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(edit) @27037   8 years zverik Major refactoring, new features, etc. (see wiki for 0.6.0)
(edit) @27036   8 years frederik do not require dpatch; change help text
(edit) @27030   8 years frederik use FIXED_POINT after all.
(edit) @27029   8 years frederik do not use FIXED_POINT by default as it breaks -l (ell)
(edit) @27018   8 years tomhughes Update for schema changes in the rails 3 code
(edit) @27012   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Don't exit when forking of helper processes fails Due to …
(edit) @27011   8 years bnesbitt
(edit) @27010   8 years bnesbitt Move to new home
(edit) @27009   8 years bnesbitt Move one time imports to new home
(edit) @27007   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] #4061 osm2pgsql-no-return-in-nonvoid-function
(edit) @27004   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Bugfix: Node geometries were rounded to 2 s.f. which is …
(edit) @27003   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Be more efficient with virtual memory to reduce chances of …
(edit) @26979   8 years frederik fix --drop option. still to do - remove unnecessary pkeys after work.
(edit) @26971   8 years frederik new --drop flag drops temporary tables after --slim import, saving …
(edit) @26924   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Bugfix: -C was calculated as 32 bit int, limiting max …
(edit) @26916   8 years frederik don't request notify if there is no return address; fixes #3974; patch …
(edit) @26915   8 years frederik fix typo mentioned by mathieu monney on mapquest's forum two weeks …
(edit) @26902   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Fix some bugs introduced by the previous commits
(edit) @26895   8 years apmon Use the new sparseness optimized node cache for non-slim mode as well
(edit) @26894   8 years apmon Optimize node ram cache for sparse node representation Osm2pgsql's …
(edit) @26893   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Parralellize pending ways / relations Process the stage …
(edit) @26892   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Update debian package scripts to handle postgis-9.1
(edit) @26891   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Update debian build scripts
(edit) @26890   8 years apmon Add a script to update a osm2pgsql db and expire tiles Add a …
(edit) @26889   8 years apmon Quieten down output from render_expired
(edit) @26880   8 years balrog-kun Place the sorted tables in the right tablespace too.
(edit) @26827   8 years bretth Added a new empty trunk with a pointer to the Git location.
(edit) @26826   8 years bretth Moved the trunk so that commits are no longer made to Subversion by …
(edit) @26788   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Add debian package scripts to setup a new postgis db for …
(edit) @26778   8 years gary68 gpl added to some files
(edit) @26715   8 years zverik EntityReporter? now displays total object count
(edit) @26714   8 years zverik Relation Tags Osmosis PluginLoader?
(edit) @26711   8 years apmon osm2pgsql: show import speed for primitive XML parser patch by komzpa …
(edit) @26710   8 years apmon Fix build with geos>=3.3.0 Fix "call of overloaded 'create(int, int)' …
(edit) @26709   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Include time.h for time_t
(edit) @26708   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Fix build with geos>=3.3.0 Fix "cannot convert from base …
(edit) @26690   8 years ipodolsk Do not emit bound entities with bbox=0,0,0,0 while reading PBF if the …
(edit) @26689   8 years apmon [mod_tile] update debian packaging scripts to reduce linthian warnings
(edit) @26688   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Update README
(edit) @26687   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Fix debian packaging scripts
(edit) @26665   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] allocate node cache in one big chunk instead of small …
(edit) @26664   8 years apmon [Osm2pgsql] Add an option to disable parallel indexing This is a …
(edit) @26659   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Make osm2pgsql compatible with postgis 2.0 Fixes …
(edit) @26651   8 years bretth Updated version detection to support GIT as well as the existing SVN.
(edit) @26636   8 years frederik create 'file' sequence required by update.php
(edit) @26635   8 years frederik bugfix nominatim
(edit) @26634   8 years bnesbitt Landfill old airport_import away from the more active utilities and …
(edit) @26630   8 years zverik fix poly2gpx
(edit) @26629   8 years zverik
(edit) @26628   8 years bnesbitt See
(edit) @26627   8 years bnesbitt See
(edit) @26594   8 years giggls 2 minor changes: * add created_by tag to get deleted in default style …
(edit) @26588   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Report some more timing information to see where osm2pgsql …
(edit) @26580   8 years pieren On behalf of pmz and Etienne Chove, commit a new version of OsmApi?
