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(edit) @12070   11 years medi fix a small logik bug (never stop all renderchilds;)
(edit) @12069   11 years petschge Change 2101 1498 to land as per the report of Andre
(edit) @12068   11 years petschge move autotuning magic numbers from general.conf to config.default, so …
(edit) @12067   11 years petschge Set 341,1167 to sea as per the report of Andre
(edit) @12066   11 years Dirk Stoecker make client a bit more informative about what it does. Updated lowzoom …
(edit) @12065   11 years richard various fixes/enhancements, including a couple to the 0.5 version
(edit) @12064   11 years petschge Change the following to sea as per the email of StefanG 2141,1274 …
(edit) @12062   11 years petschge set the default ROMA url to the haproxy load balancer
(edit) @12061   11 years petschge set 1950 1534 to land as per the report by Andre also add note that …
(edit) @12060   11 years petschge Introduce the following tags to disable the correspoding tests and …
(edit) @12059   11 years petschge add support for noname=yes to maplint and update not-in-map_features …
(edit) @12058   11 years petschge Update not-in-map_features test to the current state of the wiki
(edit) @12056   11 years medi add a better error handling on a Render failure and lets the …
(edit) @12055   11 years Dirk Stoecker some updates north of America
(edit) @12054   11 years medi cleanup
(edit) @12053   11 years medi * readd DESTROY cleanup
(edit) @12052   11 years cmarqu Reduce thickness of power lines.
(edit) @12051   11 years dsilvers Move the test for an empty accumulator earlier in the time parser
(edit) @12050   11 years harrywood OpenStreetMap.js file no longer needs to be duplicated here
(edit) @12049   11 years ksharp Fixed case of README.txt in Makefile and SPEC file, fixed make clean …
(edit) @12048   11 years Chris Browet FIX : make features QObject-enabled. Allow guarded pointers (QPointer; …
(edit) @12047   11 years bretth Minor javadoc formatting update to plugin loader class.
(edit) @12046   11 years bretth Fixed line endings of textual file types.
(edit) @12045   11 years bretth Updated to support the new 0.6 database schema version 23.
(edit) @12044   11 years joerg Add support for Ubuntu new Postgis
(edit) @12043   11 years joerg Type; missing `
(edit) @12042   11 years joerg Add build dependency: cmake, perl-slurp
(edit) @12041   11 years Dirk Stoecker some updates north of America
(edit) @12040   11 years stevechilton Move buildings to own layer, access above bridges, add landuse=grave_yard
(edit) @12039   11 years giggls lighter rendering of military areas as requested by a couple of users
(edit) @12038   11 years gary68
(edit) @12037   11 years gary68
(edit) @12036   11 years Łukasz Jernaś Updated CHANGELOG
(edit) @12035   11 years mdeen updated South America for Christian Ehrlicher <Ch.Ehrlicher@…>
(edit) @12034   11 years dsilvers Reinstate fractional seconds, as despite xsd:dateTime's documentation …
(edit) @12033   11 years Łukasz Jernaś FIX: If TRANSDIR_SYSTEM isn't set use QLibraryInfo::TranslationsPath?. …
(edit) @12032   11 years Łukasz Jernaś FIX: Pass arguments to recently changed translatable strings. …
(edit) @12031   11 years dennis_de removed merkaartor svn-ebuild (the official gentoo-repository has it now)
(edit) @12030   11 years dennis_de version bump. fixed svn-ebuild
(edit) @12029   11 years merio Deleting void osmarender6 directory
(edit) @12028   11 years merio Deleting svn:externals from Osmarender Frontend trunk
(edit) @12027   11 years merio Deleting svn:externals from Osmarender Frontend 0.2 tag
(edit) @12026   11 years merio Moving osmarender-frontend in osmarender's directory following …
(edit) @12025   11 years mdeen updated Greenland
(edit) @12024   11 years matthiasj added 0001_addThreads_17.11.08.patch by Rene Wunderlich
(edit) @12023   11 years matthiasj create branch for threading development (trunk r12022)
(edit) @12022   11 years ramack cleanup of build.xml
(edit) @12021   11 years matthiasj create tilesAtHome-dev/branches
(edit) @12020   11 years matthiasj create tilesAtHome-dev/tags
(edit) @12019   11 years matthiasj move tilesAtHome_unstable to tilesAtHome-dev/trunk
(edit) @12018   11 years matthiasj create development area for tilesAtHome
(edit) @12015   11 years dsilvers More advanced time parser to verify time against the xsd:dataTime spec …
(edit) @12014   11 years dsilvers Handle the case of zero good trackpoints found
(edit) @12013   11 years bretth Added a change migration task called --migrate-change allowing 0.5 …
(edit) @12012   11 years cmarqu Halos for areas; follow current Mapnik more closely in general.
