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(edit) @15788   10 years richard update stylesheet
(edit) @15783   10 years richard Very basic map event support, plus calculate area centroids correctly.
(edit) @15780   10 years richard Have an exciting new stylesheet.
(edit) @15779   10 years richard Draw multiple strokes, label POIs, and much much more fun.
(edit) @15774   10 years Dirk Stoecker somehow I forgot to add ja language last time
(edit) @15768   10 years mueck small error in my railway CSS, sorry
(edit) @15766   10 years bretth Added an API database snapshot, and a shell script to re-generate it.
(edit) @15764   10 years richard try reestablishing NetConnection? on retry, and trap empty relation tags
(edit) @15763   10 years rcernoch CzechAddress?: Version 0.2.2 released. Fixes 2 bugs and improves speed …
(edit) @15744   10 years avar Advice the reader to use make syntax instead of hacking the makefile. …
(edit) @15743   10 years avar Add documentation on how to get this running on a psql setup
(edit) @15738   10 years bretth Formatted the sequence number in all replication file names to ensure …
(edit) @15737   10 years bretth A sequence specific copy of the replication state file is now created …
(edit) @15736   10 years bretth Fixed a bug in the transaction snapshot parser, and added a test to verify.
(edit) @15735   10 years bretth Debugged the api database replication and added a unit test.
(edit) @15730   10 years bretth Finished coding the file-based API replication task --replicate-apidb. …
(edit) @15726   10 years Dirk Stoecker update
(edit) @15725   10 years Dirk Stoecker new sources
(edit) @15721   10 years hardaker add support for subgrids
(edit) @15711   10 years Dirk Stoecker update
(edit) @15710   10 years Dirk Stoecker fix key code
(edit) @15709   10 years herm Added relation generation. Added doxygen files.
(edit) @15708   10 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @15707   10 years Dirk Stoecker lots of updates due to josm changes
(edit) @15682   10 years herm Some code restructuring. More comments.
(edit) @15678   10 years mgarbe updated plugin description
(edit) @15672   10 years frederik bugfix
(edit) @15658   10 years Dirk Stoecker updated translations
(edit) @15649   10 years rcernoch CzechAddress?: Version 0.2.0 release
(edit) @15627   10 years rodo Add removed rule
(edit) @15625   10 years gary68 boundaries: error qualification, distinguish selected/invalid, gary68
(edit) @15612   10 years Chris Browet FIX : forgot to remove some debug asserts
(edit) @15609   10 years jochen - Added Apache config options for MAX_LOAD_OLD, MAX_LOAD_MISSING and …
(edit) @15608   10 years frederik issue proper error message if neither apxs nor apxs2 present for mod_tile
(edit) @15607   10 years frederik simple debian package builds for mod_tile and renderd
(edit) @15606   10 years richard fix issue with searched-for relations
(edit) @15605   10 years Chris Browet FIX : Segfault when pasting Tags
(edit) @15604   10 years frederik mod_tile makefile to use apxs2 automatically when apxs not available
(edit) @15603   10 years Chris Browet ADD : Spatial indexing of features for faster display with large …
(edit) @15602   10 years bretth Added a file-based replication destination.
(edit) @15601   10 years bretth Added the replication sequence number to the replication state.