(edit) @26563   8 years gary68 useractivity; some bug fixes regarding uninitialized values and …
(edit) @26558   8 years gary68 mapweaver bug fixes
(edit) @26557   8 years joshdoe ogr2osm: improve error and path handling, also fix #3144
(edit) @26551   8 years gary68 mapweaver: gpxcolor and gpxsize
(edit) @26548   8 years gary68 mapweaver now supports gpx files as well
(edit) @26539   8 years Dirk Stoecker I overlooked that mix of left/right alignment
(edit) @26538   8 years Dirk Stoecker increase space for age by one digit
(edit) @26537   8 years gary68 new version; now supports negative IDs
(edit) @26534   8 years gary68 mapweaver: new place management for labels and icons
(edit) @26532   8 years frederik revert r26083 - lat/lon is required on DELETE in case you are working …
(edit) @26526   8 years gary68 new mapweaver module mwOccupy
(edit) @26516   8 years joshdoe ogr2osm: Better usage handling, error checking/messages Replace usage …
(edit) @26515   8 years joshdoe ogr2osm: Make mostly PEP8 compliant In other words, fix identation …
(edit) @26507   8 years gary68 mapweaver: small svg bux fixed
(edit) @26506   8 years gary68 mapweaver: label halo; pbf support; bold and italic fonts
(edit) @26505   8 years frederik remove "Local" parameter in creation of Unix datagram socket; this had …
(edit) @26500   8 years gary68 mapweaver; oneway arrows sized automatically if desired
(edit) @26497   8 years frederik new utilities: reads OSM relation and makes polygon file; …
(edit) @26492   8 years gary68 mapweaver: mwDir added
(edit) @26488   8 years frederik gazetteer: fix bug where osm2pgsql would segfault after completing …
(edit) @26486   8 years gary68 mapweaver: maxtargetsize
(edit) @26477   8 years frederik backport FASTUPDATE fix to osm2pgsql-intarray
(edit) @26476   8 years frederik use char not string, duh
(edit) @26475   8 years frederik fix missing fastupdate=off problem when no tablespaces specified
(edit) @26467   8 years gary68 mapweaver: wnsunique
(edit) @26463   8 years gary68 mapweaver: wns=5 (separate file)
(edit) @26462   8 years gary68 mapweaver new version - font-families
(edit) @26447   8 years gary68 mapweaver - oceancolor bug fixed
(edit) @26446   8 years jochen Add option to build on newer boost versions.
(edit) @26445   8 years gary68 new mapweaver version - way name substitution
(edit) @26444   8 years tomhughes Moved gpx-import to
(edit) @26439   8 years frederik rename osm2pgsql-64 to osm2pgsql. this is now the new default branch. …
(edit) @26438   8 years frederik rename old osm2pgsql to osm2pgsql-intarray
(edit) @26437   8 years frederik issue error message when trying to append to 32bit table with 64bit …
(edit) @26436   8 years frederik merge r26292 into 64bit branch (change by apmon to fetch multiple …
(edit) @26434   8 years gary68 mapweaver 0.26 - dir bugs fixed
(edit) @26432   8 years twain fix miss-parsed regex with - sign in lat,lon query
(edit) @26431   8 years gary68 mapweaver - labels for multipolygons
(edit) @26427   8 years gary68 new mapweaver version - area labels added
(edit) @26426   8 years gary68 new mapweaver version - sanitize latex input
(edit) @26425   8 years gary68
(edit) @26424   8 years gary68 - latexStringSanitize
(edit) @26415   8 years gary68 new mapweaver version; help texts for rule properties
(edit) @26412   8 years gary68 new mapweaver version; legend in separate file possible
(edit) @26411   8 years gary68 mapweaver, new version. legend added
(edit) @26405   8 years gary68 mapweaver new version; pagenumber bug solved
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