9 years jonb mod_tile: Catch errors from render threads to exit cleanly
(edit) @25778   9 years jonb mod_tile: turn on exceptions for file errors when writing tiles
(edit) @25777   9 years jonb mod_tile: explicitly link renderd against pthread library
(edit) @25773   9 years twain fallback housenumber for items containing a number - not just number only
(edit) @25772   9 years gary68 new mapgen version
(edit) @25771   9 years bretth Tagged by Hudson svn-tag plugin. Build:hudson-osmosis-RELEASE-ant-39.
(edit) @25770   9 years bretth Updated changes.txt based on recent developments.
(edit) @25769   9 years bretth Added a --used-way task. Patch provided by Bartosz Fabianowski.
(edit) @25768   9 years bretth Updated PBF code to be Public Domain.
(edit) @25763   9 years gary68 new mapgen version
(edit) @25760   9 years vibrog Look in path for the python executable
(edit) @25758   9 years gary68 new hiking rules
(edit) @25757   9 years twain don't classify region as a type of state in address details output
(edit) @25756   9 years frederik source code from jakob altenstein bachelor thesis. announcement on dev …
(edit) @25753   9 years grenzdebil corrected error in style file, added power=tower and …
(edit) @25750   9 years grenzdebil topo adapted to new mapgen version.
(edit) @25746   9 years gary68 ---
(edit) @25745   9 years gary68 new mapgen version
(edit) @25740   9 years twain limit fallback to pure number housenumbers
(edit) @25729   9 years gary68 new hikingbook version
(edit) @25708   9 years twain order final data set by importance, ignore search query score …
(edit) @25707   9 years twain option to get list of search keywords
(edit) @25689   9 years giggls Minor rework of hstore functionality: …
(edit) @25684   9 years ldp Set place=* to polygon.
(edit) @25683   9 years ldp Add generator:source, tower:type, water
(edit) @25681   9 years gary68 new mapgen version
(edit) @25676   9 years twain add option to filter by countrycodes=gb,fr list
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