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(edit) @5936   12 years hakan Make URLBASE package available
(edit) @5935   12 years hakan URL constructor tests
(edit) @5934   12 years hakan ignore .settings, it is auto-produced by maven
(edit) @5933   12 years hakan Zappy fetcher and accompanying Unit Tests
(edit) @5932   12 years hakan We use JDK 1.5 and JUnit 4.1
(edit) @5931   12 years hakan Coordinates for Turkey and Usak, keep them around…
(edit) @5930   12 years hakan Use commons-httpclient for server access
(edit) @5929   12 years hakan Kickoff, now with java code
(edit) @5928   12 years hakan Basic package structure
(edit) @5927   12 years hakan Ignore Eclipse project files, they are automatically created
(edit) @5926   12 years hakan First cut of project description
(edit) @5925   12 years hakan Maven: ignore target directory
(edit) @5919   12 years joerg utils/debian: Add more build dependencies
(edit) @5918   12 years joerg utils/debian: since the compiled Versions are system dependent, we …
(edit) @5917   12 years joerg utils/debian: Add postgresqlclient dependency
(edit) @5905   12 years ulf add a suitable GPL license
(edit) @5904   12 years ulf add the sources for a Windows installer for the gpsbabel zip file …
(edit) @5901   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Add religion into exported tags
(edit) @5897   12 years martinvoosterhout To support the processing of the India/China? AND data there is now a …
(edit) @5896   12 years martinvoosterhout Convert all the tags from Latin-1 to UTF-8, otherwise the data won't …
(edit) @5881   12 years hakan Complete enough to produce data for turkish city borders
(edit) @5878   12 years hakan Use Admin level as per WIKI page
(edit) @5877   12 years hakan Ignore the target directory, too
(edit) @5873   12 years hakan Test only with turkish data
(edit) @5872   12 years hakan Explain Data Source
(edit) @5847   12 years hakan The Perl script is executable…
(edit) @5846   12 years hakan Oops
(edit) @5845   12 years hakan First dump of GADM
(edit) @5844   12 years hakan Importer for GADM data
(edit) @5843   12 years hakan Importer for GADM data
(edit) @5839   12 years ojw try to identify GPX on your disk
(edit) @5834   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: make tunnel=yes be equivalent to layer=-1 for rendering order
(edit) @5818   12 years hakan Dump the first point in the first shape…
(edit) @5817   12 years hakan Startup
(edit) @5816   12 years hakan Eclipse project file for E-P-I-C
(edit) @5815   12 years hakan Don't keep data files in SVN
(edit) @5814   12 years hakan Script set to extract border information from Mapnik shape files
(edit) @5812   12 years bretth Renamed osmosis-mysql-extract script to osmosis-extract-mysql to align …
(edit) @5811   12 years bretth Fixed build.xml to include resource files in the jar.
(edit) @5810   12 years bretth Fixed help text for osmosis-extract-mysql to use the correct date format.
(edit) @5809   12 years bretth Minor fixes to osmosis-extract-mysql functionality to improve usability.
(edit) @5808   12 years bretth Removed extra String.isEmpty occurrences.
(edit) @5807   12 years bretth Added note to future features to support new ';' escaping in tag fields.
(edit) @5806   12 years bretth Removed use of String.isEmpty to minimise Java5 incompatibility.
(edit) @5801   12 years bretth Modified all xml output tasks to create files even if no records are …
(edit) @5800   12 years bretth osmosis-mysql-extract is now closer to complete and largely tested.
(edit) @5799   12 years jonb planet.c: Apply patch from Dave Stubbs to fix reading past end of …
(edit) @5789   12 years bretth Initial implementation of osmosis-extract-mysql tool completed. Untested.
(edit) @5764   12 years hakan Show min/max tile numbers too
(edit) @5763   12 years hakan Determine touched tile numbers
(edit) @5762   12 years hakan Find segments that are at least partially contained in turkey
(edit) @5761   12 years hakan Create river tags too
(edit) @5760   12 years hakan Ignore eclipse project file
(edit) @5734   12 years martinvoosterhout - Fix highway=layby to highway=service - Fix missing spaces in names …
(edit) @5731   12 years bretth PostgreSQL dump task now writes user table data.
(edit) @5719   12 years martinvoosterhout Update the and2osm program to output API 0.5 compatable output. I …
(edit) @5716   12 years martinvoosterhout Update the readme to inform users about the new features and how to …
(edit) @5715   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for a --prefix option so that you can easily run multiple …
(edit) @5706   12 years bretth Added a PostgreSQL COPY file writer. Currently only writes node data.
(edit) @5665   12 years hakan Keep track of is_in as well
(edit) @5664   12 years hakan Create a hierarchy of place types
(edit) @5663   12 years hakan Ignore scratch directory for temporary data
(edit) @5637   12 years joerg perl_lib/Geo/GPX/ warning if we cannot write
(edit) @5636   12 years joerg presplit tracks
(edit) @5633   12 years martinvoosterhout Restructure the projection code so it can support more projections, …
(edit) @5622   12 years hakan More directories to ignore
(edit) @5621   12 years hakan Keep safe
(edit) @5616   12 years joerg Fix track splitting and reducing, wrong points …
(edit) @5614   12 years joerg OSM/ change osm reading to be API 0.5 compliant
(edit) @5608   12 years hakan touched up README's
(edit) @5607   12 years hakan Moving maps4glopus from export to downloading
(edit) @5606   12 years hakan Ignore cache directories
(edit) @5605   12 years hakan Moving maps4glopus from export to downloading
(edit) @5594   12 years joerg correct Error checking
(edit) @5593   12 years joerg correct command line parsing
(edit) @5592   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.24.1.
(edit) @5591   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.24.
(edit) @5590   12 years bretth Fixed a bug in the XML node writing code where it would write a ',' …
(edit) @5585   12 years hakan frank334's geotools for gmf files need 4 calibration points
(edit) @5584   12 years hakan Added needed extra keyword to Glopus calibration files
(edit) @5570   12 years bretth Added entry to future feature file for supporting contatenated gzip files.
(edit) @5569   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.23.1.
(edit) @5568   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.23.
(edit) @5567   12 years bretth Added support for default task arguments requiring no name and added …
(edit) @5566   12 years bretth Re-factored task factories so that many methods accept a single …
(edit) @5531   12 years joerg .../*.pl: remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn instead …
(edit) @5530   12 years joerg / remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn …
(edit) @5507   12 years jonb planet.c: Increase timeout to 6 hours. Increase tag cache to 10k
(edit) @5506   12 years joerg osm2pgsql/ add option for bz2 dump files
(edit) @5505   12 years joerg osm2pgsql/ have two options for with/without …
(edit) @5499   12 years hakan Make that script executable
(edit) @5490   12 years bretth Fixed a node changeset bug where nodes created at the end of the …
(edit) @5489   12 years hakan Use official source for tiles
(edit) @5488   12 years hakan Link to the that is already in SVN
(edit) @5483   12 years hakan Last released version from 11.10.2007, imported on behalf of Oliver Reimann
(edit) @5482   12 years hakan README, what else?
(edit) @5481   12 years hakan Created folder remotely
(edit) @5477   12 years joerg utils/debian:Add perl dependency
(edit) @5476   12 years hakan Basic XML Parser
(edit) @5475   12 years hakan Ignore XML data files
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