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(edit) @2643   13 years hakan Import airport location, name and ICAO code from x-plant data into …
(edit) @2641   13 years deelkar move failed files back to Working directory so they don't clog the …
(edit) @2640   13 years deelkar gather directory was not emptied correctly resulting in broken uploads
(edit) @2639   13 years deelkar make run silently again
(edit) @2638   13 years deelkar no newline after pngcrush status message
(edit) @2637   13 years deelkar Fix Bug introduced by moving runCommand to
(edit) @2636   13 years deelkar add PID to runcommand
(edit) @2635   13 years deelkar replace last instance of rm with perl unlink
(edit) @2634   13 years deelkar move sub killafile to
(edit) @2633   13 years deelkar - move runCommand to - run zip from with …
(edit) @2631   13 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
(edit) @2625   13 years hakan Airport import script
(edit) @2623   13 years frsantos Fix detection of orphaned segments when there is selected data
(edit) @2622   13 years frsantos Latest from wiki Removed -note
(edit) @2611   13 years frsantos Fix activation of values check
(edit) @2610   13 years frederik Added a new configuration option called LocalSlippymap?. If set to 1, …
(edit) @2609   13 years frederik Added support for multiple preprocessors run one after the other. This …
(edit) @2608   13 years joerg add initial debian Package README to encourage People to change things …
(edit) @2607   13 years nick can draw ways/polygons; trackpoints and NPE as background
(edit) @2606   13 years enxrah Add a README pointing users to the canonical source for maplint
(edit) @2605   13 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
(edit) @2604   13 years frederik Patch by D Tucny: "In an effort to help clean up the lint, my first …
(edit) @2602   13 years andystreet Improvement on segment numbering to include areas
(edit) @2601   13 years ulf very first (alpha) version of an osm Win32 installer
(edit) @2597   13 years andystreet Paint segment order numbers on ways
(edit) @2596   13 years andystreet Improve performance by only drawing the visible area rather than the …
(edit) @2595   13 years deelkar make coastlines more visible in z12
(edit) @2592   13 years enxrah add motorcar to allowed tags
(edit) @2591   13 years frsantos Automatic fixes
(edit) @2590   13 years frsantos Use hash instead of compare, since primitives may have id=0
(edit) @2589   13 years guenther - added some icons
(edit) @2588   13 years deelkar make setIdle more like getIdle
(edit) @2587   13 years deelkar setIdleFor -> setIdle
(edit) @2586   13 years deelkar make upload more transparent
(edit) @2585   13 years deelkar postpone writing XML digest of rendering until better solution found
(edit) @2583   13 years deelkar Fix indentation / modify debug output.
(edit) @2581   13 years deelkar put messages back to, like planned on friday.
(edit) @2579   13 years joerg imove application depen
(edit) @2578   13 years deelkar Do some additional checks (i.e. for pngcrush) and feedback to …
(edit) @2552   13 years frederik fix mapnik move
(edit) @2551   13 years frederik mapnik move
(edit) @2549   13 years frederik resort
(edit) @2548   13 years frederik move
(edit) @2547   13 years frederik move
(edit) @2546   13 years frederik move
(edit) @2544   13 years frederik reorder
(edit) @2542   13 years jochen schema stuff is too old and not relevant any more tilesPipeAtHome …
(edit) @2538   13 years jochen moved things around
(edit) @2530   13 years jochen - moving things around
(edit) @2519   13 years jochen moved to rendering dir
(edit) @2516   13 years deelkar update README
(edit) @2511   13 years jochen Move mapnik stuff to applications/rendering
(edit) @2510   13 years deelkar cp tilesgen to new place
(edit) @2493   13 years jochen moved osmps and pdf-atlas into new location application/rendering
(edit) @2491   13 years steve move rendering to applications/rendering
(edit) @2476   13 years steve move applet to right place
(edit) @2475   13 years steve move editors
(add) @2474   13 years steve move sites around
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