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(edit) @14470   11 years spaetz latest status
(edit) @14350   11 years blarson Workaround one case of corrupt relations. Better stats for waycache …
(edit) @14253   11 years blarson Fix grep arg problem in trgarb
(edit) @14244   11 years blarson Fix nasty null value bug on reading New dumptile debugging aid
(edit) @14242   11 years blarson Suppress error message in map. Still need to find out why error is …
(edit) @14180   11 years blarson Fix infinite loop on some broken data. Garbage collect old tile …
(edit) @13944   11 years blarson Add rmrel
(edit) @13933   11 years blarson Fix tagproc to use THRESH
(edit) @13931   11 years blarson Fix broken alltags/tagproc.
(edit) @13908   11 years spaetz make Ulm be an accepted client name. Trondheim will still work, for now
(edit) @13907   11 years spaetz open r+b rather than w+b
(edit) @13799   11 years blarson Update INSTALL instructions.
(edit) @13790   11 years blarson Fairly major rewrite and cleanup, with common tag comression.
(edit) @13281   11 years blarson Fix bug in garbage collect sort order.
(edit) @13280   11 years blarson update documentation
(edit) @13252   11 years blarson Make comments their own lines in Make wait times configurable …
(edit) @13054   11 years blarson Remove my local directory from
(edit) @13053   11 years blarson Redo how relations are stored. Move confiuration to Extra …
(edit) @13021   11 years blarson Mention requiring perl 5.10.
(edit) @12883   11 years blarson Expand filesystem recomendations into it's own paragraph.
(edit) @12881   11 years blarson Document IGNORETAGS and that you need to be in TRAPIDIR.
(edit) @12786   11 years blarson Properly handle zero values. (Why does anyone put layer=0 ?)
(edit) @12678   11 years blarson Fix bug in my last bug fix.
(edit) @12650   11 years blarson Trapi: Fix bug in handling relations on split.
(edit) @12442   11 years blarson trapi -- process create/modify, delete relations, delete …
(edit) @12441   11 years blarson Trapi map -- catch shutdown signal
(edit) @12298   11 years blarson Tiled Read-only API Serves osm data optimized for tiles@home.
(edit) @11960   11 years spaetz make the tile serving plugin cope (clumsily) with v2 tilesets
(edit) @11956   11 years spaetz send mixed tiles as transparent
(edit) @11573   11 years spaetz bump up the queue numbers
(edit) @11468   11 years spaetz make log viewing bullet proof against empty file
(edit) @11389   11 years spaetz fix typo
(edit) @11388   11 years spaetz delete 0/1 byte sized tileset files which denote an empty tileset
(edit) @11374   11 years spaetz includ z,x,y in the upload. fire autorequester every 4h
(edit) @11335   11 years spaetz show client uuid in recent requests section
(edit) @11330   11 years spaetz allow None values for initial tileset coords. Broke upload processor
(edit) @11329   11 years spaetz coerce coordinates to ints when initing a tileset
(edit) @11319   11 years spaetz show oceantiles layer only on z12+
(edit) @11317   11 years spaetz set opacity level for oceantiles layer
(edit) @11246   11 years spaetz oceantiles.dat overlay layer for the slippymap
(edit) @11216   11 years spaetz fix uninited tset var crash
(edit) @11210   11 years spaetz nonfunctional upload handler stub
(edit) @11209   11 years spaetz serve transparent tiles for transparent layers, not land/sea tiles. …
(edit) @11207   11 years spaetz restructure upload function a bit. add the request priority to the …
(edit) @11195   11 years spaetz accept client version Trondheim server-side
(edit) @11180   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @11179   11 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @11025   12 years spaetz hourly changed tile request
(edit) @10918   12 years spaetz we don't have legacy tiles anymore. chane wording
(edit) @10891   12 years spaetz adapt munin location
(edit) @10868   12 years Dirk Stoecker fixed typo
(edit) @10848   12 years spaetz make ctrl-c really shut down graceful and unlock currently handled …
(edit) @10847   12 years spaetz use new server paths
(edit) @10846   12 years spaetz rip out legacy tile serving. adapt to new paths
(edit) @10845   12 years spaetz make user_id a required field again. we were getting strange errors
(edit) @10844   12 years spaetz enable python-based tile viewing for a while…
(edit) @10843   12 years spaetz fix bug, use int not user object
(edit) @10842   12 years spaetz 1 adapt paths to new server 2 make the tile show code work again 3 …
(edit) @10841   12 years spaetz formatting changes
(edit) @10840   12 years spaetz try to make process_upload django 1.0 compatible.
(edit) @10839   12 years spaetz don't delete user_id field in web form
(edit) @10838   12 years spaetz delete uploaded file in case of exception
(edit) @10805   12 years spaetz use callable function as default value
(edit) @10759   12 years spaetz fix indention
(edit) @10758   12 years spaetz add docu about the special status of layer with id=1
(edit) @10757   12 years spaetz clean up 'take request' based on petschge's patch
(edit) @10754   12 years spaetz implement stub for .tileset file handling.
(edit) @10724   12 years spaetz smaller header image
(edit) @10698   12 years spaetz sort by request_time. hopefully efficiently
(edit) @10697   12 years spaetz postgres-type boolean query
(edit) @10690   12 years spaetz small typo
(edit) @10679   12 years spaetz protect another part against occasional mysql failure
(edit) @10665   12 years spaetz import mysqldb to make OperationalError? available.
(edit) @10664   12 years spaetz better exception handling
(edit) @10660   12 years spaetz better exception handling
(edit) @10659   12 years spaetz protect us from MySQL OperationalError?, rather than crashing
(edit) @10651   12 years spaetz bugfix that cause error 500 on taking requests.
(edit) @10649   12 years spaetz reduce time we need to lock the table. Sort by priority but not …
(edit) @10641   12 years spaetz revert
(edit) @10640   12 years spaetz next try at locking
(edit) @10639   12 years spaetz put fetching request into separate function. perhaps we can lock this
(edit) @10615   12 years spaetz snapshot with changes that make it work with django 1.0 release
(edit) @10614   12 years spaetz use django 1.0
(edit) @10605   12 years spaetz rename latestclient setting. select FOR UPDATE again
(edit) @10604   12 years spaetz random stuff, sorry no better changelog
(edit) @10603   12 years spaetz typo
(edit) @10602   12 years spaetz unlock all uploads on startup, so we get old ones after a crash
(edit) @10601   12 years spaetz this works with postgre and 1 thread was fast enough
(edit) @10599   12 years spaetz longer caching
(edit) @10598   12 years spaetz postgres requires an ip value on creation of request
(edit) @10597   12 years spaetz adapt models and queries to postgres
(edit) @10584   12 years spaetz make process uploader react to ctrl-c and SIGTERM again
(edit) @10583   12 years spaetz show user by name seems to work more reliably, use that.
(edit) @10581   12 years spaetz make upload processor multithreads. ctrl-c and SIGTERM are broken now.
(edit) @10579   12 years spaetz custom upload manager that allows locking of entries in preparation …
(edit) @10576   12 years spaetz small bugfix, always return tuple
(edit) @10575   12 years spaetz it's ok if the file to be deleted does not exist
(edit) @10574   12 years spaetz don't save z12 tilesets when they are completely empty
(edit) @10573   12 years spaetz add some sanity checking in which layers we accept for a request
(edit) @10563   12 years spaetz set blankness byte to appropriate value so the caller can check it
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