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(edit) @9475   11 years spaetz enable per IP check, still need to whitelist
(edit) @9471   11 years spaetz implement auto-bump down of priorities based on requesters IP address. …
(edit) @9453   11 years spaetz add Request and Upload web interface handler
(edit) @9409   11 years spaetz create client feedback URL which resets all active requests of that …
(edit) @9404   11 years spaetz 1)upper limit of 50 active requests per user 2)use renamed django forms lib
(edit) @9401   11 years spaetz disable max active requests. It doesn't seem to work well…
(edit) @9390   11 years spaetz allow 400 concurrent active requests
(edit) @9387   11 years spaetz limit the number of active requests to 100
(edit) @9377   11 years spaetz use Newform admin interface
(edit) @9355   11 years spaetz prevent uploads from being loaded to ram. requires svn django plus …
(edit) @9253   12 years spaetz add more individual cache control headers
(edit) @9231   12 years spaetz protect against in-existing layers
(edit) @9214   12 years spaetz make setSetting return the set value. 2) Don't hardcode changedTile …
(edit) @9196   12 years spaetz ditch the max_length of x/y coordinates and use SmallPositiveNumber?
(edit) @9130   12 years spaetz seperate SQL check for an active request. Refuse to accept a new that. …
(edit) @9093   12 years spaetz prevent multiple requests from being handed out, while there is still …
(edit) @9092   12 years spaetz run changed Tiles requester every 4 h
(edit) @9081   12 years spaetz allow priority 4 for ultra-low urgency tiles
(edit) @9070   12 years spaetz add recent uploads page. 2) add request status back into the tile …
(edit) @9066   12 years spaetz Finish the list of recently uploaded requests.
(edit) @9065   12 years spaetz first cut at show recent uploads page
(edit) @9033   12 years spaetz run changed tile requester every 2 hours
(edit) @9031   12 years spaetz DOH! client checks for 'Invalid username' and we were sending back …
(edit) @9030   12 years spaetz DOH! client checks for 'Invalid username' and we were sending back …
(edit) @9016   12 years spaetz had high/low the wrong way
(edit) @9009   12 years spaetz updated TODO. Don't show *.pyc files in SVN
(edit) @8998   12 years spaetz actually hand out requests according to priority
(edit) @8937   12 years spaetz 1)add show latest client version 2)add error code 500 stub
(edit) @8936   12 years spaetz implement simple tile re-requester and finished request db cleanup
(edit) @8935   12 years spaetz fix error display. adapt changedTiles creation to new return value of …
(edit) @8934   12 years spaetz prevent duplicate requests from being created and update the existing …
(edit) @8925   12 years spaetz implement changed Tiles requester
(edit) @8924   12 years spaetz disallow rendering of invalid x,y values
(edit) @8912   12 years spaetz don't require a layer on upload. we can find it out. fixes upload errors.
(edit) @8903   12 years spaetz implemented all munin stats
(edit) @8884   12 years spaetz implement pending munin stats
(edit) @8883   12 years spaetz fix up active munin stats. works now.
(edit) @8882   12 years spaetz first try at active munin status
(edit) @8868   12 years spaetz don't expose is_locked in the upload web form
(edit) @8861   12 years spaetz set initial clientping_time to now to avoid mysql errors.
(edit) @8855   12 years spaetz delete superfluous .htaccess file. Add a 'is_locked' attribute to Uploads
(add) @8854   12 years spaetz first commit of 'tahngo' the new t@h server
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