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(edit) @9496   11 years spaetz use local copy of oceantiles.dat
(edit) @9460   11 years spaetz don't overwrite log file when restarting
(edit) @9459   11 years spaetz replace handwritten rm_dir (which contained a typo) with shutil.rmtree
(edit) @9407   11 years spaetz actually render changed tilesets
(edit) @9406   11 years spaetz worked out better version with tellus. thanks.
(edit) @9405   11 years spaetz improved version baed on TeLLus tipps
(edit) @9382   11 years spaetz much more contrast for lowzooms. too much?
(edit) @9380   11 years spaetz latest incarnation
(edit) @9378   11 years spaetz commit final version that is currently running.
(edit) @9377   11 years spaetz use Newform admin interface
(edit) @9374   11 years spaetz Use new AdminModel? classes for the web admin interface, works only …
(edit) @9367   11 years spaetz fall back from captionless to tile layer, then use unknown image
(edit) @9366   11 years spaetz use local blank tile pngs, not those on NFS drive.
(edit) @9365   11 years spaetz final lowzoom stitcher. works now.
(edit) @9364   11 years spaetz remove debug thing
(edit) @9363   11 years spaetz stitch lowzoom with captions
(edit) @9362   11 years spaetz adapt path in stitch lowzoom. various other minor changes.
(edit) @9361   11 years spaetz use max_length rather than maxlength to avoid Deprecation warnings
(edit) @9360   11 years spaetz protect better against valid zip files that are no tileset.
(edit) @9359   11 years spaetz call LegacyTileset? only on tilesetfile that don't exist yet.
(edit) @9358   11 years spaetz adapt paths to hypercube's locations
(edit) @9357   11 years spaetz delete temporary conversion script
(edit) @9310   11 years jth os.mkdirs not found, replace with os.makedirs
(edit) @9278   12 years spaetz temporarily add conversion script. will soon be removed
(edit) @9277   12 years spaetz use more fine grained directory structure
(edit) @9259   12 years spaetz struct.unpack returns a tuple. Treat it as such
(edit) @9256   12 years studerap first try to make serving tiles faster. patch from ast.
(edit) @9255   12 years spaetz fix bug when second offset would just mark a blank tile.
(edit) @9242   12 years spaetz add cache-control header
(edit) @9235   12 years spaetz depale stitched lowzooms. At least better looking than before
(edit) @9219   12 years spaetz use 'GMT' time zone rather than +0000
(edit) @9218   12 years spaetz use email.Utils rather than deprecated rfc8222 module
(edit) @9217   12 years spaetz slightly beautify server_tiles
(edit) @9216   12 years spaetz always hand back file length, so we can use data-length in http reply
(edit) @9215   12 years spaetz set req.finfo, hoping that it helps with Last-Modified. Doubtful.
(edit) @9214   12 years spaetz make setSetting return the set value. 2) Don't hardcode changedTile …
(edit) @9213   12 years spaetz use object related exceptions instead of excplicitely importing them.
(edit) @9212   12 years spaetz make getSetting bullet proof against non-existing settings
(edit) @9208   12 years spaetz make old API form tile.serve_tile work again as before.
(edit) @9204   12 years spaetz second bug fix commit for the 2-liner patch.
(edit) @9202   12 years spaetz actually use returned blankness value rather than unknown
(edit) @9201   12 years spaetz fix add setSetting method
(edit) @9200   12 years spaetz add setSetting method
(edit) @9194   12 years spaetz fix previous checkin. This idea is based on patch by kai Krueger. …
(edit) @9193   12 years spaetz make use of apache.sendfile() to avoid copying all served tile data in …
(edit) @9139   12 years spaetz leave mod_python as is now…
(edit) @9138   12 years spaetz add Content-Length to HTTP reply. Implmement 304 Not modified reply too.
(edit) @9132   12 years spaetz commit stitch lowzoom script using Python Image Library, rather than …
(edit) @9131   12 years spaetz stat returns an OSError if the file does not exist.
(edit) @9129   12 years spaetz return the tilesetfile mtime and use that in the 'Last-Modified' header.
(edit) @9127   12 years spaetz Add an 'Expires' header to png tiles set to 3 hours in the future. …
(edit) @9121   12 years spaetz protect more places against disappeared files.
(edit) @9120   12 years spaetz protect us from disappered files
(edit) @9119   12 years spaetz make process_uploads exit gracefully on SIGTERM
(edit) @9110   12 years spaetz reduce debug output
(edit) @9109   12 years spaetz Capture all bad zipfile exceptions. Bad CRC of single files would …
(edit) @9074   12 years spaetz retry on failure to get tile data. move time comparison to right place …
(edit) @9053   12 years spaetz fix embarassing recursion abortion bug.
(edit) @9049   12 years spaetz don't cache the Log file view
(edit) @9029   12 years spaetz enable legacy .php URLs for tiles
(edit) @9022   12 years spaetz request lowzoom stitching based on Uploaded Request db rather than …
(edit) @9020   12 years spaetz map 'mixed' tiles to blank land which looks less ugly
(edit) @9019   12 years spaetz print how many lowzooms we request.
(edit) @9018   12 years spaetz handle Ctrl-C gracefully.
(edit) @9000   12 years spaetz small fix
(edit) @8999   12 years spaetz only stitch lowzoom if the lowzoom file is older than the high zoom tiles
(edit) @8995   12 years spaetz tweaking of Legacy tile serving
(edit) @8994   12 years spaetz stitch only required lowzooms together
(edit) @8993   12 years spaetz always use layer captionless for stitching lowzooms
(edit) @8992   12 years spaetz use oceantiles.dat for blank lookups, it's just so much faster
(edit) @8987   12 years spaetz change Tile directory layout
(edit) @8986   12 years spaetz apply patch by Kai Krueger to user oceantiles.dat for blankness fallback.
(edit) @8982   12 years spaetz save userid with tileset. remove hardcoded path in
(edit) @8922   12 years spaetz allow valid tiles to have 'None' layer. tile serving tiles don't have one.
(edit) @8915   12 years spaetz use centralized tile serving function
(edit) @8914   12 years spaetz move tile serving functions into Tile class. simplifies tile serving.
(edit) @8908   12 years spaetz remove hardcoded path name from the python scripts
(edit) @8888   12 years spaetz do all lowzoom tilesets
(edit) @8881   12 years spaetz fix Legacy Tileset it works now too.
(edit) @8880   12 years spaetz fix stitch lowzoom to work properly
(edit) @8877   12 years spaetz adapt path to new location
(edit) @8875   12 years spaetz adapt path to new location
(edit) @8874   12 years spaetz adapt path to new location
(edit) @8873   12 years spaetz adapt path to new location
(edit) @8872   12 years spaetz return whether add_tile succeeded
(edit) @8866   12 years spaetz fix blank determination. fix typo.
(edit) @8865   12 years spaetz by default convert all layers. 2)Pass a layer object to convert not a …
(edit) @8857   12 years spaetz add media directory with CSS etc
(add) @8854   12 years spaetz first commit of 'tahngo' the new t@h server
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