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(edit) @9426   11 years jth Send sea-tile for oceanDB type mixed
(edit) @9354   11 years jth global content image/png,cleanup file & mmap
(edit) @9345   11 years ritzert mmap the tileset header for easier parsing.
(edit) @9344   11 years ritzert Fold parse_tileset into serve_tileset. Avoid doing work twice.
(edit) @9343   11 years ritzert Check for zero-size legacy tile.
(edit) @9342   11 years ritzert #include system headers with <>.
(edit) @9341   11 years ritzert Fix If-Modified-Since.
(edit) @9339   11 years ritzert Just formatting changes.
(edit) @9338   11 years ritzert Move tileset serving code to serve_tileset.
(edit) @9337   11 years ritzert Minor cleanups.
(edit) @9336   11 years ritzert Always set the Cache-Control header. Remove commented out code.
(edit) @9335   11 years ritzert Move legacy tile serving code to serve_legacytile.
(edit) @9334   11 years ritzert Simplify arguments to xyz_to_blankdbtile.
(edit) @9333   11 years ritzert Fix oceantiles lookup to correctly return the sea tile.
(edit) @9329   11 years jth Revert to uri, something missing?
(edit) @9328   11 years ritzert Look at path_info, not uri.
(edit) @9327   11 years ritzert Serve legacy tiles from within the module.
(edit) @9326   11 years spaetz use correct tile path, z is not zero-padded. use unsigned int for …
(edit) @9321   11 years jth Update path again with padding
(edit) @9311   11 years jth Usage note and path update
(edit) @9309   11 years jonb mod_tah: Remove unset oceandb pointer. Fix-up inconsistencies in …
(edit) @9307   11 years ritzert Formatting.
(add) @9306   11 years jth New mod_tah module and hello
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