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(edit) @9465   12 years frederik - remote control plugin for JOSM is now usable.
(edit) @9464   12 years ojw consecutive numbered waypoints across sessions
(edit) @9463   12 years oreimann - http source address changed - new switch added
(edit) @9462   12 years ojw some more waypoints stuff
(edit) @9458   12 years ojw [nonfunctional] GUI idea for creating waypoints with a simple screen-press
(edit) @9455   12 years Chris Browet FIX : rounding errors with Yahoo! image adapter
(edit) @9454   12 years Dirk Stoecker unified with josm design, do not yet use SideButton? to reduce dependencies
(edit) @9448   12 years jonb Move text for amenity=place_of_worship to dy=10 to make it render
(edit) @9446   12 years jonb sync osm-template.xml with osm.xml r9443
(edit) @9445   12 years jonb Set mime-type to image/png on all Mapnik PNG symbols
(edit) @9444   12 years andreas allow manually setting PERL_SITELIB
(edit) @9443   12 years stevechilton Change place_of_worship to rectangle (new PNG). Specific types will follow
(edit) @9442   12 years stevechilton New place_of_worship PNG
(edit) @9441   12 years andreas add missing include to compile with gcc-4.3
(edit) @9440   12 years ojw Store one tracklog per session, with a timestamp
(edit) @9439   12 years frederik new build of surveyor plugin, old one crashes with current josm (this …
(edit) @9438   12 years ojw add scalebar
(edit) @9437   12 years ojw draw dots for tracklog
(edit) @9436   12 years ojw utility for converting a minimal lat/long format to GPX files (with …
(edit) @9435   12 years ojw outline of tracklogs module
(edit) @9434   12 years ojw Outline of a module which will display lat/long grids on map …
(edit) @9433   12 years bretth Moved the replicate osm file script into the contrib script directory. …
(edit) @9432   12 years tabacha added Simmelsdorf Polygon
(edit) @9431   12 years deelkar previous commit was a patch from juebuchner, not my own work, this one …
(edit) @9430   12 years deelkar add inkscape locale fix for windows, may be useful for linux, too?
(edit) @9429   12 years matthiasj correct error message when server is not responding at version check
(edit) @9424   12 years ritzert The new mod_tah is stricter about the request URI.
(edit) @9423   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed date string for log
(edit) @9422   12 years Dirk Stoecker only test version, when actually read from server
(edit) @9421   12 years stotz Some smaller changes to the controller
(edit) @9420   12 years Chris Browet FIX : removed POI icon from Classic and Mapnick, kept in MapnickPlus?. …
(edit) @9419   12 years nic Workaround for bug
(edit) @9418   12 years frederik JAR file for RemoteControl?
(edit) @9417   12 years frederik very early first version of RemoteControl? plugin for JOSM, allowing …
(edit) @9416   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10b
(edit) @9415   12 years frederik dir for new remotecontrol plugin
(edit) @9414   12 years deelkar remove XAPI fallback from tilesAtHome.conf-templates
(edit) @9413   12 years deelkar fix typo
(edit) @9412   12 years deelkar use POST for client talkback
(edit) @9411   12 years deelkar make the client put abort info in appropriate fields
(edit) @9410   12 years spaetz use separate client feedback API which resets all active requests
(edit) @9408   12 years frederik removed Preprocessor line for POI layer
(edit) @9400   12 years christofd added patch from Marcus Wolschon to make it compile again
(edit) @9398   12 years frederik - removed username rendering on Osmarender z17, removed all …
(edit) @9395   12 years sjors Shared some common functionality of Postgres and App Engine import scripts.
(edit) @9394   12 years sjors Copied files to import to the Google App Engine. Source: …
(edit) @9393   12 years sjors Move database activity into a seperate class.
(edit) @9392   12 years newmka Osmosis: Add back NO_USER instance, add USER_ID_NONE and use it in …
(edit) @9391   12 years newmka Osmosis: Update XML constants for 0.6.
(edit) @9389   12 years newmka Osmosis: Fixed store write/read mismatch in OsmUser?. Fixed JavaDoc?
