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(edit) @29528   7 years donvip [jmapviewer] fix #josm8570 - streams not closed
(edit) @29518   7 years donvip [jmapviewer] easy subclassing of MapRectangleImpl?
(edit) @29517   7 years donvip fix #josm8620 - Breaking changes in jmapviewer
(edit) @29516   7 years donvip [jmapviewer] fix some stuff causing compilation problems in JOSM
(edit) @29515   7 years donvip [jmapviewer] remove debug code
(edit) @29514   7 years donvip [jmapviewer] switch back to Java 6 + javadoc
(edit) @29513   7 years galo Includes a tree of layers to the map
(edit) @29466   7 years Dirk Stoecker javadoc fix
(edit) @29385   7 years the111 Fix #josm8534 - AttributionSupport? does not clear out old link bounds …
(edit) @29362   7 years akks JMapViewer: small methods to allow extensions
(edit) @29245   7 years the111 Fix #josm8421 - Bing maps does not load zoom level 0 tiles
(edit) @29244   7 years the111 Fix #josm8420 - change cursor when user mouses over attribution links
(edit) @29193   8 years the111 Fix #josm8351 - missing tileController getter method
(edit) @29188   8 years the111 Fix #josm8343 - remove "focus" from zoom slider
(edit) @29187   8 years the111 Fix #josm8342 - some image references are package dependent
(edit) @29177   8 years the111 Fix #josm8333 - release zip needs to be updated
(edit) @29173   8 years the111 Second fix for #josm8321 - JMapViewer does not use parameter …
(edit) @29171   8 years the111 Fix #josm8329 - Add alternate zoom slider button style. …
(edit) @29170   8 years the111 Fix #josm8328 - Add scroll wrap option. Default/current map options …
(edit) @29169   8 years the111 Fix #josm8327 - Disappearing map
(edit) @29163   8 years the111 Fix #josm8322 - moveMap does not cancel outstanding jobs
(edit) @29162   8 years the111 Fix #josm8321 - JMapViewer constructor does not use parameter …
(edit) @29161   8 years the111 Fix #josm8320 - Project specifies 1.5 compiler compliance but requires 1.6
(edit) @28639   8 years donvip jmapviewer - remove dependency on JOSM. JMapViewer remains an …
(edit) @28553   8 years jttt better message when bing attribution is not loaded yet
(edit) @28505   8 years Dirk Stoecker improve task handling for jmapviewer in JOSM context
(edit) @28427   8 years Dirk Stoecker test fixing Javadoc
(edit) @28411   8 years simon04 fix #josm7734 - documentation (patch by Locked)
(edit) @28254   8 years daeron Fix tile download when the cached image has been removed. If a cached …
(edit) @27992   8 years donvip Add MapQuest?-OSM and MapQuest? Open Aerial Tile Sources
(edit) @27990   8 years donvip Remove Tiles@Home support (see #josm7472)
(edit) @27861   8 years stotz javac statement updated (source, includeantruntime)
(edit) @27856   8 years donvip Allow to control tile cache clearing (needed for JOSM)
(edit) @27519   9 years simon04 jmapviewer, Bing: fix "Error: null" (NPE)
(edit) @27507   9 years simon04 jmapviewer: remove JOSM specific stuff
(edit) @27491   9 years simon04 jmapviewer: fix encoding bug (under Windows) introduced in r27483.
