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(edit) @2736   13 years deelkar create READMEs, move stuff around.
(edit) @2735   13 years deelkar further reorganise gps-tracks directory
(edit) @2734   13 years deelkar delete duplicate of gps-tracks
(edit) @2733   13 years spaetz a)dash ferry routes b)make thicker in z12 (ticket 421)
(edit) @2732   13 years spaetz make petrol stations a little smaller in z17
(edit) @2731   13 years spaetz add new customs symbol to mark boundary=national tags
(edit) @2730   13 years spaetz move landuse section up above waterways (this is also consistent with …
(edit) @2729   13 years joerg more dummy targets for maplint
(edit) @2728   13 years spaetz cemetery backgrounds worked well in z16-17, so introduce them in …
(edit) @2727   13 years joerg add Makefile of maplint to upper dist files, because it is not …
(edit) @2726   13 years joerg dummy install makerule for maplint
(edit) @2725   13 years joerg more icons
(edit) @2724   13 years joerg Add a basic set of Files for Automake. The are not yet …
(edit) @2722   13 years hakan Command line pixel setter/getter from Cagri Coltekin <cagri@…>
(edit) @2721   13 years hakan utils moved to applications/utils
(edit) @2720   13 years jdschmidt fixed some wrong identified tiles in oceantiles.png and .dat around Denmark
(edit) @2719   13 years hakan utils moved to applications/utils
(edit) @2718   13 years joerg eliminate little Type: \…
(edit) @2717   13 years joerg add more makefiles
(edit) @2716   13 years joerg add Makefile
(edit) @2715   13 years joerg move sudir from Gpsdrive repository to OSM Repository. Makes linking …
(edit) @2712   13 years jdschmidt forgot to check in the new empty*.png's
(edit) @2711   13 years damians fixed minor bugs
(edit) @2710   13 years frederik bugfix to properly parse co-ordinates written in scientific form (0.5E-7)
(edit) @2709   13 years damians updated mappaint.jar
(edit) @2708   13 years damians Larger update: - removed images folder - created style named standard …
(edit) @2707   13 years jdschmidt forgot to set sleep time back to default from testversion.
(edit) @2706   13 years jdschmidt Implemented empty sea tile detection speeding up client by upto 60 on …
(edit) @2702   13 years artem don't draw 'subway' as it clutters overall map lighter stroke for rail …
(edit) @2701   13 years artem draw outline around school/university polygons from 250000
(edit) @2700   13 years spaetz also do cemetery backgrounds in zoom16 (they were only in 17)
(edit) @2699   13 years artem added hospital symbol
(edit) @2698   13 years artem fixed layering problem with parking symbols NOTE: requires running new …
(edit) @2696   13 years jeroen Sort multiple results of compute_bbox_intersections() …
(edit) @2695   13 years deelkar fixed a piece of coast in netherlands
(edit) @2694   13 years artem added [aeroway] = 'taxiway' improved scales/styles for aeroways
(edit) @2693   13 years spaetz actually uncomment the second tombstone
(edit) @2692   13 years spaetz Add the cemetery background patterns, special casing …
(edit) @2691   13 years spaetz Add the cemetery background patterns, special casing …
(edit) @2689   13 years damians Edited elemstyles.xml
(edit) @2688   13 years damians Added support for the shown tag. Changed the isVisible code so that …
(edit) @2687   13 years damians added mappaint.jar as the latest build
(edit) @2686   13 years damians fixed build.xml
(edit) @2685   13 years damians made it compile with new josm version, drawSegments with direction
(edit) @2684   13 years jonas Added license-comment
(edit) @2683   13 years jonas A software to automaticly correct bad spelling of keynames in OSM.
(edit) @2682   13 years frederik corrections to oceantile list by Cagri Coltekin <cagri@…>
(edit) @2681   13 years artem applied changes as per Steve8 email added station_small symbol
(edit) @2680   13 years jeroen Make a better guess whether a tile has an island or not (patch from …
(edit) @2679   13 years jeroen Only delete tiles if they are smaller than 500 bytes instead of 1000.
