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(edit) @10102   11 years ojw Get some options that can be adjusted
(edit) @10101   11 years josias OSMParser: GUI jar-archiv added + remove dev-config
(edit) @10100   11 years josias GUI added
(edit) @10099   11 years spaetz make the zip file count work again. Thanks to Sabine Sagner-Weigl for …
(edit) @10089   11 years ojw icon mods
(edit) @10088   11 years nic Added osmunda. Checking OSM data for routing problem by reading GPX files.
(edit) @10087   11 years ojw more icons
(edit) @10086   11 years ojw more icons for the search menus
(edit) @10085   11 years ojw main screen buttons - make them bolder, and make the zoom ones …
(edit) @10084   11 years ojw interface change to menus, and extra layer of overlays
(edit) @10083   11 years ojw start of option menus
(edit) @10082   11 years ojw more icons
(edit) @10081   11 years Chris Browet FIX : properly detect if roads are breakable/joinable and update menus …
(edit) @10080   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Handle "NotYetDownloaded?" for Relations (closes #1120) FIX : …
(edit) @10079   11 years ojw add bridlway
(edit) @10078   11 years ojw move some definitions in here
(edit) @10077   11 years ojw Road searching now works with binary data files
(edit) @10076   11 years ojw move some of the vector map options (e.g. where the files are stored) …
(edit) @10075   11 years spaetz mnovosibirsk reservoir, i think
(edit) @10074   11 years nic WinCE: Spanish & Slovenian translations Improve gentoo compatibility.
(edit) @10073   11 years nic Updated icons and styles to josm-latest. Added Karlsruhe house number …
(edit) @10072   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated to new tagging stuff
(edit) @10071   11 years spaetz wereturn (retval, reason), not only retval
(edit) @10070   11 years spaetz objectify Upload rather than call an external script. my I hope I …
(edit) @10069   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: /* Osmarender Frontend Bug Fix */ Simple …
(edit) @10068   11 years spaetz try to create upload directory if it does not exist and fail if that fails
(edit) @10067   11 years spaetz need underscore in filename for correct detectio in, I think…
(edit) @10066   11 years Chris Browet FIX : bug-fixes + adaptations for mobile
(edit) @10065   11 years Dirk Stoecker added some more checks
(edit) @10064   11 years Dirk Stoecker added new area
(edit) @10063   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed Notfallrettungspunkt
(edit) @10062   11 years Dirk Stoecker minor typos
(edit) @10061   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @10060   11 years nic Move data access routines to new module.
(edit) @10059   11 years matthiasj removal of timestamp in zip name broke upload_loop, fixed
(edit) @10058   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @10057   11 years ojw zoom feature on lines
(edit) @10056   11 years ojw Wait until mod_config has a chance to define the data directory before …
(edit) @10055   11 years josias osmparser added
(edit) @10054   11 years oreimann osm2mif for oziexplorer added
(edit) @10053   11 years spaetz last commit for today. Actually only use flock if available on the …
(edit) @10052   11 years spaetz add a check whether we have a sane OS that supports flock. Can be used …
(edit) @10051   11 years spaetz don't include epochtime in .zip file names. They are extremly long and …
(edit) @10050   11 years spaetz use File::copy::move rather than rename which has better standardized …
(edit) @10049   11 years spaetz no Need for 4 BorderPrefs?, they are symmetrical
(edit) @10048   11 years spaetz convert all remaining concats of directories to proper perl functions …
(edit) @10047   11 years spaetz was missing a dollar sign before self.
(edit) @10046   11 years spaetz remove obsolete 'use tahconfig;' 2)remove unneeded use FindBin?
(edit) @10045   11 years spaetz big commit. 1)merge into lib/ 2) use system …
(edit) @10043   11 years nic Fix broken roundabout support WinCE: Fix subsequent searching queries.
