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(edit) @1846   14 years joerg set executable property
(edit) @1799   14 years nickburch Fix the indent, and explain what VFetch is actually up to
(edit) @1798   14 years nickburch More useful display of uploading text, and also show downloading text
(edit) @1795   14 years nickburch Add more comments to the edit code, and update node and segment xml …
(edit) @1794   14 years nickburch Move to supporting more useful things on the basic tab
(edit) @1793   14 years nickburch Take copies of nodes and ways, as we already did for segments, before …
(edit) @1792   14 years nickburch Finish adding back the zoom stuff
(edit) @1791   14 years nickburch At Steve's request, put back the zoom in/out support from Nick Black …
(edit) @1790   14 years nickburch Have image http downloads have a proper timeout, and have them retry …
(edit) @1780   14 years steve add created_by tags to track applet usage
(edit) @1779   14 years steve yahoo applet bits. yes, yahoo!
(edit) @1610   14 years nickb nickb: updated for new GUI elements
(edit) @1507   14 years nickb nickb: zoom icons for applet
(edit) @1506   14 years nickb nickb: zoomout class for applet
(edit) @1505   14 years nickb nickb: zoomin class for applet
(edit) @1504   14 years nickb nickb: added zoomin and zoomout buttons and capped zoom levels
(edit) @1503   14 years nickb nickb: added zoomin and zoomout buttons and capped zoom levels
(edit) @1459   14 years steve remove old install task
(edit) @1140   14 years steve patch from Thomas Walraet <Thomas Walraet>
(edit) @1029   14 years steve use log_e since log10 is some juava 1.5 thing or something
(edit) @1027   14 years steve update comment
(edit) @1026   14 years steve more scale bar stuff from jbglaw@… and double default segment …
(edit) @1025   14 years steve better scale bar patch from jbglaw@…
(edit) @1024   14 years steve ability to give applet coords from the command line patch from …
(edit) @1018   14 years steve take out the 1.5-only String.format() call :-(
(edit) @1016   14 years steve apply patch for a scale bar from bglaw@…
(edit) @996   14 years steve collect planet.osm tools and add php from Dan Karran
(edit) @995   14 years tom Java class to convert .osm to a couple of csv files, using MinML2 …
(edit) @965   14 years imi added turn around in segment edit dialog (and removed the NOT …
(edit) @964   14 years imi fixed bug that line segment changes did not get uploaded
(edit) @955   14 years imi patch from pere:  - Avoid printing long lines in  - Add …
(edit) @952   14 years imi added rubeclipse project and apache modules docu removed unnecessary …
(edit) @950   14 years imi patch from David Sheldon: removes use of the deprecated …
(edit) @948   14 years imi updated (patch from Nick Hill) and cleaned up some debug stuff
(edit) @946   14 years imi added msgbox.xml ressource
(edit) @943   14 years imi fixed #119 (replaced System.exit with a message)
(edit) @942   14 years imi added deletion of ways (currently, you have to delete all ways first …
(edit) @941   14 years imi fixed #148
(edit) @938   14 years imi fixed another forgotten check to LineOnlyId?. We have to find something …
(edit) @937   14 years imi ConcurrentModify? patch from David
(edit) @933   14 years imi fixed various graphic bugs - line segments disappearing (became black) …
(edit) @932   14 years imi hopefully fixed display bug with incomplete line segments. (Haven't …
(edit) @931   14 years imi - fixed way stuff, so that incomplete ways can be handled (hopefully) …
(edit) @924   14 years steve newlines and execute bit
(edit) @923   14 years imi replaced 1.5-only functions and gui/ subdir not necessary anymore
(edit) @922   14 years imi added thinlet.jar to the classpath
(edit) @921   14 years imi new features: - a new button for adding ways - The 'A' button now …
(edit) @901   14 years imi messed up with gui dir.
(edit) @900   14 years steve use id not uid!
(edit) @897   14 years imi - added thinlet to the project - added waymode (only selection yet, …
(edit) @880   14 years steve remove the old name field
(edit) @878   14 years tpersson more applet 0.3 bits
(edit) @877   14 years tpersson 0.3 applet bits
(edit) @866   14 years imi Rewrote server execution threading scheme: - Now, commands to the …
(edit) @865   14 years imi added feature, that a small description is shown at status line if …
(edit) @863   14 years imi hand.png and lucida font was missing
(edit) @858   14 years imi renamed to GpxParser?.java
(edit) @857   14 years imi renamed
(edit) @856   14 years imi renamed to OsmApplet?.java
(edit) @855   14 years imi - reformatted the whole applet code - moved and renamed the osm applet …
(edit) @851   14 years mikel list of wmsURLs passed in html param
(edit) @833   15 years steve use require not load for speedup and revert back to working applet
(edit) @829   15 years steve need the font…
(edit) @828   15 years steve Applying David Oesterhaus <david82@…>'s patch to make everything …
(edit) @825   15 years steve drag updates the center lat/lon so zoom zooms to where you actually are
(edit) @816   15 years steve when using the applet as an app, connect to tile directly
(edit) @813   15 years steve Don't let escape kill the applet, removed some old files too
(edit) @811   15 years steve Fix hand icon bug
(edit) @810   15 years steve bits for hand and dragging
(edit) @809   15 years steve update for the hand.png
(edit) @808   15 years zere Added a hand-grabbing icon for the applet
(edit) @807   15 years steve All the updates from cleaning up the database schema
(edit) @805   15 years steve use 'online' to indicate online-ness. thanks tom!
(edit) @804   15 years steve different colour so you can see nodes…
(edit) @803   15 years steve grab tiles from the center outward
(edit) @801   15 years steve get gpx and landsat layers seperately
(edit) @795   15 years mikel Scrolling in Java Editor will update view links, via javascript ApiURL …
(edit) @794   15 years steve fix ticket 114
(edit) @793   15 years steve use [ and ] for zooming
(edit) @792   15 years steve node colour bug fixed
(edit) @791   15 years steve catch those null pointers.. only one little bug remains…
(edit) @790   15 years steve temporary keys assigned to new nodes/lines
(edit) @789   15 years steve node move bug fixed
(edit) @788   15 years steve fix line delete bug
(edit) @787   15 years steve wait ten seconds to load vector data, recalc strokeWeight on zoom, …
(edit) @786   15 years steve helps if we commit the tile class
(edit) @785   15 years steve tiles, dragging, stuff
(edit) @773   15 years steve some disappearing line fixes
(edit) @758   15 years steve remove icon stuff from the java build script
(edit) @757   15 years steve kill the icons from the old applet
(edit) @756   15 years steve fixed highlighted by the dev server
(edit) @723   15 years steve roll back accidental commits
(edit) @722   15 years steve whoops lon not lat
(edit) @709   15 years steve gzip-enciding aware applet. woo.
(edit) @707   15 years steve make the applet accept a zoom level, and added teeny script to run the …
(edit) @687   15 years tom trimming response on node creation - may need to be more aggressive …
(edit) @683   15 years steve allow quote marks in street names
(edit) @682   15 years steve remove dud tags…
(edit) @681   15 years steve whoops, missing bracket
(edit) @680   15 years steve strip empty space
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