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(edit) @13451   11 years crschmidt add static directory, with a simple map, that won't work right now, …
(edit) @13450   11 years dennis_de fixed buggy scm ebuild. added current versions, removed old
(edit) @13449   11 years Chris Browet ADD : Readonly layers + Preferences to default track layers to …
(edit) @13448   11 years bobkare Applied patch by R2D2_C3PO from #1545 (housenumbers and parking). …
(edit) @13447   11 years richardbrinkman FIX: removed a connection between non-existing signal to a existing slot
(edit) @13446   11 years Chris Browet ADD : Initial support for multiple projections via proj4. Enable in …
(edit) @13444   11 years bretth Removed the obsolete ivy build branch.
(edit) @13443   11 years mueck some further casing adjustment for other highways following different …
(edit) @13442   11 years mueck add unclassified to testdata
(edit) @13441   11 years mueck parking_aisle in z17
(edit) @13440   11 years mueck house number for restaurants
(edit) @13439   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed calls
(edit) @13438   11 years Dirk Stoecker first part of template handling
(edit) @13437   11 years edloach man_made=lighthouse
(edit) @13436   11 years edloach Added ready for man_made=lighthouse rule
(edit) @13434   11 years bretth Added a binary distribution of osmosis to the build scripts which is …
(edit) @13433   11 years bretth Many checkstyle cleanups.
(edit) @13432   11 years mueck different casings for unclassified and residential
(edit) @13431   11 years deelkar add oepnvkarte to layers list
(edit) @13430   11 years fma added type gpx
(edit) @13429   11 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 1307,1 (left top) to 1591,948 (right bottom)
(edit) @13428   11 years bretth Removed some remaining empty com/bretth directories.
(edit) @13427   11 years bretth Renamed the com.bretth.osmosis package to org.openstreetmap.osmosis.
(edit) @13426   11 years pieren add municipality bbox in grab and cache
(edit) @13425   11 years cmarqu Some new icons - not up to the standard of the originals though.
(edit) @13424   11 years giggls revert minimum-width/maximum-width of rivers to the original …
(edit) @13423   11 years bobkare Split leisure=playground|playing_fields|pitch into it's own rule so it …
(edit) @13422   11 years Łukasz Jernaś FIX : Implement dynamic UI translation (fixes #1432)
(edit) @13421   11 years lonelypixel ADD : More toolbar buttons and icons for actions ADD : Highlight …
(edit) @13420   11 years Dirk Stoecker cleanup text
(edit) @13419   11 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 672,7 (left top) to 1023,948 (right bottom)
(edit) @13418   11 years petschge Add wind power symbol by Rodolphe Quiédeville
(edit) @13417   11 years Dirk Stoecker some text fixes
(edit) @13416   11 years bretth Miscellaneous checkstyle cleanups.
(edit) @13415   11 years bretth Removed a reference to a non-existent checkstyle jar in the project …
(edit) @13414   11 years bretth Added a checkstyle target to the build.
(edit) @13413   11 years mdeen Added icons and stylesheet for fast_food and telephone rendering
(edit) @13412   11 years frederik bugfix…
(edit) @13411   11 years frederik gobble up regex parameter only if it is not a file name
(edit) @13410   11 years frederik added --help message for
(edit) @13409   11 years skela editors/josm/plugins: Adjust svn:ignore.
(edit) @13408   11 years jonb Sync mapnik styles with osm.xml @ r13406
(edit) @13407   11 years jonb Add barrier for latest osm.xml
(edit) @13406   11 years stevechilton Add barrier=fence,wall,hedge at z17/18 (needs addition to …
(edit) @13405   11 years mueck house_numbers
(edit) @13404   11 years pieren Fixed the missing SVN versioning number in manifest.