(edit) @2677   13 years deelkar indentation
(edit) @2676   13 years deelkar Add support for central gatherdir/upload Code from Scott Walde
(edit) @2675   13 years deelkar Removed Elbe and Weser from coastlines (converted in osm to riverbank)
(edit) @2674   13 years frederik fixed Peterhead,UK area
(edit) @2673   13 years frsantos Added a new layer where all errors are highlighted
(edit) @2672   13 years frsantos Added a new layer where all errors are highlighted
(edit) @2671   13 years hakan Fixed paths to libraries
(edit) @2670   13 years hakan POD fixes
(edit) @2669   13 years hakan Import runways, store unicode place names
(edit) @2668   13 years frederik bugfix for un-closed areas containing the 3 o'clock point
(edit) @2667   13 years frederik modified to be able to parse frollo output, and to be …
(edit) @2665   13 years deelkar better handle "little lake" condition.
(edit) @2664   13 years frederik newly generated, contains some fixes by kleptog
(edit) @2663   13 years frederik more readme
(edit) @2662   13 years frederik new generator for coastal tile index, by kleptog
(edit) @2661   13 years deelkar save failures across sessions to be actually useful
(edit) @2660   13 years deelkar Added exponential backoff to
(edit) @2658   13 years frederik need these as well for blue lowzoom tiles. oceantiles_12.dat should be …
(edit) @2657   13 years frederik New version of will use the tile index file provided with …
(edit) @2656   13 years frederik removed debug output, added comments
(edit) @2655   13 years hakan Make downloads resumable
(edit) @2651   13 years enxrah Add landuse=village_green to render rules
(edit) @2646   13 years frederik changed to run the new preprocessor; bumped …
(edit) @2645   13 years frederik new utility for closing coastlines to form fillable ocean polygons
(edit) @2644   13 years frederik Added fill for natural=coastline
(edit) @2643   13 years hakan Import airport location, name and ICAO code from x-plant data into …
(edit) @2641   13 years deelkar move failed files back to Working directory so they don't clog the …
(edit) @2640   13 years deelkar gather directory was not emptied correctly resulting in broken uploads
(edit) @2639   13 years deelkar make run silently again
(edit) @2638   13 years deelkar no newline after pngcrush status message
(edit) @2637   13 years deelkar Fix Bug introduced by moving runCommand to
(edit) @2636   13 years deelkar add PID to runcommand
(edit) @2635   13 years deelkar replace last instance of rm with perl unlink
(edit) @2634   13 years deelkar move sub killafile to
(edit) @2633   13 years deelkar - move runCommand to - run zip from with …
(edit) @2631   13 years hakan perl modules were renamed to perl_lib
(edit) @2625   13 years hakan Airport import script
(edit) @2623   13 years frsantos Fix detection of orphaned segments when there is selected data
(edit) @2622   13 years frsantos Latest from wiki Removed -note
(edit) @2611   13 years frsantos Fix activation of values check
(edit) @2610   13 years frederik Added a new configuration option called LocalSlippymap?. If set to 1, …
(edit) @2609   13 years frederik Added support for multiple preprocessors run one after the other. This …
(edit) @2608   13 years joerg add initial debian Package README to encourage People to change things …
(edit) @2607   13 years nick can draw ways/polygons; trackpoints and NPE as background
(edit) @2606   13 years enxrah Add a README pointing users to the canonical source for maplint
(edit) @2605   13 years joerg move utils to applications. This way it should be easier to build Packages
(edit) @2604   13 years frederik Patch by D Tucny: "In an effort to help clean up the lint, my first …
(edit) @2602   13 years andystreet Improvement on segment numbering to include areas
(edit) @2601   13 years ulf very first (alpha) version of an osm Win32 installer
(edit) @2597   13 years andystreet Paint segment order numbers on ways
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