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(edit) @25387   9 years gravitystorm Update babelFx to use forked version with fallback-text support
(edit) @25386   9 years nic Rebuild: Enable rendering of coastlines as areas.
(edit) @25385   9 years guardian bugfixing (jumpto,mru,menus,...)
(edit) @25384   9 years frederik log progress to stderr instead of stdout, to make use of unbuffered output
(edit) @25383   9 years frederik fix potential deadlock when writing a lot of data to a psql pipe and …
(edit) @25382   9 years Dirk Stoecker update
(edit) @25381   9 years Dirk Stoecker and fix build again
(edit) @25380   9 years guggis 'Fixed: unexpected intersections after drag-and-drop'
(edit) @25379   9 years guggis 'Fixed: unexpected intersections after drag-and-drop'
(edit) @25378   9 years guggis 'Fixed: unexpected intersections after drag-and-drop'
(edit) @25377   9 years Dirk Stoecker add place names
(edit) @25376   9 years upliner use absolute path for Bing attribution image
(edit) @25375   9 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @25374   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix revision handling
(edit) @25373   9 years Dirk Stoecker remove tabs, cleanup code
(edit) @25372   9 years andre68 A few tiles near Taipei fixed
(edit) @25371   9 years mueck more cycleway-tags
(edit) @25370   9 years stotz Gpl added; release zip created
(edit) @25369   9 years stotz TileSource? implementation moved to own package; code clean-up and …
(edit) @25368   9 years richard move "show lat/long" from a keypress to an option. Slightly keen that …
(edit) @25367   9 years richard document + keypress
(edit) @25366   9 years richard respond to keypresses even if the focus is on a Flex control outside …
(edit) @25365   9 years stevage Move cycleway=segregated and cycleway=shared to highway=cycleway, …
(edit) @25364   9 years richard update slider as the video plays, and preserve playing state during …
(edit) @25363   9 years gravitystorm Make the undo/redo buttons in the main application file translateable
(edit) @25362   9 years gravitystorm Add en_US locale
(edit) @25361   9 years gravitystorm Add BabelFx? translation library, with two example translations
(edit) @25360   9 years joerg Add more alternatives for the jdk to use
(edit) @25359   9 years stevage Add support for relations to match multiple tags. Turned out to be a …
(edit) @25358   9 years mazdermind allow bigger buffers to be specified in map xml
(edit) @25357   9 years frederik * use osm2pgsql from $PATH if none present locally * do not display …
(edit) @25356   9 years joerg adapt used distributions, correct wrong usage of return. Also mount …
(edit) @25355   9 years joerg reindent sourcecode
(edit) @25354   9 years richard explicitly remove listensprite
(edit) @25353   9 years richard embed tutorial video in help dialogue
(edit) @25352   9 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @25351   9 years richard tutorial video
(edit) @25350   9 years Dirk Stoecker appy josm 5936
(edit) @25349   9 years Dirk Stoecker fix dos line endings
(edit) @25348   9 years joerg add new platform distributions, reindent part of source, add …
(edit) @25347   9 years joerg unicode is deprecated, so we use sqlite_unicode
(edit) @25346   9 years andre68 Some tiles in Russia fixed
(edit) @25345   9 years andre68 (1773 883)=land
(edit) @25344   9 years gravitystorm Swap round town and suburb, and fix suburb to use correct icon
(edit) @25343   9 years gravitystorm Doesn't seem to happen any more -> remove from todo
(edit) @25342   9 years gravitystorm Use the new place icons from sjjb set
(edit) @25341   9 years richard remove a huge load of pseudo-traces
(edit) @25340   9 years gravitystorm A different way to (hopefully) fix the binding issue
(edit) @25339   9 years upliner update ext_tools.jar
(edit) @25338   9 years upliner register shortcuts for external tools, fixes #j5939
(edit) @25337   9 years gravitystorm Back out last change, it causes more problems than it solves
(edit) @25336   9 years glebius Fix breakage introduced in previous revision. Ticket: 5965
(edit) @25335   9 years gravitystorm Fix(?) the binding warnings for Choice editor
(edit) @25334   9 years gravitystorm Ensure consistent capitalisation of interface by hunting down rogue …
(edit) @25333   9 years richard point out forcibly to Flex that as I have closed the popup, I might …
(edit) @25332   9 years gravitystorm Shinier oneway arrows
(edit) @25331   9 years richard improve CategorySelector? performance by a magnitude of about 370 million
(edit) @25330   9 years gravitystorm Improve the rotation icons, so they are the union of their component …
(edit) @25329   9 years gravitystorm remove floaty-warnings from the TODO
(edit) @25328   9 years andre68 Some tiles in North America fixed
(edit) @25327   9 years gravitystorm Don't load bugs that have the 'is default description' flag set.
