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(edit) @5794   12 years deelkar increase default maxdepth for xmlstarlet, make configurable
(edit) @5793   12 years ojw colour menu for sketch
(edit) @5792   12 years ojw change colours for sketch
(edit) @5791   12 years ojw Sketch onto geographic coordinates not screen ones
(edit) @5790   12 years ulf set preferences according to current JOSM default changes
(edit) @5789   12 years bretth Initial implementation of osmosis-extract-mysql tool completed. Untested.
(edit) @5788   12 years joerg map-icons...veterinarian.svg: remove half visible artefact
(edit) @5787   12 years hakan Add Eclipse project files
(edit) @5786   12 years ojw basics of sketch mode
(edit) @5785   12 years ojw basics of sketch mode
(edit) @5784   12 years ojw sketch mode
(edit) @5783   12 years ojw Different way of writing else
(edit) @5782   12 years ojw Generic icon if none supplied
(edit) @5781   12 years ojw Fix "can't download" bug
(edit) @5780   12 years deelkar Oslo version to force update
(edit) @5779   12 years deelkar force undefine so windows clients may delete tempfile
(edit) @5778   12 years deelkar fix freewheeling bug
(edit) @5777   12 years deelkar debug info
(edit) @5776   12 years deelkar minor changes/debug info
(edit) @5775   12 years deelkar reuse tempdir
(edit) @5774   12 years joerg icons.xml: Update Makefiles
(edit) @5773   12 years deelkar un-squash chuches
(edit) @5772   12 years brent Latest Osmarender from Dodi - Fix most Nan's, reduce data duplication
(edit) @5771   12 years frederik seemed to miss NGT references?
(edit) @5770   12 years joerg map-icons: Update Makefiles
(edit) @5769   12 years brent Oceantiles - Gulf of Carpentaria
(edit) @5768   12 years joerg Author: Inkeri Lüchem <spirit33@…> new svg-s for doctor and …
(edit) @5767   12 years ojw add support for openaerialmap (satellite photos) even though they're …
(edit) @5766   12 years deelkar implement 7zip windows support
(edit) @5764   12 years hakan Show min/max tile numbers too
(edit) @5763   12 years hakan Determine touched tile numbers
(edit) @5762   12 years hakan Find segments that are at least partially contained in turkey
(edit) @5761   12 years hakan Create river tags too
(edit) @5760   12 years hakan Ignore eclipse project file
(edit) @5758   12 years deelkar fork upload only in loop mode
(edit) @5757   12 years deelkar move tempfiles to WorkingDirectory?
(edit) @5756   12 years ojw fix "add waypoint" icon
(edit) @5755   12 years joerg elemstyles.xml: remove deprecated Features
(edit) @5754   12 years ojw display of waypoints
(edit) @5753   12 years ojw ability to scroll through lists of POIs (e.g. waypoints, RSS items, …
(edit) @5752   12 years ojw automatic numbering of waypoints
(edit) @5751   12 years ojw default filename for waypoints, so that it can save them even if the …
(edit) @5750   12 years ojw waypoints code all moved to
(edit) @5749   12 years ojw ability to add waypoints, which get stored back into whatever gpx file …
(edit) @5748   12 years ojw m: whitespace
(edit) @5747   12 years ojw make event-handler functions runtime-definable
(edit) @5746   12 years ojw Move the events-handler into its own module
(edit) @5745   12 years ojw add + signs for all the events that need to close the menu
(edit) @5744   12 years ojw prefix + to menus to make them close afterwards
(edit) @5743   12 years ojw Prefix + to events to make them close the menu afterwards
(edit) @5742   12 years ojw add benchmarking for distance functions
(edit) @5741   12 years ojw Add option to use haversine formula
(edit) @5740   12 years ojw try using spherical law of cosines to do distances
(edit) @5739   12 years ojw waypoints POI module
(edit) @5738   12 years ojw Make waypoints a plugin, same as RSS etc. Rename plugins to 'poi' …
(edit) @5737   12 years ojw outline of waypoint (GPX) handler
(edit) @5734   12 years martinvoosterhout - Fix highway=layby to highway=service - Fix missing spaces in names …
(edit) @5733   12 years ojw Better handling of the RSS modules not being available
(edit) @5732   12 years ojw rename/copy icons to match menu names
(edit) @5731   12 years bretth PostgreSQL dump task now writes user table data.
(edit) @5730   12 years ojw more zoom levels + disable the "threaded downloads" (causing problems …
(edit) @5726   12 years ojw minor cleanup
(edit) @5725   12 years ojw actually make that run in a thread... ;)
(edit) @5724   12 years ojw add layer names (not used in tileURL, but available in all the …
(edit) @5723   12 years ojw slightly improved handling of threaded downloads (check whether a …
(edit) @5722   12 years ojw first draft of separate thread for downloading tiles in background
(edit) @5721   12 years ojw Move the map tile code into its own module Add headers and usage …
(edit) @5720   12 years brent Oceantiles - Gulf of Carpentaria
(edit) @5719   12 years martinvoosterhout Update the and2osm program to output API 0.5 compatable output. I …
(edit) @5717   12 years richard 0.5d: drag Yahoo layer only
(edit) @5716   12 years martinvoosterhout Update the readme to inform users about the new features and how to …
(edit) @5715   12 years martinvoosterhout Add support for a --prefix option so that you can easily run multiple …
(edit) @5714   12 years deelkar typo
(edit) @5713   12 years deelkar fix regression introduced by batik support
(edit) @5712   12 years deelkar fix layer autoswitching bug in xy mode
(edit) @5711   12 years ojw Start using menus defined in textfiles, instead of hardcoded ones
(edit) @5710   12 years ojw Move "" to its parent directory
(edit) @5709   12 years ojw Split overlay module into helper files
(edit) @5708   12 years ojw Split overlay module into helper files
(edit) @5707   12 years brent Oceantiles - Gulf of Carpentaria
(edit) @5706   12 years bretth Added a PostgreSQL COPY file writer. Currently only writes node data.
(edit) @5704   12 years ojw rename some icons to match their menu name
(edit) @5703   12 years ojw Facilities for dumping the list of strings (to translate), list of …
(edit) @5702   12 years deelkar code beautification
(edit) @5701   12 years ojw Put menu definitions into a textfile
(edit) @5700   12 years deelkar seconds not tens of seconds
(edit) @5699   12 years ojw icon names to match menu titles
(edit) @5698   12 years ojw Some more stuff going into a base class (so e.g. …
(edit) @5697   12 years deelkar make the process % correct on upload
(edit) @5696   12 years hakan Really fixed the install target
(edit) @5695   12 years hakan Fixed output path
(edit) @5694   12 years hakan Ignore the build directory
(edit) @5693   12 years hakan Fixed install target
(edit) @5692   12 years hakan slippymap jar of SVN 5691
(edit) @5691   12 years hakan Drop-down preferences dialog for tile sources
(edit) @5690   12 years hakan pref.put() automatically saves, no need to do that again
(edit) @5689   12 years hakan Ask a Preferences holder for tile URLs
(edit) @5688   12 years deelkar the changes in rev 5682 to 5684 are adapted from code from Jocelyn …
(edit) @5687   12 years deelkar fork upload only if explicitly configured
(edit) @5686   12 years deelkar fork upload even when not rendering on multiple cores
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