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(edit) @28864   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Fix bug #4651 - Failed fall back for when fork doesn't …
(edit) @28862   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Move code back to using ANSI C standard In an attempt to …
(edit) @28861   8 years michi Updated files for new release 1.10.
(edit) @28859   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Fix build to include sys_utils.c
(edit) @28855   8 years michi Fixed FxCop? file
(edit) @28854   8 years michi Added console logging of download phase (this time when generating the …
(edit) @28845   8 years gary68 mapweaver srtm support added
(edit) @28840   8 years gary68 mapweaver output file name bug fixed; interactive program added
(edit) @28834   8 years gary68 mapweaver style files updated
(edit) @28832   8 years gary68 mapweaver 0.45 - fixed utf-8 problem
(edit) @28831   8 years gary68 mapweaver new icon golf course
(edit) @28830   8 years gary68 mapweaver, added overpass options
(edit) @28801   8 years gary68 mapweaver rule files update
(edit) @28797   8 years gary68 mapweaver area drawing more robust
(edit) @28794   8 years gary68 mapweaver bug fix area labels
(edit) @28789   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Change the default node ram cache allocation strategy on …
(edit) @28788   8 years ldp + add office=*
(edit) @28787   8 years gary68 fixed more errors
(edit) @28786   8 years gary68 verion 0.40 - fixed some errors
(edit) @28785   8 years michi Support for slippymap URLs with bbox parameter.
(edit) @28782   8 years frederik make poly2osm support poly files without leading spaces
(edit) @28765   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Used the wrong preprocessor directive for the getloadavg check
(edit) @28764   8 years michi - Fixed project file - Added upload attribute to <osm> tag.
(edit) @28763   8 years michi Added compatibility for API v0.6 OSM XML format. This means the output …
(edit) @28761   8 years Sarah Hoffmann use way_get_list function in gazetteer
(edit) @28754   8 years michi Forgot changed file to be checked in in the last commit.
(edit) @28753   8 years michi Added console logging of download phase and fixed some FxCop? messages.
(edit) @28752   8 years michi The ID of the node and way elements does now start at 263-1 …
(edit) @28751   8 years michi Constructors still had 32 bit integers
(edit) @28750   8 years michi Using 64 bit signed integers instead of 32 bit ones.
(edit) @28748   8 years Sarah Hoffmann gazetteer: ignore buildings without name or address
(edit) @28747   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Implement a ways_get_list function to retrieve multiple …
(edit) @28746   8 years Sarah Hoffmann gazetteer: add aerialway (closes #4499), move place to extratags …
(edit) @28719   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Add an --exclude-invalid-polygon option Polygons that …
(edit) @28718   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Support tile throttling with IPv6 as well
(edit) @28717   8 years apmon [mod_tile] fixup previous commit
(edit) @28715   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Forgot to commit new files in the previous commit
(edit) @28714   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Add some configure compatibility fixes for solaris
(edit) @28713   8 years tomhughes Remove planetdump code, which is now in git
(edit) @28712   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Enable 64bit IDs by default Databases generated in 64bit …
(edit) @28707   8 years gslater Move planet.osm license comment to proper XML attributes on <osm>
(edit) @28706   8 years gslater Modify planet.osm header to link to ODbL 1.0
(edit) @28702   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Improve cache management on initial writeout of …
(edit) @28701   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Replace async I/O in flat-node-cache with posix_fadvise …
(edit) @28700   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Remove debug check from binarysearcharray The binary …
(edit) @28688   8 years sderle Extend regression tests to compare results between runs.
(edit) @28687   8 years sderle Fix a bug that caused --hstore-match-only to be ignored when …
(edit) @28686   8 years sderle Fix a logic bug in r28671 that made the return value of …
(edit) @28685   8 years zverik removed unnecessary assignment
(edit) @28684   8 years zverik Massive speed-up of and filtering points (up to 10 …
(edit) @28683   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Fix previous commit that caused a segmentation fault with …
(edit) @28682   8 years apmon [renderd] fixup the previouse daemon_compat.c commit for solaris
(edit) @28681   8 years apmon [renderd] Some operating systems don't have the "daemon" function …
(edit) @28680   8 years apmon [mod_tile] bzero is defined in <strings.h> but was not included On …
(edit) @28677   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Fix gcc compiler warnings by adding some "const" qualifiers
(edit) @28671   8 years sderle Keep tags that match --hstore-columns. Fixes #4547.
(edit) @28665   8 years zverik option to keep generated low-zoom bitiles; also reason for making …
(edit) @28664   8 years zverik speed up generating low-zoom bitiles, also fix typos in comments :)
(edit) @28662   8 years zverik verbose is not an option
(edit) @28661   8 years zverik fix unclosed polygons
(edit) @28653   8 years Dirk Stoecker add note about port
(edit) @28652   8 years miken [OSM2GTFS] Improve error message to diagnose unexpected data
(edit) @28651   8 years zverik remove (because reasons)
(edit) @28650   8 years zverik resuming fixes - again. Also, xz compression (which may fail, and the …
(edit) @28647   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Make minimum and maximum zoom levels per layer configurable …
(edit) @28646   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Allow osm2pgsql to be compiled on mac osx As reported in …
(edit) @28644   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Update debian build files to reflect the ppa packages
(edit) @28643   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Commit changes to the debian build script to reflect the …
(edit) @28641   8 years zverik fixed resuming in, also updated README
(edit) @28638   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Bug fix output of "going over pending ways" also output …
(edit) @28637   8 years miken Initial commit of OSM2GTFS project code
(edit) @28632   8 years Dirk Stoecker use shared memory to join output of parallel processes
(edit) @28629   8 years Dirk Stoecker typo
(edit) @28628   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix #4532 - one of the printfs actually was a scanf
(edit) @28602   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix typo
(edit) @28601   8 years zverik link to amdmi3's tiletool in readme, threshold in pixels in …
(edit) @28598   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Add a benchmark testing mode to …
(edit) @28597   8 years apmon [osm2pgsql] Disable async I/O during multi-process operations in the …
(edit) @28588   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix syntax error
(edit) @28587   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix wide character warning
(edit) @28586   8 years zverik fix message for bad bbox, remove debug code
(edit) @28585   8 years zverik threshold in meters; fix threading
(edit) @28583   8 years zverik fix for old points format
(edit) @28580   8 years zverik refactoring and updates
(edit) @28579   8 years zverik -z is made optional
(edit) @28578   8 years zverik remove debug print
(edit) @28577   8 years zverik update with a link and a license
(edit) @28576   8 years zverik updated tools, added filtering scripts and updated README.
(edit) @28565   8 years zverik
(edit) @28564   8 years zverik small string fixes, removed russian bbox
(edit) @28563   8 years zverik planet.gpx tools, copied from my private repository
(edit) @28562   8 years gslater Fix typo in license link
(edit) @28561   8 years Dirk Stoecker typos
(edit) @28545   8 years apmon [mod_tile] Fix segfault in apache if ServerName? is not specified in …
(edit) @28542   8 years frederik add retry, get_with_credentials
(edit) @28539   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix photo copy
(edit) @28538   8 years Dirk Stoecker minor fix
(edit) @28537   8 years Dirk Stoecker do not extract files, inline extract works again, fix wiki parsing error
(edit) @28533   8 years Dirk Stoecker add missing include
(edit) @28532   8 years Dirk Stoecker fix possible, but unlikely buffer overflow
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