(edit) @15600   10 years bretth Added replication functionality including replication engine, …
(edit) @15585   10 years rcernoch CzechAddress?: cleanup and documentation
(edit) @15584   10 years rcernoch CzechAddress?: Now 0.2.0 is really almost ready
(edit) @15582   10 years rcernoch CzechAddress?: version 0.2.0 is nearly ready
(edit) @15570   10 years mueck railway tunnel markers again: width
(edit) @15558   10 years rcernoch Reasoner and Conflict resolver now work. The current version is still …
(edit) @15555   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 1127,1458 (left top) to 1261,1578 (right …
(edit) @15544   10 years mueck small changes
(edit) @15543   10 years mueck fine tuning tunnels z4-z17, crossings at z16, z17
(edit) @15541   10 years tbook Smoother lines
(edit) @15538   10 years twain Misc missing characters
(edit) @15536   10 years twain Added Hangul Syllables to transliteration table
(edit) @15535   10 years rodo Change icon to a more comprehensive one, blue for service notion
(edit) @15530   10 years herm Speed improvements(100 times faster). Caching. getAltitudeFromLatLon() …
(edit) @15527   10 years Chris Browet FIX : unselectable nodes (fixes #1901)
(edit) @15525   10 years rodo Clean with
(edit) @15522   10 years rodo Add rule for bicycle_rental
(edit) @15515   10 years hardaker fix grid lines
(edit) @15514   10 years hardaker move grid rendering to a sub function
(edit) @15508   10 years herm Some work on SRTM code.
(edit) @15484   10 years richard Add sublayers (stacking order) for stroke drawing
(edit) @15464   10 years avar * Don't import List::Util, I'm not using it anymore * A bit of POD * …
(edit) @15462   10 years harrywood fix manifest for waydownloader plugin
(edit) @15461   10 years rcernoch New Reasoner has first usable version. The rest of the plugin is …
(edit) @15460   10 years twain correct escape sequence
(edit) @15459   10 years rodo Source:
(edit) @15457   10 years rodo Remove testfile
(edit) @15456   10 years rodo Commit test
(edit) @15455   10 years richard POI stuff
(edit) @15450   10 years avar Add trailing newline to readme file
(edit) @15449   10 years avar use $arg instead of $_: Calling the script with a non-filename works again
(edit) @15448   10 years Chris Browet FIX : Relations were not outlined anymore (fixes #1866)
(edit) @15447   10 years mueck some fine tuning for railways at z13, new style now for z12, too
(edit) @15443   10 years avar Close $fh, even though it expires lexically
(edit) @15441   10 years avar A script to generate a 4096x4096 heatmap image of the globe based on …
(edit) @15435   10 years bretth Updated the expected database migrations list to include up to …
(edit) @15434   10 years bretth Moved the --read-apidb-current task over to the new database access code.
(edit) @15433   10 years stevechilton Add shelter, alpine_hut, police, fire_station, bicycle_rental. Needs …
(edit) @15432   10 years stevechilton 5 new PNG icons
(edit) @15427   10 years randomjunk refactor the potlatch 2 code to look more MVC wrt the API parts
(edit) @15425   10 years Chris Browet FIX : nothing shown in release mode
(edit) @15423   10 years avar * Document that this program should be called as C<perl -CIO …
(edit) @15422   10 years avar Change the regex parsing usernames from '\w+' to '.*?', usernames can …
(edit) @15412   10 years harrywood new WayDownloader? JOSM plugin
(edit) @15382   10 years jonb Update coastcheck limits to cope with up to 600M nodes, we just …
(edit) @15368   10 years Chris Browet FIX : Drawing optimizations
(edit) @15364   10 years pa94 fixed a bunch of tiles within 2617,1551 (left top) to 3463,1695 (right …
(edit) @15363   10 years richard basic POI rendering support
(edit) @15358   10 years harrywood copy 'images' directory into build too
(edit) @15345   10 years richard remove last remnants of old-style Potlatch dynamic rescaling
(edit) @15344   10 years richard fix #1818
(edit) @15337   10 years gary68 more invalid text
(edit) @15336   10 years gary68 hint for invalid relations added, gary68
(edit) @15334   10 years tabacha Relation in ein Polygon verwandeln
(edit) @15333   10 years mueck color fine tuning railways z14, colors now between z13 and z15
(edit) @15330   10 years mueck error in new railway style for tunnel ends. Always color a line if you …
(edit) @15328   10 years mueck testdata
(edit) @15327   10 years mueck tools
(edit) @15326   10 years mueck fine tuning widhts and colors new railways at z13
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