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(edit) @5038   13 years jonb planetdiff: Update to 0.5. Improve efficiency by only escaping values …
(edit) @5037   13 years joerg osmtrackfilter: reduce memory usage by only reading the needed parts …
(edit) @5035   13 years joerg osm2csv-segments:Add angle to nort to csv File. Maybe this helps in …
(edit) @5032   13 years bretth Fixed the javadoc on the progress logging tasks to specify the correct …
(edit) @5031   13 years bretth Fixed the integrity reporter task so that it writes new lines after …
(edit) @5026   13 years jonb planet.c: Convert date format to match XML spec and simplify parsing …
(edit) @5012   13 years bretth Added junit4 to the project. Updated the build scripts significantly …
(edit) @5011   13 years bretth Updated the launch script to include the jdbc library for postgresql.
(edit) @5010   13 years bretth Added support to the BaseTableReader? for sub-classes that consume …
(edit) @5006   13 years joerg Adapt to API 0.5 first steps
(edit) @5005   13 years joerg osmtrackfilter/track2osm: first adaption in direction API 0.5
(edit) @5004   13 years joerg osm2csv-segments: Adapt segment writing, but still not 0.5 ready
(edit) @5003   13 years joerg utils/debian: move file mapnik-osm-updater
(edit) @5002   13 years joerg mapnik-osm-updater: search for
(edit) @4988   13 years bretth Updated the version to 0.19.1.
(edit) @4987   13 years bretth Updated the version to 0.19.
(edit) @4986   13 years joerg mapnik-osm-updater: Add check against own userid and root
(edit) @4983   13 years joerg move to utils where it better fits
(edit) @4970   13 years frederik patch by Arne Goetje <arne@…> to limit way length to 250 nodes.
(edit) @4968   13 years joerg applications/utils/debian: adapt filename renaming for mapnik updater
(edit) @4965   13 years bretth Added a future feature to rename the coordinate arguments for bounding …
(edit) @4964   13 years bretth Updated changes.txt with details of recent checkin fixing change …
(edit) @4963   13 years bretth Fixed bug in the ChangeWriter? where the node insert SQL commands were …
(edit) @4962   13 years jonb mod_tile: Increase connection and rendering queue limits
(edit) @4956   13 years jonb undo accidental changes to planet2mysql.rb and planet.c
(edit) @4955   13 years jonb mod_tile: Apache module and rendering daemon for serving OSM tiles
(edit) @4952   13 years joerg perl_lib: SegmentList?.pm remove newline before splitting lines
(edit) @4951   13 years joerg Add comment about track splitting
(edit) @4949   13 years bretth Fixed a bug in the XML Downloader where the longitude and latitude …
(edit) @4948   13 years bretth Fixed a bug in the integrity reporter task where it was checking a …
(edit) @4947   13 years bretth Fixed some bugs in the polygon extraction tasks. Still untested.
(edit) @4937   13 years frederik bugfix relation integrity
(edit) @4935   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: check for null pointer
(edit) @4934   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Need to look for type=multipolygon not a multipolygon key …
(edit) @4933   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Reverse direction of one-way streets (bug #559)
(edit) @4928   13 years bretth Deleted an accidentally checked in test causing compilation failures.
(edit) @4927   13 years bretth Updated the build script to better support unit tests. No tests …
(edit) @4917   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Ensure we only process multipolygon relations. Add …
(edit) @4915   13 years christofd using API 0.5 now, no further changes necessary
(edit) @4914   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Trap duplicate points and ways which end up with only a …
(edit) @4910   13 years frederik added gzip support
(edit) @4908   13 years frederik bugfixes
(edit) @4907   13 years frederik - bugfix copying of nodes
(edit) @4906   13 years bretth Added a new --log-change-progress task to provide change progress …
(edit) @4903   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Catch exceptions thrown by geos
(edit) @4901   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Swap lat/lon on parking nodes
(edit) @4900   13 years bretth Updated XmlDownloader? with latest version supplied by Marcus Wolschon.
