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(edit) @8218   12 years matt_gnu osmarender: change rendering of sport-areas; according to wiki they …
(edit) @8217   12 years giggls Add rendering of military areas
(edit) @8216   12 years nick improvements to tile caching system
(edit) @8215   12 years dantje Merge branch 'splitRoad'
(edit) @8214   12 years amillar Oceantiles fixes
(edit) @8213   12 years amillar oceantiles
(edit) @8212   12 years amillar coastline oceantiles
(edit) @8211   12 years Chris Browet FIX : tweak the NMEA import + don't add extracts to the history FIX : …
(edit) @8209   12 years spaetz enable simplistic POI rendering for now.
(edit) @8208   12 years deelkar fix typo, spotted by Rodolphe Quiédeville
(edit) @8207   12 years spaetz ability to use multiple styles for a way. This actually looks rather nice.
(edit) @8206   12 years newmka Bug fix (add trailing comma to single item sequences) …
(edit) @8205   12 years nick number of glitches hopefully ironed out but not tested on mobile device yet
(edit) @8204   12 years nick number of glitches hopefully ironed out but not tested on mobile device yet
(edit) @8203   12 years dantje FIX : Reorder init list to silence compiler warning
(edit) @8202   12 years dantje ADD : Arrow keys move the map (by Rainer Keller)
(edit) @8201   12 years dantje FIX : Segfaults in destructors
(edit) @8200   12 years cmarqu Start working on a MapnikPlus?.mas style with lots more icons.
(edit) @8199   12 years deelkar quote executable paths
(edit) @8198   12 years deelkar Improve on logging, patch from Rodolphe Quiedeville
(edit) @8197   12 years Chris Browet FIX : reinstate the possibility to delete layers
(edit) @8196   12 years deelkar use correct logfile
(edit) @8195   12 years deelkar fix var declaration
(edit) @8194   12 years deelkar add progress logging, heavily modified patch, originally by Rodolphe …
(edit) @8193   12 years spaetz bomb out of downloading for all exceptions rather than only IOError
(edit) @8192   12 years spaetz don't save HTTP error 500 messages as .osm file
(edit) @8191   12 years spaetz use quoteattr rather than escape from saxutils which also escapes …
(edit) @8190   12 years spaetz fix typo
(edit) @8189   12 years spaetz 1)encode the xml values properlyin OsmMerge? (quotation marks in values …
(edit) @8188   12 years bretth Fixed the launch scripts as per a patch by Jochen Topf.
(edit) @8187   12 years bretth Modified the pgsql simple dump writer code and database writer code to …
(edit) @8186   12 years guenther - adding poi key
(edit) @8185   12 years spaetz use cache structure of 'cache/z/x/y.osm' rather than …
(edit) @8184   12 years spaetz use zoom level 15 by default, no fun for the first time user otherwise.
(edit) @8183   12 years spaetz reworked URL param handling for permalinks. final version.
(edit) @8182   12 years spaetz implement area filling in pyrender
(edit) @8181   12 years spaetz fix URL var parsing, so that permalinks really work now. tested.
(edit) @8180   12 years spaetz split of query string in URL parsing, so permalinks actually work now.
(edit) @8179   12 years spaetz Cairo only takes color values between 0 and 1, converting values
(edit) @8178   12 years spaetz Actually make use off the imageBackgroundColour of tiles
(edit) @8177   12 years spaetz actually write out xml file in UTF-8 encoding
(edit) @8176   12 years cmarqu Last attempt to set svn:externals failed, start anew.
(edit) @8175   12 years dantje FIX : memory leak found by valgrind
(edit) @8174   12 years cmarqu Add svn:externals for Gpsdrive icons, part 2.
(edit) @8173   12 years cmarqu Add svn:externals for Gpsdrive icons.