(edit) @9388   12 years bvh ADD : updated translation
(edit) @9381   12 years deelkar change default osmarender processor back to or/p
(edit) @9379   12 years bretth Merged in local domain changes for 0.6 support, mostly formatting.
(edit) @9375   12 years bretth Updated to preserve the user id if no user name is available. Removed …
(edit) @9373   12 years jonb osm-template: Update shields to use fontset (needs latest Mapnik SVN)
(edit) @9372   12 years frederik improved to emit proper multipolygons, thus fixing or/p …
(edit) @9371   12 years frederik new build of utilsplugin with changed default for SimplifyWay?
(edit) @9370   12 years frederik changed default max-error for SimplifyWay? to 3 metres (was 50)
(edit) @9369   12 years newmka Osmosis: Removed unnecessary import from OsmUserTest?
(edit) @9368   12 years Chris Browet ADD : translations to windows package ADD : windows executable icon
(edit) @9353   12 years richard Potlatch 0.10a
(edit) @9352   12 years jonb osm-template-fontset.xml: sync with current osm-template.xml
(edit) @9351   12 years jonb mapnik: add a template with unicode fontset as fallback. Not …
(edit) @9350   12 years newmka Implemented one more unit test in Osmosis to get rid of "not …
(edit) @9349   12 years Chris Browet FIX : typo in the CZ add to
(edit) @9347   12 years bvh Added translations to pro file
(edit) @9346   12 years bvh FIX : updated czech translation
(edit) @9340   12 years merio Osmarender Frontend: added zurich_google osm file, now an svg symbol …
(edit) @9331   12 years isortega Typo (missing parenthesis) in WMS
(edit) @9330   12 years isortega WMS now features basic osmarender support (only z17), as well as more bugs.
(edit) @9317   12 years jonb osm-template.xml: syn to osm.xml r9314
(edit) @9316   12 years jonb osm2pgsql: Drop any left over tmp tables at start of import
(edit) @9315   12 years jonb Add aerialway as linear way type to osm2pgsql
(edit) @9314   12 years stevechilton Add tunnel for narrow-gauge, add cable_car and chair_lift
(edit) @9313   12 years stevechilton png symbols for cable_car and chair_lift
(edit) @9305   12 years Chris Browet Created folder remotely
(edit) @9304   12 years newmka Add most of the support for API 0.6 to Osmosis. Database tasks still …
(edit) @9303   12 years giggls correct typo "bicyle" instead of bicycle as intended
(edit) @9302   12 years joerg Add HOME as basedir for Debugging
(edit) @9301   12 years joerg perl_lib/Geo/Tracks/ honor endline
(edit) @9300   12 years jonb update planet dump script to add md5sum files
(edit) @9296   12 years matthiasj render most railways before highways
(edit) @9291   12 years sjors Unzips the files during the database insert and cleans up …
(edit) @9290   12 years frederik extended version of osmcut.c to copy nodes into up to four output …
(edit) @9289   12 years stotz
(edit) @9288   12 years stotz Improved implementation of MemoryTileCache?; JMapViwer now paints map …
(edit) @9284   12 years matthiasj don't try to use a pngnq version below 0.5 since 0.4 doesn't know …
(edit) @9283   12 years matthiasj move check for zip into CheckBasicConfig?()
(edit) @9282   12 years nic Roundabouts should now be verbalized correctly.
(edit) @9281   12 years nepos Fix small typo in comparision
(edit) @9280   12 years nic WinCE: Utter commands "turnleft/right", "keepleft/right", "stop" and …
(edit) @9279   12 years Dirk Stoecker added fixing for whitespace warnings
(edit) @9276   12 years Chris Browet FIX : crash when splitting closed road. Functionality to reveiew after …
(edit) @9275   12 years deelkar Change from 64 to 256 color palette
(edit) @9274   12 years Dirk Stoecker some cleanups
(edit) @9273   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed partial changes from february
(edit) @9271   12 years bobkare Farms now rendered on top of wood. Fixes #1006
(edit) @9270   12 years Dirk Stoecker skip not-uploaded stuff for ignore
(edit) @9269   12 years Dirk Stoecker added first parts of new TagChecker? and ignore warnings possibility
(edit) @9268   12 years deelkar switch off XAPI fallback default
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