(edit) @4899   13 years bretth Added a new --log-progress task to provide progress information to …
(edit) @4897   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Fix some memory leaks. Remove debug output
(edit) @4895   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: update to handle polygons with holes in 0.5 API (described …
(edit) @4894   13 years nickburch Finish converting to support the 0.5 API
(edit) @4893   13 years nickburch Finish converting to support the 0.5 API
(edit) @4892   13 years nickburch Finish support for 0.5 API (on postgres at least)
(edit) @4890   13 years nickburch Nearly finish converting for the 0.5 API
(edit) @4888   13 years nickburch Start on coversion to API 0.5 support
(edit) @4887   13 years jrreid geobase2osm: initial import
(edit) @4885   13 years bretth Fixed bug in integrity reporter factory which was instantiating an …
(edit) @4884   13 years bretth Added new integrity reporter to the task registrar.
(edit) @4883   13 years bretth Updated the default file names for report tasks.
(edit) @4882   13 years bretth Added a new --integrity-reporter task to detect referential integrity …
(edit) @4881   13 years bretth Updated version to 0.18.1.
(edit) @4880   13 years bretth Updated all tasks to default to 0.5 versions.
(edit) @4879   13 years bretth Updated version to 0.18.
(edit) @4878   13 years frederik 0.5 changes.
(edit) @4877   13 years frederik updated for 0.5 compliance
(edit) @4876   13 years frederik special script form germany not needed any longer, use normal …
(edit) @4875   13 years deelkar use 0.5 api per default
(edit) @4874   13 years deelkar until xslt sheet is updated to 0.5 perform conversion to 0.4 format
(edit) @4873   13 years deelkar add conversion 0.5->0.4 as external
(edit) @4861   13 years jonb planet.c: Update to 0.5 API
(edit) @4857   13 years ojw Small script just to list anything that's generated a blank image …
(edit) @4855   13 years ojw copy of GPL
(edit) @4854   13 years ojw templates-that-arent't-really-templates :(
(edit) @4853   13 years ojw captialisation of photos directory
(edit) @4852   13 years ojw Added wikipedia link Placeholder for translate link Link to OSM wiki …
(edit) @4850   13 years ojw Move the node so it's not in same position as centre of area …
(edit) @4845   13 years gabriel Add planet05.rb. This is a modified version of the former planet.rb, …
(edit) @4842   13 years gabriel Make changes for 0.5.
(edit) @4841   13 years ojw Directory for output + comments
(edit) @4840   13 years ojw move photo/sample directories into html directory + comments
(edit) @4839   13 years ojw + comments
(edit) @4838   13 years ojw store in html directory
(edit) @4836   13 years ojw Describe the tagging schemes in use
(edit) @4835   13 years gabriel conv05: Untested support for JOSM's action attribute.
(edit) @4833   13 years bretth Minor updates to make info level logging less verbose but more complete.
(edit) @4832   13 years gabriel Import conv05.
(edit) @4830   13 years deelkar commit gpx-batch-upload v2.2 for Niccolo Rigacci
(edit) @4828   13 years tomhughes Fix syntax error - closes #552.
(edit) @4824   13 years bretth Fixed the schema version validator for mysql to use the mysql version …
(edit) @4823   13 years bretth Fixed a number of bugs in the postgresql node inserter. Still not …
(edit) @4819   13 years bretth Added initial support for postgresql.
(edit) @4817   13 years jonb planet.rb: Revert UTF8 db change since this is incompatible with the …
(edit) @4816   13 years jonb osm2pgsql: Reduce memory usage by processing ways during the XML reading
(edit) @4813   13 years bretth Added support for quiet and verbose command line options.
(edit) @4805   13 years bretth Updated mysql writer for 0.5 to use schema 8 and fixed a bug in the …
(edit) @4794   13 years deelkar remove superfluous loop
(edit) @4793   13 years deelkar acutally commit new tests with tiger/AND/gns exceptions for segments
(edit) @4792   13 years deelkar make maplint ignore tiger, AND and gns tags on segments
(edit) @4791   13 years bretth Added the doc/api directory to svn:ignore.
(edit) @4790   13 years bretth Added build and dist directories to the svn:ignore property.
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