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(edit) @30494   6 years Dirk Stoecker improve layout a bit
(edit) @30474   6 years Dirk Stoecker fix prototype
(edit) @30473   6 years Dirk Stoecker allow to configure priority
(edit) @30456   6 years frederik support setting of buffer size in render config file
(edit) @30452   6 years frederik use UTC date
(edit) @30435   6 years frederik bugfix delete
(edit) @30387   6 years Dirk Stoecker proper display of render time using h:m:s instead of milliseconds
(edit) @30257   7 years frederik fix stdin handling
(edit) @30256   7 years frederik bugfix <member>
(edit) @30255   7 years frederik support reverting from multiple changesets
(edit) @30254   7 years frederik support auto-removing references or referring objects
(edit) @30253   7 years frederik retry on status code 500
(edit) @30252   7 years frederik change logging, force bot=yes
(edit) @30199   7 years frederik script for reverting a lot of stuff at once
(edit) @30195   7 years donvip Update Andorra polygon
(edit) @30194   7 years donvip Add Andorra polygon
(edit) @30191   7 years frederik script to collect changesets of one user
(edit) @29942   7 years apmon Delete file that is claimed to be obsolete/conflicting in #4913
(edit) @29941   7 years apmon Apply patch for #4913 This is on behalf of Hamish.
(edit) @29924   7 years frederik whichdiff utility finds the right state.txt for a given node ID
(edit) @29923   7 years frederik whichdiff utility finds the right state.txt for a given node ID
(edit) @29911   7 years Dirk Stoecker add performance data to nagios
(edit) @29880   7 years michi Updated files for new release 1.11.
(edit) @29868   7 years michi Implemented way splitting
(edit) @29844   7 years michi Implemented support for the new permalink syntax on the OSM main site.
(edit) @29815   7 years Dirk Stoecker expand age fields to match long running jobs better
(edit) @29793   7 years Dirk Stoecker remove debug
(edit) @29792   7 years Dirk Stoecker disable by default as was before
(edit) @29791   7 years Dirk Stoecker improve update script, so it can be used without modification
(edit) @29756   7 years frederik mention that a faster osmgrep is available
(edit) @29705   7 years lucasvr New command, -ignorelabels, to indicate that labels are not to be …
(edit) @29704   7 years lucasvr Fixes a rendering issue in which some straight lines would cross the …
(edit) @29617   7 years frederik patch from Hiroshi Mirua to fix mismatching of peers in multi-peer …
(edit) @29605   7 years zverik updated opencyclemap tile layers
(edit) @29604   7 years zverik JTD 1.6.1 update
(edit) @29603   7 years zverik JTD 0.6.1
(edit) @29570   7 years frederik when iterating over a range with multiple styles, make the innermost …
(edit) @29569   7 years frederik do not disable renderer just because it segfaults occasionally; some …
(edit) @29472   7 years tomhughes Moved osm2pgsql to
(edit) @29471   7 years tomhughes Moved mod_tile to
(edit) @29469   7 years Sarah Hoffmann print a big warning if pbf support has not been configured
(edit) @29447   7 years apmon Add two more storage backends ro_http_proxy and ro_composite Both are …
(edit) @29446   7 years apmon Each style can now have its own storage backend / tile_dir
(edit) @29445   7 years apmon Move man pages out of the debian directory and into the docs directory …
(edit) @29444   7 years apmon Add an empty docs directory
(edit) @29443   7 years giggls As reported by Michael Kussmaul on dev list osm2pgsql does not …
(edit) @29422   7 years apmon Improve configure script a little bit - automatically find apxs in …
(edit) @29421   7 years apmon Fix stability issues with rados backend
(edit) @29420   7 years apmon [mod_tile] use a separate storage backend per thread in apache 2.4 …
(edit) @29419   7 years apmon Debian package : easier way to change user renderd is run with This …
(edit) @29415   7 years ldp [render_expired] Apply @29406 render_list patches to render_expired
(edit) @29414   7 years ldp Fix typo
(edit) @29411   7 years apmon Fix a number of potential issues found by coverity scan static analyzer
(edit) @29410   7 years apmon [renderd] bug fixes that could lead to segmentation faults on tile write
