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(edit) @7984   11 years richard Potlatch 0.9c
(edit) @7982   11 years amillar Remove spaces from predicates to avoid parsing problem
(edit) @7981   11 years patou add *,? and [] selectors in paintstyle for explanations , look at: …
(edit) @7979   11 years deelkar strip unneded spaces in predicates
(edit) @7978   11 years deelkar use full request URL in config, instead of building it in the client
(edit) @7977   11 years giggls render names of restaurants like pubnames
(edit) @7976   11 years martinvoosterhout Add some changes from Edgemaster for MinGW support, see #926
(edit) @7975   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Make -C option work (instead of just --cache). Remove …
(edit) @7974   11 years ojw cache of recently-used nodes, to avoid going back to the database too …
(edit) @7973   11 years ojw regular-expression parser; SAX seems quite slow
(edit) @7972   11 years ojw update 1
(edit) @7971   11 years deelkar make option list shorter
(edit) @7970   11 years deelkar fix warning about missing variables
(edit) @7969   11 years martinvoosterhout No new features, just plenty of error checking, growing the nodes …
(edit) @7968   11 years deelkar work around AppConfig? quirk with empty strings
(edit) @7967   11 years martinvoosterhout Fix for batik applied for the XSLT version.
(edit) @7966   11 years deelkar fix for Batik by Kleptog
(edit) @7965   11 years deelkar no trailing backslashes
(edit) @7964   11 years deelkar fix warning about missing variables
(edit) @7963   11 years deelkar apply patch by bobkare for showing access restrictions
(edit) @7962   11 years deelkar add preprocessor
(edit) @7961   11 years bretth Fixed a number of bugs in the replication script.
(edit) @7960   11 years deelkar bump client version
(edit) @7959   11 years deelkar add AppConfig? to and
(edit) @7958   11 years nenik Fix the javadoc link.
(edit) @7957   11 years deelkar add dummy required file
(edit) @7956   11 years deelkar fix typo (missing #)
(edit) @7955   11 years deelkar first cut at AppConfig?
(edit) @7954   11 years bretth Added a simple shell script for maintaining an up-to-date osm file locally.
(edit) @7953   11 years Chris Browet FIX: Make "Extract Drawing Layer" a bit more useful by removing a …
(edit) @7952   11 years nenik Fix the reference size to be really 100px for scale factor computation.
(edit) @7951   11 years bretth Updated the version to 0.28.1.
(edit) @7950   11 years bretth Updated the version to 0.28.
(edit) @7949   11 years bretth Added a maximum file download count feature to the change downloader …
(edit) @7948   11 years jonb Add explicit support for area= into osm2pgsql
(edit) @7947   11 years jonb Update osm2pgsql to remove minor memory leak of style data. Free up …
(edit) @7946   11 years jonb Optimise some SQL queries to minimise data from DB. Remove some …
(edit) @7945   11 years jonb sync osm.xml to osm-template.xml
(edit) @7943   11 years bretth Updated the version to 0.27.1.
(edit) @7942   11 years bretth Updated the version to 0.27 and updated the changes.txt file.
(edit) @7941   11 years bretth Added 0.6 versions of the new change downloader tasks.
(edit) @7939   11 years bretth Various bug fixes to the change downloader. Appears to be working …
(edit) @7938   11 years ojw Add warning about deleting all your data (oops) + only prepare one …
(edit) @7937   11 years bretth Added a minor fix to the change downloader configuration parser to …
(edit) @7936   11 years bretth Added change downloader tasks providing the basis for automatic …
(edit) @7935   11 years ojw split planet into tiles
(edit) @7934   11 years ojw mkdir
(edit) @7933   11 years sjors Download Australian tiles from server. Test a few tiles.
(edit) @7932   11 years frederik or/p fix for windows pathnames
(edit) @7929   11 years nenik Replace empty dataset when opening a new one.
(edit) @7928   11 years nenik Provide a real-world-size transformation during painting.
(edit) @7927   11 years stevechilton Match widths of mway, trunk and primary across zooms, bring in …
(edit) @7926   11 years stevechilton Change to peak, cliff symbols, added cliff2
(edit) @7925   11 years ojw If the lat/long is not supplied, load-up the GPX file and figure it …
(edit) @7924   11 years ojw Add error messages if we get redirected back from the map page + …
(edit) @7923   11 years nic Windows (MinGW) port complete and remarkebly responsive ! WinCE progress
(edit) @7922   11 years richard Potlatch 0.9b
(edit) @7921   11 years ojw note the change of file format
(edit) @7920   11 years ojw UTF-8 for HTML generation too
(edit) @7919   11 years ojw charset
(edit) @7918   11 years ojw redirect to the list of tracks, if none was specified
(edit) @7917   11 years ojw RSS parser to display the recent tracklogs on OSM
(edit) @7916   11 years ojw viewer for the binary files
(edit) @7915   11 years ojw reduce resolution slightly, seems to help with eastern-hemisphere tracks?
(edit) @7914   11 years patou Fix Segmentation fault when uploading a newly created relation
(edit) @7913   11 years ojw add note about y positions not being interpolable in latitude
(edit) @7912   11 years ojw add test facility for GPX reading
(edit) @7911   11 years ojw remove the option to store positions as floating point
(edit) @7910   11 years ojw add gpl
(edit) @7909   11 years ojw header, description, and license for tile/gpx
(edit) @7908   11 years ojw remove code for interpolating positions onto a tile - not the job of …
(edit) @7907   11 years ojw add public-domain header
(edit) @7906   11 years ojw remove unused files
(edit) @7905   11 years ojw Optimisations: * store bounding box in the binary files * check …
(edit) @7904   11 years ojw First version of the GPX slippy map
(edit) @7903   11 years ojw create directory for gpx renderer
(edit) @7901   11 years nic No longer links with gpsd, but will instead get the location using …
(edit) @7898   11 years newmka Fix bug where hgv was written as psv; Tidy up code by transforming …
(edit) @7896   11 years nic Changes : Support for OSM API 0.5 Rebuild larger planets with less …
(edit) @7895   11 years nic
(edit) @7893   11 years Dirk Stoecker I feel I can add me to the authors :-) Made the file UTF-8 thus
(edit) @7892   11 years Dirk Stoecker add QT version to about request
(edit) @7891   11 years frederik fix grid
(edit) @7890   11 years giggls give amenity=shelter a more appropriate size
(edit) @7889   12 years giggls revert inadvertently change to amenity=parking
(edit) @7888   12 years giggls add rendering for amenity=shelter with and without fireplace=yes
(edit) @7886   12 years richard temporarily disable OAM
(edit) @7884   12 years richard don't set _alpha so often when ways dimmed
(edit) @7883   12 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @7882   12 years newmka Minor cleanup and reorganization of mp2osm.
(edit) @7881   12 years newmka Updated mp2osm: Added Garmin type to OSM tag mapping. This script …
(edit) @7880   12 years sjors Trunk, branches, tags. Added basic README
(edit) @7879   12 years sjors
(edit) @7875   12 years Chris Browet FIX: French translation update
(edit) @7871   12 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @7870   12 years dantje [ADD] Open/Import? multiple files
(edit) @7868   12 years bvh FIX : prepare for a new windows binary release
(edit) @7867   12 years newmka Update mp2osm to preserve routing topology and parse RouteParam? for …
(edit) @7866   12 years tomhughes Include limits.h for PATH_MAX definition.
(edit) @7864   12 years bvh Draw a scale -> closes #761 -> refs #913
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