(edit) @27483   9 years simon04 fix #7284 (JOSM) - Download dialog always loads bing attributions
(edit) @26976   9 years Dirk Stoecker add missing space
(edit) @26975   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix Yahoo and add new negative y style pattern
(edit) @26974   9 years harrywood tweak rankings. secondary sort order by time of first edit
(edit) @26973   9 years donvip fix #josm7014 - Apparent error computing tms tile URLs
(edit) @26950   9 years Dirk Stoecker fixed templates for TMS
(edit) @26938   9 years Dirk Stoecker improve header settings
(edit) @26911   9 years donvip Revert capturing group pattern to correct value
(edit) @26910   9 years donvip see #josm6982 - Let JOSM know supported TMS pattern values
(edit) @26909   9 years donvip see #josm6109 and #josm6288 - Allow to flush Disk Tile cache
(edit) @26848   9 years harrywood log restarts
(edit) @26847   9 years harrywood show number of edits and users on the main page
(edit) @26846   9 years harrywood bash script for running as cronjob
(edit) @26845   9 years harrywood didn't mean to check in the log file
(edit) @26841   9 years harrywood copy edits
(edit) @26840   9 years harrywood ruby code for consuming minutely diffs and php code for the baseball …
(edit) @26807   9 years bastik fix typo in class name
(edit) @26806   9 years bastik rework in order to get attribution for wms layers
(edit) @26794   9 years Dirk Stoecker give text translation a chance
(edit) @26793   9 years bastik more options to configure imagery attribution (logo-url & …
(edit) @26783   9 years bastik unified redundant attribution code from …
(edit) @26701   9 years bastik applied josm 6869 - scale and event listeners for JMapViewer (patch by …
(edit) @26668   9 years bastik fixed josm 6858 - Unnecessary JMapViewer Dependencies (patch by Don-vip)
(edit) @26652   9 years bastik applied josm 6834 - Imagery providers slippy map enhancements (patch …
(edit) @26648   9 years bastik applied josm 6825 - Display imagery providers bbox in a slippy map …
(edit) @26529   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix typo
(edit) @26508   9 years Dirk Stoecker support reload in case of errors
(edit) @26253   9 years Dirk Stoecker allow proper attribution handling also in slippy map chooser of JOSM
(edit) @26249   9 years Dirk Stoecker readd attribution for OSM data
(edit) @26245   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix #josm6533 - defective download URL
(edit) @26244   9 years Dirk Stoecker add switch statement to TMS tile urls
(edit) @26235   9 years Dirk Stoecker improve TMS zoom handling
(edit) @26234   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix zoom for Mapnik
(edit) @26085   9 years tomhughes Make sure all variables which are initialised by the one time call to …
(edit) @26084   9 years yellowbkpk Switching to use XPath for parsing the metadata and add a retry to the …
(edit) @25798   9 years upliner fix #j6139. With new TMSLayer implementation there's no much harm to …
(edit) @25694   9 years upliner add support for OsGeo? tiling scheme in TemplatedTMSTileSource
(edit) @25577   9 years glebius - Use Newton's method to solve reverse equation lat=f(y) in the …
(edit) @25576   9 years Dirk Stoecker remove double slashes in URL
(edit) @25538   9 years bastik fix josm bug #6075 - the attribution is not generic and has to come …
(edit) @25376   9 years upliner use absolute path for Bing attribution image
(edit) @25370   9 years stotz Gpl added; release zip created
(edit) @25369   9 years stotz TileSource? implementation moved to own package; code clean-up and …
(edit) @25336   9 years glebius Fix breakage introduced in previous revision. Ticket: 5965
(edit) @25326   9 years stotz System.err output commented out
(edit) @25314   9 years stotz attributation patch by Marcin Floryan (see JOSM Ticket #5911)
(edit) @25266   9 years upliner Add support for ScanEx? Spot support (patch by glebius)
(edit) @25265   9 years upliner add support for Scanex IRS tilesource (patch by glebius)
(edit) @25217   10 years stotz timeout removed because of JOSM dependency
(edit) @25216   10 years stotz Problematic @Override removed
(edit) @25172   10 years bastik set timeout
(edit) @24989   10 years upliner jmapviewer: add function to get default cache directory and throw …
(edit) @24985   10 years upliner bugfix: call tileLoadingFinished() after loading dummy tiles
(edit) @24967   10 years upliner jmapviewer: implement detection of Bing zoomlevel and don't store …
(edit) @24847   10 years upliner jmapviewer: replace .etag files with .tags ones to store tile metadata
(edit) @24840   10 years upliner jmapviewer: initial support for bing tile metadata
(edit) @24828   10 years upliner jmapviewer: replace Windows special characters in cache directory name
(edit) @24763   10 years upliner jmapviewer: don't show Bing tiles until the attribution data is loaded
(edit) @24706   10 years upliner prepare to include imagery into JOSM and Bing into jmapviewer
(edit) @24643   10 years upliner jmapviewer: show imagery attribution
(edit) @24489   10 years yellowbkpk Adding support for attribution and terms of use URLs.
(edit) @24485   10 years yellowbkpk Checkpoint for Bing attribution requirements.
(edit) @22697   10 years Dirk Stoecker fixed changed URL (josm bug 5344)
(edit) @22281   10 years yellowbkpk The TileSource? can specify the tile size. Used to allow custom tile …
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