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(edit) @5397   13 years spaetz tone down logging. pretty up (disabled) CPU load check.
(edit) @5396   13 years spaetz several changes from adapting to hypercube. OBS changed tmp paths here.
(edit) @5368   13 years spaetz use the Queue Directory from the central lib function
(edit) @4681   13 years spaetz last logging change for today. all is well.
(edit) @4680   13 years spaetz don't create finsihed jobs for unrequested uploads for now
(edit) @4679   13 years spaetz improve user upload stats by taking the actual number of tiles per …
(edit) @4678   13 years spaetz use same logging level for those msgs. last change for today
(edit) @4677   13 years spaetz minor changes
(edit) @4676   13 years spaetz more logging tweaking
(edit) @4675   13 years spaetz more logging tweaking
(edit) @4674   13 years spaetz include only if we actually need it
(edit) @4673   13 years spaetz tone down logging a bit
(edit) @4648   13 years spaetz only move blank z12 tile to done requests when it doesn't belong to a …
(edit) @4644   13 years spaetz Create a new finished request if none had existed
(edit) @4514   13 years spaetz allow an z8 tile (lowzoom) to satisfy a render request
(edit) @4511   13 years spaetz Update to new moveRequest syntax
(edit) @4078   13 years spaetz make moveRequest be able to move all unfinished requests in one go (so …
(edit) @4074   13 years spaetz turn off per file logging. This is about 1GB of log file per day…
(edit) @4073   13 years spaetz del unused .htaccess file
(edit) @4072   13 years spaetz fix bracketing
(edit) @4070   13 years spaetz remove all unused functions from tile2.php. comment out seemingly …
(edit) @4069   13 years spaetz delete some of the crufty unused functions in tile2.php. More left to …
(edit) @4046   13 years spaetz Use 1 transaction for single tile updates rather than individual ones.
(edit) @4042   13 years spaetz fix sprintf to have a matching number of '%d'
(edit) @4016   13 years spaetz Remove the column 'key' in tiles_meta. It saves 35 bytes per row.
(edit) @3971   13 years spaetz refine insertblanktile and make the uploader use it.
(edit) @3961   13 years spaetz make Upload/Run? use the efficient blank tile insertion.
(edit) @3763   13 years spaetz Final version of file sorting. This one works actually.
(edit) @3762   13 years spaetz sort files according to date, so we pick the oldest first.
(edit) @3760   13 years spaetz use oldest file for processing
(edit) @3748   13 years spaetz Second replace into optimization (blank tiles). Credits to TomH.
(edit) @3747   13 years spaetz no need to update the key field. It never changes.
(edit) @3746   13 years spaetz optimize tile metadata insertion
(edit) @3738   13 years spaetz Move imports above disabled check, or func logMsg can not be found.
(edit) @3713   13 years spaetz changes temp dir location. Uploads are turned off here
(edit) @3709   13 years spaetz Only log invalid tokens. Change temp dir directory.
(edit) @3655   13 years ojw Store text keys for normal-style tile uploads
(edit) @3654   13 years ojw Handle zero-length and missing files
(edit) @3473   13 years ojw First draft of upload tokens
(edit) @3471   13 years ojw Hand-out upload tokens
(edit) @3425   13 years ojw Abort messages priority-2, so they appear in same log as success messages
(edit) @3423   13 years ojw Ensure this script only gets run by dev server, not public-facing
(edit) @3403   13 years ojw fiddle
(edit) @3402   13 years ojw Bugfix: wasn't limiting count after count got renamed
(edit) @3400   13 years ojw reduce load average + no db connect if load average too high
(edit) @3399   13 years ojw Fix bug - mysql_close assumes only one upload per script. plus add logging
(edit) @3398   13 years ojw Move max queue size to library
(edit) @3397   13 years ojw Queue uploads
(edit) @3389   13 years ojw Add "GO/NO-GO" script to SVN
(edit) @3386   13 years ojw m
(edit) @3385   13 years ojw First draft of queue-runner
(edit) @3384   13 years ojw queue length function
(edit) @3383   13 years ojw Testing queue
(edit) @3133   13 years ojw Martijn's patch to delete both normal and blank tiles, when a 0-byte …
(edit) @3117   13 years ojw Tweak to the load average that never made it into svn yet
(edit) @3114   13 years frsantos Fixed zoom parameter in deletion of blank tiles
(edit) @3059   13 years ojw CHange to using load average not % idle
(edit) @3045   13 years ojw fix column name
(edit) @3044   13 years ojw Convert that to PHP + move the "delete image" function to the metadata …
(edit) @3034   13 years damians added deleting metainfo to blank tiles
(edit) @3017   13 years ojw Delete images when blank image uploaded
(edit) @3006   13 years ojw remove debugging message from upload
(edit) @3000   13 years ojw Blank tiles are permitted to fulfil requests
(edit) @2999   13 years ojw This might be cause of the large "active" requests list?
(edit) @2982   13 years deelkar be more accurate about error when zip too large
(edit) @2980   13 years ojw Tell the server that this metadata applies to the entire tileset
(edit) @2978   13 years ojw Logging of tileset uploads, so we can see what's happening
(edit) @2977   13 years ojw Tileset metadata
(edit) @2975   13 years ojw Fix bug - wrong function name used for checking uploads + disable …
(edit) @2973   13 years ojw Reenable uploads
(edit) @2960   13 years ojw Testing single-tileset uploads - disabled others to make it easier
(edit) @2953   13 years ojw rv: allows untraceable image publishing
(edit) @2927   13 years frederik Some emergency fixes for current SQL overload situation. Only store …
(edit) @2892   13 years ojw Make uploaded files writeable by me (well, and everyone...)
(edit) @2754   13 years ojw Store blank land tiles (aka requests to delete tiles) and blank sea …
(edit) @2751   13 years ojw Store list of blank/sea tiles in memory
(edit) @2750   13 years ojw detect exact tilesizes for 67,69 byte
(edit) @2697   13 years ojw blank tile detection - less than 68 bytes
(edit) @2615   13 years ojw changes as part of bugfixing the requests queue
(edit) @2600   13 years ojw Block uploads from old clients
(edit) @2566   13 years ojw Version identifier for website uploads
(edit) @2553   13 years ojw fix directory name
(edit) @2545   13 years ojw testing file permissions in svn
(copy) @2479   13 years steve moves sites around
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(edit) @2470   13 years ojw Remove debug logging for queue-clearing
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