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(edit) @5888   12 years ojw allow POI modules to turn-off drawing of their waypoints + link OSM …
(edit) @5887   12 years ojw Module that will load OSM points of interest. "find nearest pub that …
(edit) @5886   12 years ojw option to stop poi modules from drawing their layers
(edit) @5885   12 years ojw fix wrong "if" statement
(edit) @5884   12 years ojw Checks for OSM file already existing
(edit) @5883   12 years ojw try to load most recently used OSM data file on startup
(edit) @5882   12 years tabacha New German Josm Plungin (not realy full translated but a start)
(edit) @5881   12 years hakan Complete enough to produce data for turkish city borders
(edit) @5879   12 years deelkar apply patch from Rob Reid to avoid unnecessary upload calls
(edit) @5878   12 years hakan Use Admin level as per WIKI page
(edit) @5877   12 years hakan Ignore the target directory, too
(edit) @5876   12 years ojw Make zoom in/out buttons the right way around
(edit) @5875   12 years ojw Generalise checkbox code
(edit) @5874   12 years ojw Remove zoom buttons from main screen (since they're guaranteed to …
(edit) @5873   12 years hakan Test only with turkish data
(edit) @5872   12 years hakan Explain Data Source
(edit) @5871   12 years tomhughes Update tertiary shields to match latest change to font colour.
(edit) @5870   12 years stevechilton highway=tert smaller at z13/14, highway=tert text grey, tunnel for …
(edit) @5869   12 years ulf updates to latest changes in map features, add a "swimming" icon, …
(edit) @5867   12 years ulf the new style seems to be widely accepted, remove old "flat icon" style
(edit) @5866   12 years ojw make the "download" button work again (even though all of the new …
(edit) @5865   12 years ojw idea for a download menu
(edit) @5864   12 years ojw test for gps "select source" menu
(edit) @5863   12 years ojw icons for selecting things
(edit) @5862   12 years ojw Icons for selecting things
(edit) @5861   12 years ulf switch back to former Epsg4326 projection default after some …
(edit) @5860   12 years morwen stroke: on under-construction was making this not use highway-specific …
(edit) @5859   12 years ojw rename "mod_*" to "poi_*"
(edit) @5858   12 years ojw testing some rotated-screen stuff
(edit) @5857   12 years ojw idea for showing hints on startup
(edit) @5856   12 years ojw hint icon, for overlaying on map
(edit) @5855   12 years ojw hint icon
(edit) @5854   12 years ojw remove the "special-case" main menu button
(edit) @5853   12 years ojw Use tickmarks instead of circles to show the 3 transparent buttons …
(edit) @5852   12 years ojw Now that the zoom control is just buttons (zoom in/out), then mark …
(edit) @5851   12 years ojw tidy up
(edit) @5850   12 years ojw convert to an "integer zoom level" (so zooming isn't continuous, but …
(edit) @5849   12 years morwen render highway=pedestrian; area=yes as a filled-in area, for town …
(edit) @5848   12 years richard move preset tags and colours into config files
(edit) @5847   12 years hakan The Perl script is executable…
(edit) @5846   12 years hakan Oops
(edit) @5845   12 years hakan First dump of GADM
(edit) @5844   12 years hakan Importer for GADM data
(edit) @5843   12 years hakan Importer for GADM data
(edit) @5841   12 years morwen render abandoned [but still present] railway bridges …
(edit) @5839   12 years ojw try to identify GPX on your disk
(edit) @5838   12 years brent Oceantiles - Northern Territory
(edit) @5836   12 years richard slight revert changes
(edit) @5834   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: make tunnel=yes be equivalent to layer=-1 for rendering order
(edit) @5833   12 years deelkar quote paths to binaries
(edit) @5832   12 years ojw Allow recording of tracklogs
(edit) @5831   12 years ojw Move GPX loading function into GPX library + use it to load sketch …
(edit) @5830   12 years ojw Load and display GPX tracklogs
(edit) @5828   12 years deelkar provide better output in debug mode
(edit) @5826   12 years tomhughes Update shield creation script and rebuild tertiary road shields based …
(edit) @5825   12 years brent Oceantiles - Western Australia
(edit) @5824   12 years ulf change the default projection to Mercator
(edit) @5823   12 years stevechilton changed farm to light brown, lightened allotments, darkened tertiary …
(edit) @5822   12 years deelkar only zip png files
(edit) @5820   12 years hakan Added missing argument to GenerateSVG call
(edit) @5819   12 years ojw Save sketch files as GPX
(edit) @5818   12 years hakan Dump the first point in the first shape…
(edit) @5817   12 years hakan Startup
(edit) @5816   12 years hakan Eclipse project file for E-P-I-C
(edit) @5815   12 years hakan Don't keep data files in SVN
(edit) @5814   12 years hakan Script set to extract border information from Mapnik shape files
(edit) @5813   12 years deelkar quote strings in tahconfig for windows paths with spaces
(edit) @5812   12 years bretth Renamed osmosis-mysql-extract script to osmosis-extract-mysql to align …
(edit) @5811   12 years bretth Fixed build.xml to include resource files in the jar.
(edit) @5810   12 years bretth Fixed help text for osmosis-extract-mysql to use the correct date format.
(edit) @5809   12 years bretth Minor fixes to osmosis-extract-mysql functionality to improve usability.
(edit) @5808   12 years bretth Removed extra String.isEmpty occurrences.
(edit) @5807   12 years bretth Added note to future features to support new ';' escaping in tag fields.
(edit) @5806   12 years bretth Removed use of String.isEmpty to minimise Java5 incompatibility.
(edit) @5805   12 years deelkar add patch by Jocelyn Jaubert for forking xml2svg
(edit) @5802   12 years morwen take into account admin_level deciding which border style to use. …
(edit) @5801   12 years bretth Modified all xml output tasks to create files even if no records are …
(edit) @5800   12 years bretth osmosis-mysql-extract is now closer to complete and largely tested.
(edit) @5799   12 years jonb planet.c: Apply patch from Dave Stubbs to fix reading past end of …
(edit) @5798   12 years ulf add a branding image
(edit) @5794   12 years deelkar increase default maxdepth for xmlstarlet, make configurable
(edit) @5793   12 years ojw colour menu for sketch
(edit) @5792   12 years ojw change colours for sketch
(edit) @5791   12 years ojw Sketch onto geographic coordinates not screen ones
(edit) @5790   12 years ulf set preferences according to current JOSM default changes
(edit) @5789   12 years bretth Initial implementation of osmosis-extract-mysql tool completed. Untested.
(edit) @5788   12 years joerg map-icons...veterinarian.svg: remove half visible artefact
(edit) @5787   12 years hakan Add Eclipse project files
(edit) @5786   12 years ojw basics of sketch mode
(edit) @5785   12 years ojw basics of sketch mode
(edit) @5784   12 years ojw sketch mode
(edit) @5783   12 years ojw Different way of writing else
(edit) @5782   12 years ojw Generic icon if none supplied
(edit) @5781   12 years ojw Fix "can't download" bug
(edit) @5780   12 years deelkar Oslo version to force update
(edit) @5779   12 years deelkar force undefine so windows clients may delete tempfile
(edit) @5778   12 years deelkar fix freewheeling bug
(edit) @5777   12 years deelkar debug info
(edit) @5776   12 years deelkar minor changes/debug info
(edit) @5775   12 years deelkar reuse tempdir
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