(edit) @25326   9 years stotz System.err output commented out
(edit) @25325   9 years gravitystorm Improve the mini roundabout icon, based on german road sign arrows
(edit) @25324   9 years gravitystorm Add some icon sources, uses the same format as the sjjb ones so use …
(edit) @25323   9 years gravitystorm Recolour some amenity icons
(edit) @25322   9 years gravitystorm Reworked traffic calming icon
(edit) @25321   9 years gravitystorm Removing the boundary=postal_code definition - this is being used in a …
(edit) @25320   9 years richard new dam icon
(edit) @25319   9 years gravitystorm Return dam to the water category, with description and description of …
(edit) @25318   9 years gravitystorm Show the description of the feature when hovering over the feature in …
(edit) @25317   9 years gravitystorm Remove drinking fountain from the water (-bourne-activities) category
(edit) @25316   9 years richard make explicit
(edit) @25315   9 years gravitystorm Recolour slipway icon (created from new svg) and recombine separate …
(edit) @25314   9 years stotz attributation patch by Marcin Floryan (see JOSM Ticket #5911)
(edit) @25313   9 years beata.jancso new release
(edit) @25312   9 years beata.jancso plugin version nb added to HelpPanel?, and nickname is getting from …
(edit) @25311   9 years gravitystorm Add dnd overrides for remaining unsuitable icons
(edit) @25310   9 years gravitystorm remove the dnd attribute from tower - oops, I didn't spot that - and …
(edit) @25309   9 years gravitystorm Add an (optional) dnd property to icon elements to override the …
(edit) @25308   9 years gravitystorm Recolour the pharmacy icon to match the rest of the category
(edit) @25307   9 years gravitystorm Create and use icons for toy shop and town hall
(edit) @25306   9 years jochen added rendering for tourism=motel
(edit) @25305   9 years gravitystorm Invent a sport_shooting icon, and use it for hunting stand
(edit) @25304   9 years gravitystorm Use full-resolution version of place_of_worship_unknown
(edit) @25303   9 years gravitystorm consistency with food and drink
(edit) @25302   9 years gravitystorm Remove flowers icon (licensing and consistency) and update flowers and …
(edit) @25301   9 years gravitystorm Remove some sports areas from landuse category, and move marketplace …
(edit) @25300   9 years stevage FIX bug with LWN/RWN/NWN paths: route=hiking was not being set. CHANGE …
(edit) @25299   9 years stevage ADD keyboard shortcuts , and . (< and >) to step node by node along a …
(edit) @25298   9 years ldp Add aeroway=taxiway area fill. Fixes #3531.
(edit) @25297   9 years richard set explicit width in CategorySelector? so the scrollbar doesn't screw …
(edit) @25296   9 years ldp Nudge natural=peak ele offset slightly. Chinese characters are a bit …
(edit) @25295   9 years richard remove errors that seem to have been introduced in recent days
(edit) @25294   9 years richard missing route=bicycle lines from NCN/RCN/LCN relations
(edit) @25293   9 years richard update .ai file
(edit) @25292   9 years richard more icons. This should complete the way icon set for roads, paths, …
(edit) @25291   9 years guardian minor bugfixes: lyerchange, deployment
(edit) @25290   9 years richard remove "racing track" from roads. svn appears to think the whole file …
(edit) @25289   9 years richard tidy route icons a little (very sorry to see the epic bus icon go, …
(edit) @25288   9 years richard add some icon guidelines
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