(edit) @29407   7 years Dane Springmeyer remove uneeded include
(edit) @29406   7 years apmon [render_list] fix invalid free() in case of default mapname or tilepath
(edit) @29405   7 years apmon [renderd] fixup breakage from previous commits Bug was found and …
(edit) @29400   7 years apmon [renderd] support alternative map projections other than web mercator …
(edit) @29398   7 years apmon [mod_tile] correctly close the storage backends
(edit) @29397   7 years apmon [mod_tile] clean up compiler warnings
(edit) @29396   7 years apmon [mod_tile] Make mod_tile compile with C90 This is necessary if apache …
(edit) @29395   7 years apmon [mod_tile] Make mod_tile compile with apache 2.4
(edit) @29389   7 years apmon Add support for pluggable storage backends to mod_tile / renderd So …
(edit) @29346   7 years apmon Remove "DOES NOT WORK YET" from renderd.conf. That functionality has …
(edit) @29343   7 years Dirk Stoecker Fix last change: modtile_socket can block in the accept() loop
(edit) @29342   7 years frederik fix font registration bug introduced in #29248; attempt to register …
(edit) @29341   7 years Dirk Stoecker accept multiple connections in one go, reduce calls of select in the …
(edit) @29339   7 years apmon Move mod_tile_latecy munin graph to correct directory
(edit) @29338   7 years apmon Improve mod_tile_latency munin graph to show latencies split by zoom level
(edit) @29311   7 years apmon fix issues found by coverity static analysis in dir_utils.c
(edit) @29310   7 years apmon fix issues found by coverity static analysis in gen_tile.cpp
(edit) @29309   7 years apmon fix issues found by coverity static analysis in render_expired.c
(edit) @29308   7 years apmon fix issues found by coverity static analysis in render_old.c
(edit) @29307   7 years apmon fix issues found by coverity static analysis in mod_tile.c
(edit) @29306   7 years apmon Fix issues found by coverity static analysis in daemon.c
(edit) @29305   7 years apmon Revert previous commit as it broke builds under some conditions. The …
(edit) @29295   7 years Dirk Stoecker fixing big memory leak under high load: prevent cyclic data structure
(edit) @29294   7 years Sarah Hoffmann gazetteer: don't ignore cemetries when other tags are present
(edit) @29291   7 years Dane Springmeyer no need to check for mapnik dependencies, just check for mapnik
(edit) @29290   7 years Dane Springmeyer fix compile with clang
(edit) @29289   7 years Dane Springmeyer adapt to mapnik >= 2.2.0 which does not provide a default ctor for …
(edit) @29284   7 years apmon [mod_tile] Enable mod_tile to connect to renderd via TCP socket So …
(edit) @29283   7 years apmon [renderd] Make renderd's TCP socket IPv6 compliant
(edit) @29279   7 years Dirk Stoecker typo
(edit) @29269   7 years Dirk Stoecker improve output a bit
(edit) @29268   7 years Dirk Stoecker fix tile path
(edit) @29267   7 years Sarah Hoffmann make explicit --enable-64bit-ids config option work as expected
(edit) @29265   7 years apmon [osm2pgsql] make use of printf and fprintf(stderr a bit more consistent
(edit) @29257   7 years apmon Add an option to osm2pgsql to create indexes on the hstore columns …
(edit) @29256   7 years apmon Renderd seg faulted if the database connection was reset
(edit) @29255   7 years Sarah Hoffmann remove special treatment for mountain passes, save maxspeed instead of …
(edit) @29254   7 years Sarah Hoffmann disable WARN_ALL macros, they make the script fail on …
(edit) @29250   7 years apmon Give a more helpful error message if PBF support is not compiled in.
(edit) @29249   7 years apmon Correctly print the version string of mapnik in renderd
(edit) @29248   7 years Dane Springmeyer fix mapnik-backend/ compile against different mapnik and …
(edit) @29247   7 years Dane Springmeyer malloc.h is not available on osx and should not be needed to be …
(edit) @29246   7 years Dane Springmeyer avoid need for handling mapnik::config_error specifically to be robust …
(edit) @29238   8 years pnorman Update coast2shp.c to hopefully be 64-bit safe
(edit) @29237   8 years pnorman Increase the maximum node in to 3b
(edit) @29236   8 years pnorman Update osm2coast to hopefully be 64-bit safe
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