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(edit) @18060   10 years lucadelu delete file .toc .aux .log .out .backup and set them ignore mode
(edit) @18059   10 years lucadelu remove file .log .backup .out .aux and set it ignore
(edit) @18058   10 years lucadelu edit to italy miniguida name
(edit) @18057   10 years lucadelu insert italian miniguide
(edit) @17892   10 years steve add the straw man likenesses xml
(edit) @13993   11 years frederik german flyer (sorry for large number of commits but svn aborted when i …
(edit) @13992   11 years frederik german flyer
(edit) @13988   11 years frederik german flyer
(edit) @13987   11 years frederik new version of German-language flyer, with Marble title page
(edit) @13643   11 years blarson Intro osm lecture SCALE Feb 20
(edit) @12312   11 years merio Created directory misc videos to update osm code swarm config file
(edit) @11336   11 years Ondrej Novy Czech recruitment poster.
(edit) @9221   11 years tomhughes Set MIME type of all SVG files.
(edit) @9128   11 years tomhughes Fix mime types.
(edit) @9126   11 years tomhughes Fix mime types.
(edit) @9112   11 years jochen sotm2008 talk
(edit) @8640   11 years jochen added talk
(edit) @8639   11 years jochen subdirs for years
(edit) @8534   11 years frederik fix broken file
(edit) @8512   11 years stevenleroux french version upload
(edit) @8511   11 years stevenleroux
(edit) @8509   11 years stevenleroux
(edit) @8475   11 years isortega Press release translated into spanish
(edit) @8471   11 years richard press release. Please, modem, behave.
(edit) @7545   11 years frederik copied english and spanish flyers into svn
(edit) @7322   12 years mungewell Recruitment poster, initial upload
(edit) @6999   12 years ulf my tshirt competition files in svg format (see …
(edit) @6928   12 years frederik flyer translated to english
(edit) @6919   12 years frederik upload of German osm flyer
(edit) @6194   12 years frederik committed presentation from 24C3 congress in Berlin
(edit) @3378   12 years frederik added
(edit) @3377   12 years frederik new
(edit) @3268   12 years frederik added Jochen's paper
(edit) @3143   12 years joerg sort the slides
(edit) @3015   12 years joerg More slides from Christoph Eckert
(edit) @3009   12 years joerg new slides by Richard Spindler" <richard.spindler@…> AM …
(edit) @2921   12 years steve add a copyright notice for my slides
(edit) @2920   12 years deelkar sort AJR's lectures to 2006 directory
(edit) @2919   12 years deelkar begin sorting by year to make easier to see how current the …
(edit) @2918   12 years deelkar remove duplicate lecture
(edit) @2917   12 years deelkar added html show by Nick Whitelegg to lectures
(edit) @2916   12 years joerg lecture by NickWithlegg? from …
(edit) @2915   12 years joerg Talk Slides from by SteveC
(edit) @2914   12 years joerg add keys file to Nicks lecture
(edit) @2910   12 years joerg start with the first lectures of osm which whwre mentioned in the …
(edit) @2894   12 years steve bring images back
(edit) @2893   12 years steve add images directory
(add) @2504   13 years joerg move files to cleanup svn tree
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