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(edit) @8083   11 years richard version that reads .osm files too
(edit) @8082   11 years ojw interface design for controlling pyroute while it's attached to your PC
(edit) @8081   11 years ojw outline of some code to write
(edit) @8080   11 years ojw mkdir
(edit) @8079   11 years nenik Implement way reversal through visitor.
(edit) @8078   11 years nenik Add and use visitor (not full pattern yet).
(edit) @8077   11 years ojw bugfixes - broken cache, and allow single or double quotes
(edit) @8076   11 years dantje FIX : German translation
(edit) @8075   11 years amillar oceantiles for Lake Titicaca
(edit) @8074   11 years grenzdebil
(edit) @8073   11 years grenzdebil
(edit) @8071   11 years studerap fixed typo
(edit) @8070   11 years deelkar reset no data counter on success
(edit) @8069   11 years studerap fixed problem with aerialway struts and bezier curves
(edit) @8068   11 years bvh ADD : Czech translation by Tom Mika
(edit) @8065   11 years Chris Browet FIX : History window now displays UTF8 (fixes #945)
(edit) @8064   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Bookmark created from "Download from web" immediately added to …
(edit) @8063   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Tags undo was pretty much broken (closes #949)
(edit) @8058   11 years studerap Disable bezier curves for buildings, powerlines and aerialways on …
(edit) @8057   11 years amillar oceantiles_12.dat for Myanmar coastline
(edit) @8056   11 years Dirk Stoecker added versioned osmarender plugin
(edit) @8054   11 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @8053   11 years studerap no bezier curves when object has no-bezier class
(edit) @8052   11 years studerap no bezier hinting tag enabled. see change in
(edit) @8051   11 years deelkar add debug info
(edit) @8050   11 years deelkar retain new version string
(edit) @8049   11 years deelkar enable serverside-controlled auto-update of client in normal, xy and …
(edit) @8048   11 years spaetz revert last change, make z6 captions show city name again
(edit) @8046   11 years spaetz lowzoom at z=6 should render country names, not cities.
(edit) @8045   11 years Dirk Stoecker hopefully this is the right way to publish new plugin versions
(edit) @8044   11 years Dirk Stoecker updated
(edit) @8043   11 years Dirk Stoecker applied patch for bug #774
(edit) @8039   11 years deelkar use different http-alt port 8008 instead of 8000 (conflicts with JOSM YWMS)
(edit) @8037   11 years deelkar be more verbose and handle XAPI errors better
(edit) @8036   11 years nenik First step towards giant data sets support: split backing store from …
(edit) @8035   11 years nenik Formatter for logger-based timings.
(edit) @8034   11 years nic Fine tune scale_max
(edit) @8033   11 years dantje FIX : Update undo button state after upload
(edit) @8032   11 years ojw update header
(edit) @8031   11 years ojw minor updates
(edit) @8030   11 years nic Fix rebuild with tens of millions of nds
(edit) @8029   11 years ojw wrapper for the routing module, which outputs as GPX (either as a …
(edit) @8028   11 years ojw updated routing module to use the tile data system
(edit) @8027   11 years ojw store lat/lon internally?
(edit) @8026   11 years ojw only download each tile once
(edit) @8025   11 years ojw some more routing-only optimisations, plus 'search nearest route …
(edit) @8024   11 years ojw filter by transport type at load-time
(edit) @8023   11 years ojw data supply for a new version of pyroute library
(edit) @8022   11 years ojw mkdir
(edit) @8021   11 years giggls Remove inconsistency of not rendering railway=incline in Zoom levels …
(edit) @8020   11 years amillar oceantiles fixes for Myanmar
(edit) @8019   11 years newmka Fix line endings for osmosis.bat; add svn:eol-style=CRLF property.
(edit) @8018   11 years newmka Created Osmosis.bat batch file to mirror "osmosis" shell script …
(edit) @8017   11 years amillar Vancouver BC
(edit) @8016   11 years amillar Vancouver, BC and Strait of Georgia
(edit) @8015   11 years dantje ADD : Make URL in about window selectable (by Max Vasilev)
(edit) @8013   11 years sjors Load all tiles in the database. Verifies that all tiles are inserted …
(edit) @8012   11 years sjors Insert one tile in database * Use Psycopg2 for insert in stead of …
(edit) @8011   11 years sjors Created test database & more tests. * Created test database. …
(edit) @8010   11 years sjors Refactored for GDAL. Used GDAL [1] to import the …
(edit) @8009   11 years nenik HiFi? rendering.
(edit) @8008   11 years tomhughes Sync with template.
(edit) @8007   11 years tomhughes Support shields up to 6 characters for motorways and 8 characters for …
(edit) @8006   11 years nenik React to the projection switch in the GPX layer as well.
(edit) @8005   11 years nic Correct handling of juntion=roundabout
(edit) @8004   11 years nenik Runtime projection switching.
(edit) @8003   11 years nenik Add the sinusoidal projection (mostly for testing anyway).
(edit) @8002   11 years nic Fixed routing
(edit) @8001   11 years deelkar return no error when there was nothing to upload to start with
(edit) @8000   11 years mungewell Clean up of the RelarionRoute? stuff
(edit) @7999   11 years deelkar actually use pi
(edit) @7998   11 years nic Working A* routing If no route exist, a promising route will be …
(edit) @7996   11 years richard fix node relations bug (thanks Dave!)
(edit) @7995   11 years deelkar patch by mungewell, fixes error about not defined
(edit) @7993   11 years deelkar be a bit more verbose about why the server refused to send work
(edit) @7991   11 years deelkar wait for upload child processes before reexec
(edit) @7990   11 years deelkar forgot to do the actual fetching
(edit) @7989   11 years deelkar hardcode predicate
(edit) @7988   11 years deelkar fall back to OSMXAPI on "no data here" errors, configurable
(edit) @7987   11 years deelkar make optipng non-optional if explicitly set in config
(edit) @7986   11 years deelkar add debug info for slice download
(edit) @7985   11 years mungewell Added the ability to render RelationRoutes?, disabled by default set …
(edit) @7984   11 years richard Potlatch 0.9c
(edit) @7982   11 years amillar Remove spaces from predicates to avoid parsing problem
(edit) @7981   11 years patou add *,? and [] selectors in paintstyle for explanations , look at: …
(edit) @7979   11 years deelkar strip unneded spaces in predicates
(edit) @7978   11 years deelkar use full request URL in config, instead of building it in the client
(edit) @7977   11 years giggls render names of restaurants like pubnames
(edit) @7976   11 years martinvoosterhout Add some changes from Edgemaster for MinGW support, see #926
(edit) @7975   11 years jonb osm2pgsql: Make -C option work (instead of just --cache). Remove …
(edit) @7974   11 years ojw cache of recently-used nodes, to avoid going back to the database too …
(edit) @7973   11 years ojw regular-expression parser; SAX seems quite slow
(edit) @7972   11 years ojw update 1
(edit) @7971   11 years deelkar make option list shorter
(edit) @7970   11 years deelkar fix warning about missing variables
(edit) @7969   11 years martinvoosterhout No new features, just plenty of error checking, growing the nodes …
(edit) @7968   11 years deelkar work around AppConfig? quirk with empty strings
(edit) @7967   11 years martinvoosterhout Fix for batik applied for the XSLT version.
(edit) @7966   11 years deelkar fix for Batik by Kleptog
(edit) @7965   11 years deelkar no trailing backslashes
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