(edit) @13403   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated, added tr
(edit) @13402   11 years Chris Browet FIX : failed compilation with NOWEBKIT=1
(edit) @13401   11 years giggls Use Sport symbols with borders only on nodes, as they are ugly on areas
(edit) @13400   11 years hughb Slowly extending: - listed relation members onscreen - got the child …
(edit) @13399   11 years mueck house numbering and small dirty hack against double names for …
(edit) @13398   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Forgot a commit (fixes #1529)
(edit) @13397   11 years Dirk Stoecker support for gettext based translations - allows Launchpad support
(edit) @13396   11 years daviddean Saved edits and traces now include the mode-of-transport in the …
(edit) @13395   11 years Chris Browet ADD : add Theatre & Arts_centre to MapnickPlus?
(edit) @13394   11 years crschmidt add relation support.
(edit) @13393   11 years Chris Browet FIX : If one of the translation composant (Qt or Merkaartor) is …
(edit) @13392   11 years skela i18n/conv*.pl: Generate Java code that compiles.
(edit) @13391   11 years joerg use #!/usr/bin/bash ; since we also use bash commands
(edit) @13390   11 years hughb bugfix for KeyError? on loading unnamed objects
(edit) @13389   11 years mueck testing opacity for text background
(edit) @13388   11 years hughb Oops - last commit (rev.13387) was one level too low - changes require …
(edit) @13387   11 years hughb Just more tweaks: - added user details to output and to osm object - …
(edit) @13385   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated, add bg
(edit) @13384   11 years stevechilton Add railway=construction, landuse=construction. Move piers layer above …
(edit) @13383   11 years pieren First commit of the french land registry WMS plugin for JOSM.
(edit) @13382   11 years pieren First commit of the french land registry WMS plugin for JOSM.
(edit) @13381   11 years mueck housenumbers
(edit) @13380   11 years stevechilton Revised marsh.png, fully transparent
(edit) @13379   11 years joerg correct wrong newline
(edit) @13378   11 years joerg Adapt to new compile place
(edit) @13377   11 years hughb Added child node links for ways
(edit) @13376   11 years crschmidt don't even try with relations
(edit) @13375   11 years hughb Some reasonably trivial markup cleaning so I can put it out of my mind
(edit) @13374   11 years Dirk Stoecker update
(edit) @13373   11 years Dirk Stoecker apply patch by xeen for bug #1635
(edit) @13372   11 years joerg create subdif for osmosis; use symlink for osmosis binary, use …
(edit) @13371   11 years joerg Add help; also recognize path from PATH if not explicitly given
(edit) @13370   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @13369   11 years Dirk Stoecker add toolbar text to support new toolbar features
(edit) @13368   11 years joerg correct destination path of osmosis/dist/result/osmosis.jar; be more …
(edit) @13367   11 years joerg start compiling Geo-OSM-MapFeatures?; add more verbose output in case …
(edit) @13366   11 years joerg Add Hashbang for perl script; add reminder to write a help
(edit) @13365   11 years joerg New veriosn of Changelog
(edit) @13364   11 years joerg Only do cleanup once
(edit) @13363   11 years petschge Fix the circles in osmarender/xslt which got broken when one part of a …
(edit) @13362   11 years petschge Further cleanup of z17 and some fixes
(edit) @13361   11 years petschge Cleanup for z12 to z16
(edit) @13360   11 years joerg only do cleanup if told so
(edit) @13359   11 years joerg use bash if we use bash commands
(edit) @13358   11 years joerg remove blank first line to rerecognize the interpreter
(edit) @13357   11 years mueck add disused symbol experimentally
(edit) @13356   11 years mueck add disused symbol experimentally
(edit) @13355   11 years mueck some more ...=yes added
(edit) @13354   11 years hughb Modified password input control to password type so it's not echoed; …
(edit) @13353   11 years mueck house numbers, some changes in rendering
(edit) @13352   11 years mueck house numbers, some changes in rendering
(edit) @13351   11 years mueck power lines & pipelines a little bit changed
(edit) @13350   11 years crschmidt add support for additional tags, as well as changing existing
(edit) @13349   11 years crschmidt Commit first pass at a web UI for doing simplified OSM object editing.
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