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(edit) @5642   12 years ojw Updated icons, plus blank icons
(edit) @5641   12 years ojw add cache folder
(edit) @5640   12 years deelkar typo
(edit) @5639   12 years deelkar initialize fault counter for renderer
(edit) @5638   12 years deelkar fix yesterday's mistakes
(edit) @5637   12 years joerg perl_lib/Geo/GPX/ warning if we cannot write
(edit) @5636   12 years joerg presplit tracks
(edit) @5635   12 years martinvoosterhout Fix unconditional exit in renderer, deelkar needs to check this. Also …
(edit) @5633   12 years martinvoosterhout Restructure the projection code so it can support more projections, …
(edit) @5632   12 years brent Oceantiles - Brisbane area
(edit) @5631   12 years joerg elemstyles.xml: Add supermarket
(edit) @5630   12 years brent Oceantiles - NSW North Coast
(edit) @5629   12 years deelkar typo
(edit) @5628   12 years deelkar improve error handling during rendering
(edit) @5627   12 years ojw some bugfixes on the interaction between auto-centred mode and "set …
(edit) @5626   12 years ojw fix the zoom direction
(edit) @5625   12 years ojw Click menu, allows setting own position, as well as routing
(edit) @5624   12 years deelkar no fork for Windows?
(edit) @5623   12 years brent Start fixing big oceantiles mess around Baton Rouge/New? Orleans
(edit) @5622   12 years hakan More directories to ignore
(edit) @5621   12 years hakan Keep safe
(edit) @5620   12 years deelkar document Fork config option better
(edit) @5619   12 years deelkar refine Fork behaviour, fix for lowzoom
(edit) @5618   12 years deelkar noop
(edit) @5617   12 years deelkar Fork patch by Jocelyn Jaubert
(edit) @5616   12 years joerg Fix track splitting and reducing, wrong points …
(edit) @5615   12 years ojw menu for clicking on the screen (instead of assuming you want to route …
(edit) @5614   12 years joerg OSM/ change osm reading to be API 0.5 compliant
(edit) @5613   12 years deelkar how did that get in here?
(edit) @5612   12 years deelkar Separate XAPI no data from regular API no data situation
(edit) @5611   12 years richard purge area layer when purging ways
(edit) @5610   12 years richard 0.5b: look more pretty!
(edit) @5609   12 years gabriel validator plugin: check for incomplete/deleted objects, take 2
(edit) @5608   12 years hakan touched up README's
(edit) @5607   12 years hakan Moving maps4glopus from export to downloading
(edit) @5606   12 years hakan Ignore cache directories
(edit) @5605   12 years hakan Moving maps4glopus from export to downloading
(edit) @5604   12 years deelkar Client version Newcastle
(edit) @5603   12 years deelkar output layer info
(edit) @5602   12 years deelkar fix cyclic dependency
(edit) @5601   12 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @5598   12 years deelkar more serverside layer control support
(edit) @5596   12 years deelkar remove workaround URL
(edit) @5594   12 years joerg correct Error checking
(edit) @5593   12 years joerg correct command line parsing
(edit) @5592   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.24.1.
(edit) @5591   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.24.
(edit) @5590   12 years bretth Fixed a bug in the XML node writing code where it would write a ',' …
(edit) @5589   12 years deelkar work toward more serverside control over client layers
(edit) @5588   12 years deelkar enhance Batik support, add rudimentary support for svn auto-update
(edit) @5587   12 years deelkar support for batik wrapper scripts
(edit) @5586   12 years brent Display osmxapi download in debug mode, Fix error in z8 xml, Move …
(edit) @5585   12 years hakan frank334's geotools for gmf files need 4 calibration points
(edit) @5584   12 years hakan Added needed extra keyword to Glopus calibration files
(edit) @5583   12 years gabriel validator plugin: check for incomplete objects.
(edit) @5577   12 years ojw First draft of choosing different tile zoom levels
(edit) @5576   12 years ojw allow changing of scale while in position-follow mode
(edit) @5575   12 years ojw remove debugging "continuously print position to console"
(edit) @5574   12 years ojw return the current position as a hash instead of an array, so that …
(edit) @5573   12 years ojw different regexp for detecting lat.lon in P= (now: regexp finds the …
(edit) @5572   12 years ojw Fix return values (should be (valid,lat,lon))
(edit) @5571   12 years ojw gpsd integration
(edit) @5570   12 years bretth Added entry to future feature file for supporting contatenated gzip files.
(edit) @5569   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.23.1.
(edit) @5568   12 years bretth Updated version to 0.23.
(edit) @5567   12 years bretth Added support for default task arguments requiring no name and added …
(edit) @5566   12 years bretth Re-factored task factories so that many methods accept a single …
(edit) @5554   12 years martinvoosterhout Forgot this file
(edit) @5553   12 years martinvoosterhout process-changes run
(edit) @5539   12 years deelkar comments
(edit) @5538   12 years deelkar improve readability and fix minor bug
(edit) @5537   12 years deelkar remove hardcoded zoom levels from talkback
(edit) @5532   12 years deelkar using GET for requests is deprecated
(edit) @5531   12 years joerg .../*.pl: remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn instead …
(edit) @5530   12 years joerg / remove @INC lines to reduce modules taken from svn …
(edit) @5527   12 years deelkar don't check every possibility if one matches
(edit) @5526   12 years deelkar coding style2
(edit) @5525   12 years deelkar coding style
(edit) @5516   12 years brent Fix invalid utf-8
(edit) @5515   12 years brent Filter out one node ways
(edit) @5514   12 years ojw the tutorial says... (untested)
(edit) @5513   12 years ojw looking at gpsd, still not easy to test on desktop pc
(edit) @5512   12 years ojw Zoom on the map, by dragging left/right at the top of the screen
(edit) @5508   12 years joerg remove old EOF error in shell script
(edit) @5507   12 years jonb planet.c: Increase timeout to 6 hours. Increase tag cache to 10k
(edit) @5506   12 years joerg osm2pgsql/ add option for bz2 dump files
(edit) @5505   12 years joerg osm2pgsql/ have two options for with/without …
(edit) @5504   12 years ojw storage of status, and action-handling
(edit) @5503   12 years ojw the menu system
(edit) @5502   12 years ojw forgot to add projection code
(edit) @5501   12 years deelkar reflect changes in the "usage" text
(edit) @5500   12 years deelkar lowzoom now uses, no longer used for z8-11
(edit) @5499   12 years hakan Make that script executable
(edit) @5498   12 years ojw reading geonames (gets XML from a file at the moment, instead of …
(edit) @5497   12 years ojw people might need this file to get gui running - just a list of geoRSS …
(edit) @5496   12 years ojw Add icons
(edit) @5495   12 years ojw Changes from the weekend
(edit) @5493   12 years matthewnc add ? to to fix minor bug
(edit) @5492   12 years deelkar enhance client talkback
(edit) @5491   12 years martinvoosterhout Move madeDir declaration to the right file
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