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(edit) @5380   13 years spaetz print current local server time
(edit) @4716   13 years spaetz only do 4 retries then delete request
(edit) @4683   13 years spaetz adapt description to reflect reality
(edit) @4682   13 years spaetz replace 'print system(...)' with 'passthru(...) which actually does the job
(edit) @4637   13 years spaetz reorganize munin stats
(edit) @4559   13 years spaetz Fix botched up bracket. I should have caught that earlier.
(edit) @4546   13 years hakan Use real Z-level instead of hard-coded 12
(edit) @4506   13 years spaetz only report z=12 queue to munin
(edit) @4445   13 years spaetz osma5 takes longer to render, so allow clients 2 hours before handing …
(edit) @4085   13 years spaetz try different expiry scheme to cope with non-responding clients.
(edit) @4056   13 years spaetz shorten request restart period to 6h again.
(edit) @4050   13 years spaetz adapt graph URLs
(edit) @3845   13 years spaetz typo, now the SQL query is finally valid (tested)
(edit) @3844   13 years spaetz Fix up order of SQL variables to be the same as the query. What was I …
(edit) @3843   13 years spaetz fix Recent tile list to point to the new meta data page OJW created.
(edit) @3809   13 years spaetz forgot commas
(edit) @3795   13 years spaetz Impement MaxRetries? feature. We retry once after 24h now and delete …
(edit) @3794   13 years spaetz remove stray debug 'print'
(edit) @3793   13 years spaetz rewrite script to use O(1) rather than O(n) queries for request timeout.
(edit) @3497   13 years ojw Disable auto re-request, see mailing list for 2007-05-07
(edit) @3171   13 years rjmunro Divide the "done" by 48 to get an average hourly rate on Munin graph.
(edit) @3024   13 years rjmunro Rewritten munin.php to be more efficient. Now uses one query to get …
(edit) @2990   13 years ojw Size of the done queue represents upload rate
(edit) @2785   13 years ojw New location of munin stats
(edit) @2647   13 years ojw one week -> 2 days
(edit) @2620   13 years ojw Reduce time old requests are kept, to 2 days
(edit) @2619   13 years ojw Display munin graphs instead of request details
(edit) @2617   13 years ojw new home for the "latest 20 in each queue" view of the requests
(edit) @2577   13 years ojw Test for munin
(edit) @2576   13 years ojw re-enable the "crontab only" restriction, for the timeout page
(edit) @2575   13 years ojw Delete any requests which are done, and which were done more than a …
(edit) @2573   13 years ojw Move the request timeout code into a function, so it can be generalised
(edit) @2570   13 years ojw fix library pathname
(copy) @2479   13 years steve moves sites around
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(edit) @2416   13 years ojw m: comments
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