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(edit) @5407   13 years spaetz if a tile is missing request a render automatically
(edit) @5406   13 years spaetz don't cache tiles on error and 404. Redirect missing tiles to dev for now.
(edit) @4714   13 years spaetz more minor improvements to info.php
(edit) @4713   13 years spaetz pretty up info.php somewhat
(edit) @4624   13 years deelkar make 404.png transparent
(edit) @4512   13 years spaetz New tiles from OJW
(edit) @4496   13 years spaetz add an info.php suitable for machine parsing.
(edit) @4198   13 years spaetz make the tile info page and tile browser work better hand in hand
(edit) @4068   13 years spaetz don't show ALL zoom levels on which we did NOT find a blank tile info …
(edit) @4067   13 years spaetz add the tile picture to the info page
(edit) @4007   13 years spaetz return a std 404, rather than a black tile for invalid coordinates, …
(edit) @4003   13 years spaetz make .htaccess rules chained, this speeds up blank lookups as it saves …
(edit) @3989   13 years spaetz better regex for negative numbers
(edit) @3988   13 years spaetz Make it recognize negative numbers for x,y,z as OpenLayers? requests …
(edit) @3986   13 years spaetz Make URL pattern detection work without .php ending
(edit) @3954   13 years spaetz Make db.php use the new centrlized blank tile db look up.
(edit) @3870   13 years spaetz Show Full tileset info also for zoom level 12.
(edit) @3869   13 years spaetz was still needed as include. Add back in.
(edit) @3868   13 years spaetz Clean up. Remove checks for old filesystem. There is no old filesystem …
(edit) @3764   13 years spaetz remove the _details urls. They were untrue. ojw did the work.
(edit) @3705   13 years spaetz simplify tiles serving URL rewrites
(edit) @3088   13 years ojw Updates
(edit) @3084   13 years ojw Tileset-at-once only shown for high zoom
(edit) @3083   13 years ojw Updated meta-info
(edit) @3065   13 years ojw First draft of new meta-info page
(edit) @2959   13 years ojw Database connection should be opened only once - recursive check for …
(edit) @2956   13 years ojw part of Grant's patch for headers
(edit) @2955   13 years ojw rm asumed sea
(edit) @2927   13 years frederik Some emergency fixes for current SQL overload situation. Only store …
(edit) @2891   13 years ojw Fix mime-type for PNG
(edit) @2890   13 years ojw Split layers across two disks
(edit) @2889   13 years ojw Fix problems with revert-to-disk1
(edit) @2887   13 years ojw Look in on hdc1 for tiles if not found in hdd1 …
(edit) @2881   13 years ojw OK, most inland areas haven't been marked as land yet, so turning-off …
(edit) @2880   13 years ojw Move images to directory
(edit) @2879   13 years ojw 404 handling to script
(edit) @2878   13 years ojw Look in the tiles_blank database for land/sea areas, if tile not found …
(edit) @2877   13 years ojw Move tile graphics to directory
(copy) @2479   13 years steve moves sites around
copied from websites/tilesAtHome/Tiles:
(edit) @2400   13 years ojw Re-enable 404 images
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