(edit) @8172   12 years dantje FIX : Dirty objects counter nitpicking
(edit) @8171   12 years deelkar patch by jiri to fix Illegal division by zero error
(edit) @8170   12 years newmka Fixed bug: Clear out routing node mappings after …
(edit) @8168   12 years Chris Browet FIX : when cascade removing, not all children are deleted if they are …
(edit) @8167   12 years Chris Browet Beware! This one is big and probably bugged. It just became too big to …
(edit) @8166   12 years spaetz remove README file. OJW has provided a readme.svg already. :-)
(edit) @8165   12 years spaetz add a README file to pyrender, to make it clear what this thing is.
(edit) @8164   12 years spaetz overly pyrender layer transparently over osmarender layer
(edit) @8163   12 years bretth Fixed the --write-pgsql-simple-dump task to properly escape '\' characters.
(edit) @8162   12 years mungewell Fixed bug where 'oneway' tag would overwrite 'attrib' and be applied …
(edit) @8161   12 years mungewell Fixed 'footway' bug Removed attribution and RoadID from nodes within …
(edit) @8160   12 years amillar oceantiles
(edit) @8159   12 years joerg use 0 instead of 0{@{}}, since it is deprecated in newer perl
(edit) @8158   12 years joerg use 0 instead of 0{@{}}, since it is deprecated in newer perl
(edit) @8157   12 years jonb mod_tile: Check for bad status during directory creation or rename
(edit) @8156   12 years jonb mod_tile: Print warning message if directory creation or rename fails
(edit) @8155   12 years joerg Removing osm2pqsql from debian package, since it no longer compiles on …
(edit) @8154   12 years dantje FIX : Start new road from selected node
(edit) @8153   12 years jonb mod_tile: Fix segv crash due to signed/unsigned mismatch error
(edit) @8151   12 years amillar oceantiles
(edit) @8148   12 years amillar oceantiles
(edit) @8147   12 years jonb sync with osm.xml
(edit) @8146   12 years patou New style for city/village/hamlet Patch by max@… close #965
(edit) @8145   12 years patou Translatable units (m and km) patch by max@… close #966
(edit) @8144   12 years giggls add landuse=quarry
(edit) @8143   12 years stevehill Added "road" to layers.
(edit) @8140   12 years hakan Ignore cache directories
(edit) @8139   12 years hakan Make cache file names more explorer-friendly
(edit) @8138   12 years nick initial commit of FreemapMobile?
(edit) @8137   12 years nick initial commit of FreemapMobile?
(edit) @8135   12 years patou update french translation
(edit) @8134   12 years stevechilton Add landuse=quarry, man_made=pier, and bring in highway=pedestrian at z13
(edit) @8133   12 years stevechilton 2 PNGs for landuse=quarry
(edit) @8131   12 years ojw add filter for localhost browsing only
(edit) @8130   12 years patou Italian translation by tsdogs@… close #960
(edit) @8129   12 years ojw IDs for routes created
(edit) @8128   12 years andrew Oceantiles fix for Faroe Islands.
(edit) @8127   12 years ojw testing persistant data on the server with a simple pickled hash
(edit) @8122   12 years ojw for now, use a fixed filename for the route (though browser cache will …
(edit) @8121   12 years ojw don't display nonexistant route files
(edit) @8120   12 years ojw CSV output (id,lat,lon on each line)
(edit) @8119   12 years ojw create routes as CSV files + add tile images for displaying routes
(edit) @8118   12 years ojw remove xml dependancy
(edit) @8117   12 years ojw generate tile images of a route
(edit) @8116   12 years ojw outline code for doing transparent tile overlays
(edit) @8115   12 years ojw add outline support for serving routes on web interface
(edit) @8114   12 years ojw move weighting to a module
(edit) @8113   12 years ojw limit the route to just start/end for now + add button to send it to a …
(edit) @8109   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Allow printf style arguments to pgsql_exec(). Use table …
(edit) @8108   12 years ojw start listing those points
(edit) @8106   12 years breki Added Brejc.Common.Library sources. Added build files for VS 2008. …
(edit) @8105   12 years deelkar add subversion config check
(edit) @8104   12 years Dirk Stoecker added russian translation
(edit) @8103   12 years amillar oceantiles for Myanmar
(edit) @8102   12 years sjors Space saving measures * Changed altitude from double to smallint to …
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