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(edit) @1316   13 years nick Hacked area (ie ways with particular tags) support added. The high …
(edit) @1276   13 years nick Note tag now supported for ways; railways should show up properly
(edit) @1252   13 years nick changed track back to unsurfaced, used more, map features probably …
(edit) @1222   13 years nick Batch upload now creates way; RUPPs; change tagging from unsurfaced to …
(edit) @1215   13 years nick Some usability enhancements... more user-friendly way construction
(edit) @1208   13 years nick Search added (UK only)
(edit) @1197   13 years nick Repositioned off-screen test to improve rendering speed
(edit) @1193   13 years nick Start on tiled OSM retrieval; internal changes to classes
(edit) @1162   13 years nick Initial commit of qt4 version of osmeditor2 - removed moc files
(edit) @1161   13 years nick Initial commit of qt4 version of osmeditor2
(edit) @1160   13 years nick move current version to qt3 dir
(edit) @1159   13 years nick commit error fix
(edit) @1158   13 years nick moved current version to qt3 directory in preparation for qt4
(edit) @1155   13 years nick landsat bug fixed, I think
(edit) @1154   13 years nick Applied patches for gcc4, Gentoo and Fedora; fixed signal/slot …
(edit) @1153   13 years nick All keys now preserved; segment types optionally shown again
(edit) @1133   13 years nick Way names shown; names of segments not in ways do not
(edit) @1128   13 years nick many enhancements -- see mailing list message 07/07/06
(edit) @1058   13 years nick segment splitting doesn't break ways; new conventions for nodes as …
(copy) @1044   13 years steve more reorganisation
copied from osm-editor:
(edit) @1022   13 years nick
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