(edit) @10042   11 years Chris Browet FIX : speedup + draw track segments and relation boxes in the front
(edit) @10041   11 years Chris Browet ADD : scalable POI icons in styles (Closes #1119) FIX : make svg icons …
(edit) @10036   11 years Chris Browet FIX : compile error + warnings under Linux
(edit) @10035   11 years joerg missing , in debian/control leads to not using all dependencies
(edit) @10034   11 years joerg change to new mail-addresses for changelog
(edit) @10031   11 years bvh FIX filename
(edit) @10030   11 years bvh ADD : +/- buttons on the slippy map to make it useable for single …
(edit) @10029   11 years sderle Make and work with Python 2.5 and the latest …
(edit) @10028   11 years bvh FIX : only activate upload menu when there is something to upload -> …
(edit) @10027   11 years bvh FIX : forgot these files
(edit) @10026   11 years bvh ADD : ability to use svg as trackpoint icons
(edit) @10025   11 years spaetz log message when we compress a tileset. It was just showing 'searching …
(edit) @10024   11 years Dirk Stoecker removed debatable checks
(edit) @10023   11 years spaetz tiny patch, just tone down disabled-bezier-curve logging to the same …
(edit) @10022   11 years Chris Browet FIX : alpha not properly restored from MDC for default layers FIX : …
(edit) @10021   11 years Chris Browet ADD : tab filtering and color code to Layer dock
(edit) @10019   11 years deelkar Put back some conf-check output, to make remote debugging a bit easier
(edit) @10018   11 years deelkar use statusMessage for statusmessage
(edit) @10017   11 years merio Omarender Frontend: tagging release 0.2 (GSoC ending)
(edit) @10016   11 years deelkar minor comment change
(edit) @10015   11 years bretth Added a pgsql changeset test and fixed some bugs in the changeset tasks.
(edit) @10014   11 years spaetz remove 2 unneeded includes
(edit) @10013   11 years spaetz nobody cares what the RequestUrl? is at startup, it's set automatically …
(edit) @10012   11 years spaetz add missing newline.
(edit) @10011   11 years spaetz cleaned up config file checker somewhat. We were checking that a …
(edit) @10010   11 years bretth Fixed remaining compilation problems in the pgsql tasks and got the …
(edit) @10009   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Lake Winnebago
(edit) @10008   11 years spaetz also do not invert on client, server returns proper load value now
(edit) @10006   11 years spaetz 1)add newline in debug output, 2)check all layers in LayersCapability?
(edit) @10005   11 years spaetz Fix regression from r9998. We want to compare not set the variable?
(edit) @10004   11 years deelkar actually use when it was just defined
(edit) @10003   11 years deelkar don't refer to variable outside scope of my
(edit) @10002   11 years deelkar don't refer to variable outside scope of my
(edit) @10001   11 years deelkar force EXIT
(edit) @10000   11 years deelkar try not to use "die" when we might have to clean stuff up
(edit) @9999   11 years deelkar add comments
(edit) @9998   11 years deelkar split out load from status
(edit) @9997   11 years deelkar add more current info to README
(edit) @9996   11 years deelkar avoid unneccessary warning
(edit) @9995   11 years nic Add man_made to enum for WinCE editing WinCE: Fix busy looping under WM5
(edit) @9994   11 years schuetzm Fixed typo (TahConf?-getConfig instead of TahConf?->getConfig)
(edit) @9993   11 years matthiasj of course, TahConf? is in lib…
(edit) @9992   11 years matthiasj use TahConf? in tilesGen, upload and compress instead of global $Config
(edit) @9991   11 years spaetz use perl's standard mkpath, rather than a home-grown MagicMkDir?
(edit) @9990   11 years matthiasj use TahConf? in tahlib and Repuest instead of global $Config
(edit) @9989   11 years spaetz add some comments, move 3 variable from being global to a smaller …
(edit) @9988   11 years merio Osmarender Frontend: /* Juice Bug Fix */ Small changes in property …
(edit) @9985   11 years bobkare Change the reExecIfRequired variable to look less like black magick. …
(edit) @9984   11 years spaetz pull the unneeded UploadConfiguredLayersOnly? setting which was making …
(edit) @9983   11 years matthiasj - don't 'use tahlib' in TahConf?.pm - use TahConf? in …
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