(edit) @12010   11 years schuetzm traffic_calming=chicane is now preferred over barrier=cycle_barrier; …
(edit) @12009   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed Windows problems?
(edit) @12008   11 years fma some tests to get lastModified on server
(edit) @12007   11 years mdeen updated Labrador (Canada)
(edit) @12006   11 years crschmidt whitespace: spaces -> tabs.
(edit) @12005   11 years crschmidt Add 'attribution' to list of ignored tags-on-nodes.
(edit) @12004   11 years petschge change tile 2187 1250 from mixed to land
(edit) @12003   11 years jonb Add aerialway to amenity layer. Should allow aerialway=station to render
(edit) @12002   11 years jonb Update osm styles to match osm.xml@r12000. Drop duplicate aerialway …
(edit) @12001   11 years frederik new french translation by Frederic Bonifas
(edit) @12000   11 years stevechilton Move highway areas to seperate layers to get merges to work
(edit) @11999   11 years cmarqu Display all buildings in color.
(edit) @11998   11 years bobkare Add lib subdirectories to previous commit
(edit) @11997   11 years bobkare Add lib subdirectories to previous commit
(edit) @11996   11 years bobkare Add xerces and xerces-2 subdirs to paths to be searched for jars
(edit) @11995   11 years bobkare Add xerces and xerces-2 subdirs to paths to be searched for jars
(edit) @11994   11 years tabacha Marburg Polygon
(edit) @11993   11 years tabacha added LK boeblingen polygon
(edit) @11992   11 years tabacha Added Jena-Polygon
(edit) @11991   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @11990   11 years Dirk Stoecker sometimes white is not white
(edit) @11988   11 years Dirk Stoecker changed to JPEG
(edit) @11986   11 years Dirk Stoecker minor fix for windows
(edit) @11985   11 years petschge Fix wrong "Tile of complexity 0" message in xy mode
(edit) @11984   11 years isortega Upload of sergionaranja's iconset
(edit) @11983   11 years cmarqu Add halo to most element labels (except the bigger drawn highways and …
(edit) @11982   11 years jonb Sync OSM style templates with osm.xml @ r11948
(edit) @11981   11 years jonb Add new path substitution
(edit) @11979   11 years frederik new JOSM plugin builds to match JOSM class name change
(edit) @11978   11 years frederik - fix destination path for OSB plugin build
(edit) @11977   11 years frederik fix basedir in OSB Plugin's build properties
(edit) @11976   11 years frederik manually bump version number since tcx plugin doesn't do it
(edit) @11975   11 years frederik manually bump version number for plugins that don't do so automatically
(edit) @11974   11 years frederik changes in some JOSM plugins due to a renamed class in JOSM.
(edit) @11969   11 years Łukasz Jernaś Re-enable Polish language choice in Preferences.
(edit) @11968   11 years Łukasz Jernaś First take at the Polish translation. Mostly error messages left.
(edit) @11967   11 years bretth Added user id support to the 0.5 tasks. Currently untested.
(edit) @11966   11 years petschge Fix missing :: in revision 11964
(edit) @11965   11 years petschge Slightly fix output of suggested MaxComplexity?
(edit) @11964   11 years petschge retry harder to download slices if we already got some slices
(edit) @11952   11 years lindi explain that source of ewmsplugin.jar is actually in plugins/wmsplugin
(edit) @11951   11 years tabacha strassenverzeichnis statistik
(edit) @11950   11 years matthiasj merge r11949 from _unstable
(edit) @11949   11 years subhodip
(edit) @11948   11 years stevechilton Seperate layer+styles for each place=, change admin back to _roads
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