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(edit) @8459   11 years Dirk Stoecker some more translations
(edit) @8458   11 years Dirk Stoecker added suburb
(edit) @8457   11 years Dirk Stoecker removed warning
(edit) @8455   11 years ojw *try* calling pyrender directly (this doesn't work yet)
(edit) @8454   11 years ojw inform on loaded modules + move default position (to match my PC!)
(edit) @8453   11 years ojw put some config options into a module (hardcoded for now)
(edit) @8452   11 years ojw don't try to replay empty or nonexistant files
(edit) @8451   11 years ojw add blank cache directory
(edit) @8450   11 years nenik josm-ng: Spare some memory for ways.
(edit) @8449   11 years deelkar fix invalid version detection for non-existent optipng, patch from …
(edit) @8448   11 years nenik josm-ng: Support reading gzipped files.
(edit) @8447   11 years spaetz add basic usage instruction to the server
(edit) @8446   11 years nenik josm-ng: Remove dead (and now not compilable) code.
(edit) @8445   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Yukon River delta in Alaska
(edit) @8444   11 years isortega OSM WMS: first upload of a version that seems to work with heavy WMS …
(edit) @8441   11 years nic Many new options for WinCE : AnsiCodePage?, ShowCoordinates? Added the …
(edit) @8440   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Aleutian Islands
(edit) @8439   11 years nenik josm-ng: Speed up moving large ways in large datasets.
(edit) @8437   11 years nenik josm-ng: Update the test for the changed OsmPrimitive? API.
(edit) @8435   11 years ojw try using module path to import just by name
(edit) @8434   11 years giggls Adjust color of sport=tennis to be less obtrusive
(edit) @8432   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Wallis and Futuna island
(edit) @8431   11 years deelkar switch default osmarender to XSLT
(edit) @8430   11 years jonb mod_tile: Remove the map_lock. If this causes corrupted map tiles then …
(edit) @8429   11 years jonb oms-template.xml: Sync to osm.xml
(edit) @8428   11 years cmarqu Add some more icons to the MapnikPlus? style.
(edit) @8427   11 years jonb mod_tile: fix typo
(edit) @8426   11 years cmarqu Add more icons from …
(edit) @8425   11 years jonb mod_tile: Move map style & font location into render_config.h. Fix up …
(edit) @8424   11 years ojw controllable zoom levels
(edit) @8423   11 years ojw handle zoom requests
(edit) @8422   11 years ojw fix messages + remove unused message handler
(edit) @8421   11 years ojw use icons for buttons
(edit) @8420   11 years ojw add module to load, store, and draw icons
(edit) @8419   11 years ojw copy icons directory from pyroute
(edit) @8418   11 years ojw swap
(edit) @8417   11 years ojw clean
(edit) @8416   11 years ojw first draft of the zoom/menu buttonset
(edit) @8414   11 years cmarqu Fix typo.
(edit) @8413   11 years bobkare Fixed a stupid syntax error I introduced in r8404
(edit) @8412   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: coast of Siberia
(edit) @8410   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Also update browserimagemanager
(edit) @8409   11 years Chris Browet FIX : pixmap from background images were not freed, leading to ever …
(edit) @8407   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Long Island Sound
(edit) @8406   11 years ojw switch to pyrender as default renderer (note: this requires pyrender …
(edit) @8405   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Lake Tahoe
(edit) @8404   11 years bobkare Big cleanup of highway areas. Closes #700
(edit) @8403   11 years stevechilton Tracktypes rendered for normal, bridges and tunnels
(edit) @8402   11 years ojw change own symbol to triangle
(edit) @8401   11 years ojw max/avg speed
(edit) @8400   11 years ojw max and average speed
(edit) @8399   11 years Chris Browet FIX : problem with map adapters having limited zoom range (e.g. …
(edit) @8398   11 years ojw projection code from old pyroute
(edit) @8397   11 years ojw Update map centre every 2 seconds, and request a redraw
(edit) @8396   11 years ojw is an overlay not a map layer
(edit) @8395   11 years ojw better drawing of map tiles (still temporary code that needs moving) + …
(edit) @8394   11 years ojw drawoverlay function separate to map drawing
(edit) @8393   11 years ojw Make overlays separate from map drawing
(edit) @8392   11 years Chris Browet ADD : Style tag selector by type (e.g "Type is TrackPoint?") and …
(edit) @8389   11 years ojw add a copy of the slippy map tile calculations
(edit) @8388   11 years ojw keep map centred on current position
(edit) @8387   11 years ojw limit bearings to range 0..360
(edit) @8386   11 years ojw calculate bearing
(edit) @8385   11 years ojw geographic calculations
(edit) @8384   11 years ojw add speed and bearing information
(edit) @8383   11 years ojw basic module for calculating speed
(edit) @8380   11 years ojw Allow replaying a GPX file as position info
(edit) @8379   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Bug with node merge (fixed #984)
(edit) @8376   11 years Chris Browet FIX : Selecting a feature in the properties dock did not update the …
(edit) @8375   11 years bretth Fixed the change downloader task so that the option for limiting the …
(edit) @8374   11 years amillar Oceantiles fixes: Caspian Sea
(edit) @8373   11 years ojw fix usage instructions - this version doesn't support any of the stuff …
(edit) @8372   11 years ojw remove some debugging output
(edit) @8371   11 years ojw outline of how to draw map image tiles
(edit) @8370   11 years ojw request and display information about the road we're on
(edit) @8369   11 years ojw module to find which road you're on
(edit) @8368   11 years ojw update date in file header
(edit) @8367   11 years ojw add a date/time display
(edit) @8366   11 years ojw allow proper selecting of overlay modes, allowing different bits of …
(edit) @8365   11 years ojw allow toggling of which field is displayed when overlay clicked on
(edit) @8364   11 years ojw registering areas as sending a message on click
(edit) @8363   11 years ojw message-routing interfaces
(edit) @8362   11 years ojw message-handling module
(edit) @8361   11 years giggls * Adjust color of sport=tennis to be less obtrusive * Add rendering of …
(edit) @8360   11 years bobkare Whitespace cleanup, as well as a couple of minor things
(edit) @8359   11 years ojw Add click handler
(edit) @8358   11 years ojw display position as overlay
(edit) @8356   11 years ojw drawing functions
(edit) @8355   11 years ojw outline of a module which can display text on screen
(edit) @8354   11 years ojw remove debug text
(edit) @8353   11 years ojw more overridable functions
(edit) @8352   11 years nic Make pak file path relative to gosm_arm.exe
(edit) @8350   11 years ojw make it easier to use module status messages
(edit) @8349   11 years ojw module for connecting to GPSD. untested
(edit) @8348   11 years ojw just a module to get position from textfile instead of a real GPS
(edit) @8347   11 years ojw check everything shares the new name ;)
(edit) @8346   11 years ojw take the outline of the pyroute windowing code, but make the modules …
(edit) @8345   11 years bretth Added a simple shell script for fixing source code line endings and …
(edit) @8344   11 years nic Added on-screen buttons for finger operation. Replaced NMEA recording …
(edit) @8343   11 years bretth Cleaned up some invalid javadoc method parameter descriptions.
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